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Technical Support / [RESOLVED] XIM Apex Hub
« on: 09:41 PM - 03/26/19 »
I've had the XIM Apex for over a year. I should have requested support earlier but I've been too busy to do so. I did put an RMA request 2 months ago but they redirected me here. This problem has been ongoing since I have gotten the XIM Apex but I thought I figured out why my XIM Apex was flashing yellow. I thought my K70 Keyboard was drawing too much power so I plugged it in to my computer using its second power USB plug. The yellow blinking light went away for a while. Since I haven't been playing much due to being busy I never really figured out what was the actual source of the problem. A couple months ago while playing a game I moved my keyboard a bit and so the hub moved slightly. It then began blinking yellow again. I thought I fixed the problem. So I unplugged all the devices from the hub. Turned on the APEX, all was good until I slightly moved the hub and then the yellow lights happened again. Turns out the hub, at certain bend angles, caused the APEX to blink yellow. It is probably outside of the warranty coverage due to me requesting this more than a year pass my purchase. If no replacement is possible, what is a good replacement to buy?
Here is a demonstration:


XIM APEX Discussions / Re: XIM Apex - Impressions Thread
« on: 10:31 PM - 03/08/18 »
@Obsiv - Am I out of luck on this using the app with my current phone?  Are others experiencing the same connection issues?

I haven't heard of others with this issue. Did you say you tried on another older phone and it worked? (Sorry if you already mentioned this).

I also had the issue with my phone. I have a new phone now (S8+) and it works fine. I guess Bluetooth LE implementation quality across phones varies a lot.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: XIM Apex - Impressions Thread
« on: 12:47 AM - 03/07/18 »
Have you connected this phone to other Bluetooth LE devices before? XIM4 uses Bluetooth Classic, whereas XIM APEX uses Bluetooth LE. It would be interesting to know if it has any problems with Bluetooth LE devices in general.

I think my phone also hates BLE. (Moto X Pure 2015) It can connect to it first try. Writing anything new to the Apex, makes the app crash or just gives me a timeout error on the app. Any further reconnection to the Apex and the app gives me connect integrity error until I restart the Apex. Did all kinds of troubleshooting restarting phone, airplane mode reset, restarting Bluetooth antenna, etc. Luckily, I have a new S8+ coming in tomorrow. So I don't have to deal with it much longer. Used a friends phone on my Apex and it wrote a new profile without any problems. 

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: XIM Apex - Impressions Thread
« on: 01:03 PM - 03/06/18 »
Thanks everyone for the feedback!

To everyone, but most importantly OBsIV:

Iíve used the XIM4 for nearly two years, here is my quick list of impressions but most importantly observations after upgrading to the Apex. ( I wonít go into detail when it comes to aiming as my window of testing is not big enough yet, but there are some things I noticed straight away).

Positive impressions:

+ improved reliability (always connects successfully, no random restarts or anything)

+ App/Device speed improvement (switching profiles, editing profiles much faster)

+ I donít need a powered USB hub in between my console and the XIM to run my G910 reliably

+ Iíve not had any issues with my wireless mouse

The app has seen improvements in usability, but at the same time suffered in the same department. I will list my observations here, if one of the things I claim is not accurate, then please correct me, I might just not have found the way to properly do it yet.

Negative impressions:

- Iíve not found a way to change the language of the manager. I downloaded it from the US AppStore and my manager is in German. Yes, I live in Germany, no, I donít want the app to run in German. Especially not 2/3 German, 1/3 English. Please let us change the language or tell me how to do it.

- have not seen a way to copy a keyboard layout from one profile and then paste it in another (Iíve used this feature a whole lot and it is even more important to people that donít use common controllers)

- Iíve added a controller crossover profile and have not seen an option to edit curve, sensitivity etc as there was no section to swipe right to. Tried for half an hour and nothing showed up, not sure what the issue might be there, someone might know it tough.

- copy pasting settings into the manager is not as intuitive as it was before (icons a bit misleading, proper menu found a little less easily than before)
^ Iíd love if it was more like the XIM4 manager and had the ... (paste whole profile) and the paste curve button in a spot that is faster to access. This, paired with the keyboard issue I mentioned, would improve the experience of testing out profiles from the forums immensely.

- a window that asks you if you want to take a look at the game settings forum post keeps popping up when adding a profile, even if you have that game in a profile already. Gets somewhat annoying. There might be an option to disable it, havenít checked yet.

A reminder: some of the stuff I miss might already be in, I just might not have found it yet, as said, the app is not as intuitive anymore. Not saying itís bad, not at all, itís an improvement, just not fully polished yet. :)

I hope you can benefit from my observations and consider making some adjustments. Some of them would really help a lot, as the previous app was already good and this one improves the speed a lot, it just cut down on some features that might seem less important, but actually are.

Thanks for reading and Iím curious what everyone else thinks.

See you around!

Are you on iOS 11? If so, there may be a bug since it looks like localization behavior changed.

Yes, "actions" copy/paste as been removed in favor of copying the entire config.

You can copy/paste the entire config -- just like XIM4. And copy/paste curves as well. Expert mode needs to be enabled.

Editing a curve for cross console isn't something that would change anything. Curves only affect mouse input. If you are using a Nav or Joycon for example, you'd use a normal Config. This is described in the instructional video.

Thanks for the fast reply. I am indeed on iOS 11.

