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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Ps4 mic solution advice request
« on: 10:45 PM - 09/04/17 »
Nope, this doesnt work at all. hah.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Ps4 mic solution advice request
« on: 09:45 PM - 09/04/17 »
Thx! I think ive read them all lol. That might be the best solution so far with the in line mute switch.


 I'm gonna try.... using discord on my pc to output to line out using my u37 usb desk mic. My thought is my push to talk will send that signal to this
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014F2VUO8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_0ZHRzbJEDY7V8 via 3.5mm jack.

See a problem with this ?

XIM 4 Discussions / Ps4 mic solution advice request
« on: 08:03 PM - 09/04/17 »
Hi all

Back to ps4 for some d2 launch. So I have this obnoxious 10k btu ac that can't be turned off in my man cave... is there a ptt solution of sorts or perhaps something that isn't going to constantly broadcast this jet fan all the time?

General Discussion / Re: Sold my XBOX one - PC master race
« on: 10:28 AM - 08/05/16 »
Kind of funny to see this post. I literally did the same thing today. Got $175 for it :-/ but it was just gonna collect dust till it was worth nothing.

Game Support / Re: Mist: About 'The Division' ST training
« on: 07:54 AM - 03/15/16 »
Thanks Odin! I ended up reinstalling manager lol. That worked too.

Game Support / Re: Mist: About 'The Division' ST training
« on: 07:42 AM - 03/15/16 »
Am i missing something? I dont see it

Game Support / Re: The Division ST
« on: 07:38 AM - 03/15/16 »
Foaming at the mouth for the ST !!!

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Am I going crazy?!
« on: 01:25 PM - 11/21/15 »
Looks like a simple hard reset of the xbone fixed most of it. Now im just paranoid. Would SLI or different size monitors (3x all 1080p) have an impact on the XIM? I would imagine not... but... /shrug

XIM 4 Discussions / Am I going crazy?!
« on: 01:02 PM - 11/21/15 »
I just upgraded my monitor from 2ms 24 inch to the RL2755HM BenQ 1ms monitor... and im feeling like the xim4 is having periods of lag or something. For example when test aiming left and right, it feels clean and responsive for a few iterations but then it will slide too far left/right and feels as if I no longer have control. Does this sound familiar at all? Thoughts?

Hello All,

I've been reading a few posts on why this happens and the basic principle to compensate but I'm curious what the community is doing down to the wire. Anyone care to post their settings?


Thanks for the info Atlas.

Just to make sure I've got it...

1. Unplug all the cables from the Xim,
2. hold down the pair button and plug into the pc (using the micro usb port yeah?),
3. wait for it to glow blue,
4. then release pair button,
5. then open the 20150816 firmware d/load (is this firmware actually the FlashTool I've read about btw?)
6. I should get an option to "restore factory defaults", this will wipe device and install 20150816
7. open up (previously installed) 20150816 manager on phone
8. <hopefully> be able to follow rest of OP :)

Thanks for the explicit instructions, Atlas. It just felt like there were some things/steps I was missing. Gonna try this now, and I think this was what I needed.

Only other question atm still remains, if anyone can answer please, the individual codes from RML in OP (the ones that come after the "all-in-one" code) for Hip, Ads, etc....are they contained "within" the "all-in-one"? So if there were something I didn't want with the all-in-one, I can just use the indi codes?

Thanks again in advance, appreciate the help.

They are all contained in the first all in one offering. :-)

To quickly follow up: Here is the link to the 201508 RC firmware.


Again, this is done on your PC.

What mobile device do you have? Android? iOS? You can grab those here.
 I believe you can simply click the android link using the device browser... iOS appears to require some sort of dev. testing account to use this build.

Thanks for the reply RML.

So simply uninstall the version I have, THEN install the 21050816 build? Gotcha. Will I need to turn off mobile data or wifi or anything like that also?

When you say "factory restore"....do you mean of the XIM4? And to do this I'll need to d/load and use their Flash Tool, is that correct? Not too worried about this resetting the config, only have a basic one set up atm so losing it isn't that big a deal.

Ummm...can't find a "Flash Tool" anywhere on their d/loads section. Am I missing something? And I think I need a Dummies guide lol cause some of this is just not getting through to me. The "manager" build is for my phone, thats fine, the "firmware" build will be for my Xim4 I presume....but how do I get it "ON" to the Xim4 after d/loading?

Sorry for all the q's, just really want to understand all this.

<edit> Oh and another question :) If...once successfully doing all this, are the separate/individual code blocks for Hip, Ads, Running etc in first post....are they contained within the "all in one" code? So if I'm using a KB and not the Nav thingy, I need to use the individual codes?

<edit2> Aaaand another question...you mention that "you will have to choose 'factory restore' when the option pops up"....in what sequence of events does that happen? When I'm uninstalling the manager or the firmware? Confused I am.

I use a transfer cable to pipe my inputs through my PC so needless to say I use the windows desktop version of the manager. As far as the firmware... you need to do that on your PC. unplug everything, then while holding the pair button on the back of the xim, plug it into your PC. It will glow blue. Now open the firmware download for 20150816. Select restore factory defaults. This will wipe the device and install 20150816.

From here obtain the 20150816 manager for your mobile device. Once installed you should be able to follow the rest of the OP.

Ditto. I just updated my firmware and manager. It's fresh but I feel it will pay dividends after some muscle usage. First 2 matches at 4KD

Game Support / Re: BlackOps 3 Beta
« on: 09:19 PM - 08/29/15 »
So what is the authority profile to use?  I am seeing roads method but no links to it.

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