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XIM2 changed console gaming for me. I was relentless on mw2. Hooking up to a pc to have m/kb capability was worth it. Still have it somewhere.

General Discussion / Re: I need help. Headphone related.
« on: 12:34 AM - 04/16/19 »
This setup. Ive had a few. This one I like the most and is precise with footsteps. AMAZING how clear to me. Party chat volume control. Not a lot of bass, compared to the astros I had, but WOW so much clearer. I like this better then my sennheiser 360 too.





I also bought cord organizers and other things to refine the use. Not to forget another aux cord so I can listen to my comp (dual monitor) and have a show while I play- during or in between games. Other things too ( nob to control pc sound blablabla)

General Discussion / Re: And they call us, cheaters...
« on: 02:58 AM - 02/10/19 »
This is so sad... not simply pathetic but sad.

You may have the earlier MixAmp 2009 with the matte paint. I still have and use that one (it feeds audio through a Chromecast Audio, Nanoleaf and SubPac to a Creative X7). The paint on the MixAmp is a dust magnet and gets sticky over time...gross indeed.
They are disgusting lol. I am not sure if its a 2009. I think its a 2013 ( from what I see by video comparison). So, I guess I will probably try and hunt down a fresh 2013 model?

Edit: Does this work? Looks like what I have.

Edit2: Ok bought a new 2013 lol. I hope these are the ones you were talking about haha.

Want to upgrade. Curious if this is good or are the new astros worth a try?
Thinking of



This splitter

and I have an old (dont know the year but i think its the pro) astro mixamp. Its physically gross and I would probably like to give to a friend.
Is the TR mixamp good? Or is the newest version of the PRO good? Maybe a different mixamp entirely. I am thinking of getting an xboxone possibly, so the TR wouldnt work. Just curious if theres a major difference between the two.

General Discussion / Re: Xbox One X input lag fest...
« on: 11:38 AM - 01/10/19 »
Just to confirm what I read with a question.

Xbox one is better than Xbox one X with the apex (at 500 mouse polling instead of 1000)?

I am asking because I have a ps4 and my brother has an xbox. I want to buy an xbox and ensure that I get the correct console- as i am quite particular about input delay.

I just wanted to say I love your config. It helped me a lot to find my own groove.

I was wondering about the input threshold. Does it actually register faster with the XIM?  Would making it less increase my RPM with the m1a1? Would making it more increase the registry for each click, so there would be less misfires or clicks not being registered. I figure its part due to the cap of the gun and maybe the input delay by the (for me) ps4. I was just curious what your thoughts were on this.

Game Support / Re: Bf5 feels like hot trash
« on: 02:30 PM - 01/08/19 »
I did the scope settings except I ultimately moved my preferred scope (3x for me) to 90%
One reason being that issue with tracking. It felt better at the recommended amount. Smoother. Less twitchy. But I couldnt really cut loose. I felt more limited by the look mechanics and felt the console aspect a lot more. Now its not as smooth but WOW do I recommend a higher setting. Thats just me though.

Thank you. Realized how dumb of a post this was a little while after submitting lol

General Discussion / Re: What do you do for a living?
« on: 02:25 PM - 01/08/19 »
I am a Recovery Coordinator at an University

There is a delay from ads in BFV and there is not with the xim.
This means that my ads will be active by the xim at times and force me to scope when I have already pressed to toggle ADS off.
I was wondering if there is a way to use thee ads delay or if someone knows the ads delay in BFV to the XIM and could just tell me?

XIM 4 Discussions / PS4 BLO3 Ballistic Cruve ads Question
« on: 04:20 PM - 11/13/15 »
Ive never messed with the ballistic curve before.
The only ST that feels right for ADS is the AW one but feels TERRIBLE for hip.
I normally dont mind the auto aim drag but  this time I am frustrated and I am trying to figure out how to make the TINY movements have more of a kick to them but even off to normal afterward


If anyone has a good Curve I can try out I would appreciate it (PS4)

fdklgjhfjkghdfgdlj I just want to be able to curve each of my bullets like in blo2

On amazon you can return products.

« on: 12:02 AM - 10/26/15 »

I DO NOT KNOW if THIS will plug into your tritton, but if it does, then this would work.


My model is the original.

Notice the cord connecting to the headset to the box, the inline cable (where you can mute and adjust sound on the cord), detaches on the top and I have a place to connect my mic and headphones. The printer-like cable allows the mic to be used via usb to ps4.

If the first link works then, my description above, is what you would do.

it looks like you can not do anything that you want with your setup *as far as I can tell*.

If that does not work and you want to spend small amounts of money,  then

1. http://www.4surpluscity.com/mad-catz-tritton-ax-720-v1-5-headset-inline-cable.html
2. http://www.4surpluscity.com/mad-catz-decoder-box-with-dolby-digital-technology.html

I am not sure of that sites validity, or anything, I just did some searching and found this combination to be the cheapest. (about 50-60% less than ebay)

« on: 12:07 AM - 10/19/15 »
Up until recently I used a tritton decoder (which is awesome btw). There is plug -looks kind of a like what goes from a printer to a pc. The usb goes into the ps4. The other end goes to the tritton decoder. There you go! mic works now.

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