Regarding Controller Crossover, everything else does not show up too. No sensitivity, hip, etc. It is just the main tab that shows up. Is that normal? Iíd show a screenshot of it, but Iím not home right now. Many use the Controller Crossover profile with M/K, see Overwatch. I donít see a way to enter the ďoldĒ Overwatch profiles that use it with a mouse right now. I donít know if using the OW profile and deleting/changing the curve is the same. Havenít tried, itís just something I noticed, as there was a profile I had on my XIM4 but could not enter it on the Apex the same way.

Re-adding a way to just copy the keyboard layout alone would be great though.

Thanks for your time.

I agree the keyboard layout copy/paste was great. It would be nice if the crossover profile was reverted to how it was, with all the features a regular profile has, like ballistic curves. Overwatch player here as well.

Game Support / Re: OVERWATCH Linear Fix
« on: 02:35 AM - 03/06/18 »
Don't know if people still use linear ramp. Got my XIM Apex and it seems that the Console Crossover doesn't have ballistic curves. Can't use my XIM Apex on my Xbox due to my phone having difficulties connecting to it. Noticed it when I was trying to build profiles on the PC manager. I was just hoping to multiply everything by 8 to take advantage of the 1000Hz update rate.

Game Support / Re: Post your Overwatch Settings
« on: 12:10 PM - 01/19/18 »
We probably aren't as common as they think as well. They see someone with decent aim using the controller and assume it's a XIM. A lot of mob mentality going on.

Game Support / Re: OVERWATCH Linear Fix
« on: 05:59 PM - 08/29/17 »
I'm on the Xbox one with 12.5 Curve Value using the Linear Ramp. I've been fine getting 55 average accuracy with McCree. I got on OW today and something definitely feels off. My muscle memory doesn't agree with me. Does it have to do with this new Aim Ease in option?

My solution has been to use a usb switch to move my mouse and keyboard between my PC and console. putting my computer to sleep turns them off.
What switch do you use? Looking for one myself.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Corsair K70 RGB
« on: 08:07 PM - 03/01/15 »
Alright to it seems that the keyboard is being detected every time which is good. But now we got sticky key problems. I downgraded to 1.12 and it made no difference. I get stuck moving in one direction like the key wasn't registered as being released.
That's strange. I haven't had any issues.
How is BIOS mode? I hear it's fairly annoying.
How so? What about it makes it annoying? I use this keyboard and haven't had any issues.

Could it be just be the Destiny profile? I haven't tried any other game. I know my keyboard isn't defective. I have the second USB plugged into a powered USB port. So I am sure it is getting enough power. I am not the only one with the sticky key issue. I just have a feeling that the BIOS mode on the keyboard is just terribly buggy and it gets worse with 1.15

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Corsair K70 RGB
« on: 01:51 AM - 02/27/15 »
Alright to it seems that the keyboard is being detected every time which is good. But now we got sticky key problems. I downgraded to 1.12 and it made no difference. I get stuck moving in one direction like the key wasn't registered as being released.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Corsair K70 RGB
« on: 11:06 PM - 02/26/15 »
I haven't heard of issues like this with this keyboard. Normally people with it turn on BIOS mode and it just works. Perhaps the latest firmware for the keyboard is causing this to happen. Are you able to try earlier firmware?
It worked! I was trying this before you posted it. I didn't try this before because I thought you couldn't downgrade. Firmware 1.15 of the Corsair RGB line is incompatible with the XIM4. I downgraded to 1.13 just now and it connects no problem. I will continue to test to see if there is any sticky key business.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Corsair K70 RGB
« on: 09:32 PM - 02/26/15 »
Could it be an issue with the XIM4 itself reacting with the K70? I have no problems with another keyboard. Because there are points where the mouse doesn't get turned on. The K70 is breaking something in the XIM4. Now it seems I am just getting sporadic results. When I get the keyboard to work the mouse takes a bit of persuasion to turn on (couple of replugs). The K70 is not friendly with the XIM4. Shame. I wonder what makes my keyboard so different from the other people here.
I guess my only solution is to keep replugging the keyboard and mouse until both work.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Corsair K70 RGB
« on: 07:05 PM - 02/26/15 »
Ah, ok. We should capture this new info you've found in the compat list. So, you needed to plug into your PC, switch to BIOS mode, then plug into your XIM?
After trial and error I don't believe that is the fix. But what I got working was plugging in the keyboard first before the mouse and keep replugging it until it finally hooks and boots then after that plug in the mouse. I think the keyboard draws a lot of power at first in combination with the mouse which probably trips something in the XIM4 and doesn't let it fully boot into BIOS mode. Something fishy is going on with this keyboard.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Corsair K70 RGB
« on: 02:25 PM - 02/26/15 »
Welcome to the community. This keyboard is known to be required to run in BIOS-mode (as specified by the hardware compat list) and it sounds like you are doing that. I know there are members actively using it on XIM4. Hopefully they can chime in with suggestions.
Thanks for the warm welcome. Could it be because I have the latest firmware version of the K70? Just my two cents.

Edit: I believe I figured it out.
There seems to be a bug with this firmware version of the K70 RGB. Just switching it by the switch isn't enough to force it into BIOS mode.
This person who is very talented in making the keyboard work in Linux figured it out on the Corsair forums.

What I did was just plug the keyboard to my computer switch it to BIOS mode and then re-plugged it back in.

Hardware Compatibility / Corsair K70 RGB
« on: 02:01 PM - 02/26/15 »
I am running the latest firmware version (20150212) and my K70 isn't being detected at all. It is in bios mode.
When it is detected either it doesn't work or the mouse isn't on. One lucky time it did work but a few minutes later a key got stuck.

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