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with new gen consoles supporting native keyboard and mouse input out of the box and it working really well, I think the majority of ppl who want to play on consoles with keyboard and mouse, will just use the native input method.

The main downside of using native input is that you lose aim assist, but this is not as big of a deal as many people think if you tweak your mouse sensitivity properly for hip + ads. On xim it is a bigger deal if you didnt have aim assist, because it basically "emulates" controller input at the end of the day, but with native input method its not as big of a deal if you dont have aim assist.

The advantage of using native input method though is that the aiming feels significantly better and more precise, and you dont have that initial slow kinda acceleration like feeling when you move your mouse using a XIM. On top of that, with native KBM input, you have no turn speed limit, and because of that alone, the general feel is way more natural and kinda free of the chains that you have when using XIM + having a turn speed limit.

Now there are some other scenarios where xim would still make sense, like if you want to use a Sony Nav + mouse to play games and such, or ppl who want to play campaign games like Tomb Raider/Uncharted etc. with keyboard + mouse, but I figure those cases will be the vast minority.

It is simply a fact that with this new gen, xim is on the lowest level of relevancy compared to the last 2 console gens. Now we have very solid implementations of native Keyboard and Mouse input in multiple games, and going into the future even more games will have that feature (more single player games too).

If you compare games like Modern Warfare 19 (+ Warzone) and Cold War running at 120fps + native keyboard and mouse input- it feels like PC literally. Compare that to Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 back in the day, which was one of the first games to support KBM natively and it ran at 30fps- thats day and night difference. All KBM implementations on consoles before Fortnite and Modern Warfare 19 were pretty bad, but now we have proper implementations that work amazingly well.

So once again, from here on out, the XIM will get more irrelevant by the day.

And sure I know, some whiteknights will come in here arguing and pointing out all sorts of nieche examples that are not possible with native KBM implementations in the games and while those examples might be true, the playerbase that REALLY uses thoe nieche scenarios is really small. The majority of xim users were playing COD, Battlefield, Halo etc. with just a simple keyboard and mouse and nothing else. Well, now it works natively on consoles and much better than the xim could ever do, because it is limited to controller input mechanics (acceleration at different right stick positions, limited turn speed, weird XY ratio that needs to be corrected, same as the acceleration needs to be corrected, weird right stick dead zone shapes that need to be corrected etc.).

The fact of the matter is, even the biggest XIM fanboys and whiteknights will aknowledge this deep inside, that the XIM is at the most irrelevant state of its existency in year 2020 and the irrelevance will just keep growing from here on out. I know it, you know it, xim devs know it- everyone knows it. Denying this fact wouldnt change anything.

And its not even because the product itself got worse or stagnated. The reason for that is that game devs and console manufacturers did a great job of adding native KBM support to consoles and games.

I appreciate this, and enjoyed reading it, as you're a great writer.

With that said, I have had similar thoughts to you. I think the biggest hurdle that I have faced with being a long-time XIM user, moving over to native PC (I am only a CoD player, that is it, that is all), is, at times, I am at a disadvantage against controller players, with now very strong AA in CW (I am not discounting the advantages that native gives you).

It was interesting. After about 4K+ hours playing BO4 on the XIM, I eventually got my PC built and wondered how I would do on native, for the first time in my life. And well, you're right, the movement felt amazing, almost like I had AA, and simply forgot about it while playing. Needless to say, a lot of my efforts on the XIM translated over, and more times then not, outgunned my 1v1 gunfights against lvl1000's Twitch Streamer Tryhards.

That said, I noticed something. Having played the game so much, I knew when I would die and it what scenarios, and I noticed, on PC, I wasn't dying when my mind had already told me I was dead, and it was simply because, my theory is, on average, to a greater or lesser degree, native PC players don't land as many shots as console controller players. When I would get tagged many of the times on console, I knew I was dead, when I was tagged on native, I would make it out alive many of the times.

So, the question I ask myself, and I am sure that many are, is.... is playing with the xim, with all restrictions and downsides that comes along with it, WITH AA, more advantageous than playing on native without AA with the upsides it brings in mixed lobbies? There isn't an easy answer because we are all not created equal. I do know that with my BO4 experience, me, with 4K+ hours, tons of solo nukes, tons of league play, tons of 1v1's, between XBOX, PS4, and PC, most likely in the top 3 in overall kills, on native vs just console players I would be at a disadvantage.

In playing Cold War, a mix of using the XIM on PC, and Native, I can confidently say that a XIM on PC (again, despite the downsides) have an advantage over native PC players (again with all the upsides), JUST BECAUSE the AA is so strong. And I can say playing on native (I am not a veteran) in mixed lobbies, I still feel like the XIM has an advantage, and with my point in all this, is I still think the XIM has a place for people who like the junk food diet. For me, I feel using the XIM when you have an opportunity to play native, tastes so good in the moment. Its what we know, its what were used to, its what were passionate about, however, in the long run I feel with time, persistence, and practice, the pros will outweigh the cons of going native, and your aim will get better without having to deal with a xim and AA bubbles, etc etc, and not to mention having to have 2 mice, 2 kb's to navigate a PC lol

I would admit that spending too much time watching Symph, PWNstarz, NateGibson etc play CW has created bias, in that I see them losing their 1v1's against randoms, and also complaining about how strong AA is. I mean, they better than me, so what makes me think that me going native, I am not going to run into far more scenarios?

That said, the xim on PC is a  junk food diet vs the clean diet, and sadly at the moment, I am liking the junk food diet, however, I can see myself dredging up the time and energy, and some point, to commit to the change (the clean diet lol).

