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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM 4 8ms to 4ms Question
« on: 08:01 AM - 06/25/15 »
ObSiV im glad to see you making moves and implementing most of the things the community's been asking for for, i had a few questions about this change thats coming. how will the 8ms to 4 ms work isnt the XIM ms a Hardware limitation at the moment or that can be changed through software or firmware. and how long do you think itll be for this great update coming

Where did you read about upcoming changes?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM 4 vs "ConsoleTuner Titan One"
« on: 07:59 AM - 06/25/15 »
Is the problem with the TITAN1 cutting out every 10mins something that they are working to fix? or?

If the controller is plugged in the whole time, via the Xim or not, reauthentication is not an issue.
If it's not plugged in, the T1 handles the reauth and it takes a two thirds of a poofteenth to perform. It's pretty much instantaneous and barely noticeable (you quickly see the disconnect / reconnect notice at top-left).

It's not an issue at all. There's even a GPC script that can trigger the reauth manually, which is handy for fighting games to pop between rounds. I have mine mapped to Select + X...or something...on a SSFIV TE fightstick.

Does the XIM4 have to reauthenticate every 10 minutes like the T1? If XIM4 doesn't have to, what does the XIM4 do that the T1 doesn't?

Does the T1 have to reauthenticate every 10 minutes if the DS4 is always plugged into the T1?

Your posts on T1/CM have been very helpful.

This is using the XIM SDK/bridge. I searched and found that Xbox polls 125Hz or every 8ms in your old posts. If the game then polls the inputs that Xbox polled at 60 FPS, it explains why the game misses some inputs when I send input at 60 FPS. The game will sometimes receive polled input that Xbox polled in 2 polls or sometimes 3 polls. If you enable button input display in some games, you see a pattern of missed inputs. If you alternate A and B, you may see ABABABABAABABABABAABABABABAABABAB...

Is there some way to know when the XIM was polled by Xbox or when the XIM polls the data sent over the USB transfer cable? Then we could send inputs in sync with the XIM and Xbox.

What is the polling rate of XIM3 at various points? How many times does the Xbox poll XIM3 per second? How often can you send input from a PC to the XIM?

I'm trying to send input precisely at 60 FPS, but the game seems to skip inputs.

Any requests of the SDK?

Is it possible to tell XIM which buttons to send to the console when the console polls the controller?

Is there a way to specify the button states when the console polls the controller?

In past SDKs we could only tell XIM to press a button for a certain amount of time. It would be more precise if we could know when the controller is polled.

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