Generally speaking, as a whole, do you feel like native has an advantage over the strong AA we are seeing these days, coupled with SBMM?

Appreciate the chat and topic.



Technical Support / Re: [Q/A] Riddle Me This.......
« on: 03:01 PM - 12/01/20 »
I guess I am a little confused. Why would it add my ADS sub-config to my HIP config? I'm not doubting you, just trying to understand. Just seems so odd to me. The other thing, I played 4K+ hours of BO4, where I would constantly stim shot+shoot while holding ADS, so I go back to ADS as soon as the stim animation is done to obviously be more accurate. I just can't recall this happening then, not once. That's why this just feel so blatant in CW. I just cant  get it out of my head lol...I guess I think, if I were using a controller and did this, how would it dredge up my ADS sens+HIP, during 2 simultaneous animations to nearly double. Sorry for my ignorance, just trying to understand, and for that, I appreciate your patience and explanation.

It's the way XIM is set up. Every time you're holding ADS, your ADS sub-config in the XIM is getting activated. The XIM doesn't know what's going on in the game - it just knows, you're holding the button you've told it to activate your ADS sub-config with, and after any delay you've set up on your ADS sub-config, that sub-config will be activated assuming you're still holding your ADS button.

As to why you never experienced these jumps in sensitivity, where you using a much lower ADS sensitivity on BO4? I still play BO4 avidly and I experience these jumps if I hold ADS while mantling for example. If you're running a low ADS sens in relation to your HIP sens though, you won't get the jumps.

Dude, makes sense. And yes, in BO4 I ran a very slow/stiff ADS, probably around 70% less than my HIP, and on CW, I am using a nearly 1:1 ratio HIP/ADS (im finding AA to be so sticky, no need for a slow ADS). Also to be fair in BO4, I never used secondaries, or tacticals, just stim, so there were much less opportunity for this to happen. Very interesting. Thank you for this, I really appreciate it. Are you going to play BO4 Y3, or make the jump over to CW? In all honesty Bo4 was such a great game, and I believe, the end of a CoD era.

Technical Support / Re: Riddle Me This.......
« on: 09:16 PM - 11/30/20 »
It's also worth trying the HIP translator on the ADS page. That way there should be no sensitivity jump.

I get that, but the sensitivity jump is beyond what my HIP is, and that is what I am trying to understand. ZOMBIES kind of explained it, where its my ADS sub-config+my HIP sub-config together, as the animations of both a hip config animation +an ads config animation=the actual sensitivity happening in these moments, making it erratic. So bizarre that that could even happen.

Technical Support / Re: [Q/A] Riddle Me This.......
« on: 09:10 PM - 11/30/20 »
It's to do with the look mechanic in the game and the ADS sub-config technically having to be much higher to compensate. When you hold your ADS button, your ADS config is activated regardless of what's going on in the game - that means if for example when you're switching weapons, mantling or cooking a nade and you hold your ADS button but your character is in another animation, you'll feel that sensitivity change. It's like if you applied your exact ADS sub-config settings (including translator) to your HIP config, it'd feel that exact same way - very loose.

So in short, you need to get out of the habit of holding your ADS button when doing other stuff like your weapon switching or equipment prep.

I guess I am a little confused. Why would it add my ADS sub-config to my HIP config? I'm not doubting you, just trying to understand. Just seems so odd to me. The other thing, I played 4K+ hours of BO4, where I would constantly stim shot+shoot while holding ADS, so I go back to ADS as soon as the stim animation is done to obviously be more accurate. I just can't recall this happening then, not once. That's why this just feel so blatant in CW. I just cant  get it out of my head lol...I guess I think, if I were using a controller and did this, how would it dredge up my ADS sens+HIP, during 2 simultaneous animations to nearly double. Sorry for my ignorance, just trying to understand, and for that, I appreciate your patience and explanation.

Technical Support / [Q/A] Riddle Me This.......
« on: 10:47 AM - 11/30/20 »
Hi folks,

A couple oddities, in which I was hoping to perhaps find a solution. Sorry if this is a wee-bit long winded.

In playing Cold War I've noticed something peculiar. When I am ADS'ing, and continuing to ADS and switch to my secondary, the interim period between where the animation where my primary weapon goes down, and before my secondary weapon comes up, my sensitivity goes up, very very fast, probably 2x what my normal HIP sensitivity is (keep in mind my ADS speed is about half my hip) so I have no idea as to why, or where this value is coming from. This only happens if I continue to hold down ADS. Another example, is if I am shooting (ADS), and if I need to throw a frag, but I am still ADS at nearly the same time I am throwing a frag, again, my sensitivity, or character animation sensitivity goes way up, thus making it hard to control. This isn't game breaking, but its annoying as there is that small percentage of time that it screws me up.

That being said, I thought maybe it was my config, so I started with a  brand new config, same thing. Thought it was the game, tried it in MW, same thing. Restored my xim to factory settings, updated firmware same thing. What gives?

Could this really be that I am running 1000Hz on PC w/the xim? I know its not supported, but I can't imagine this being the issue, as everything else feels just fine.

Also, just some weird things, I won't go into all of them, but I was using the MW config before the CW ST came out, I read the BO3 config felt nice, I tried it with the exact same settings, and it was so much faster than the MW config I was using,  Then I downloaded the CW, and same thing. After restoring my XIM, and plugging in my same settings I've always used, it felt much slower. Why is this? Just all abnormal to me.

Is my XIM just toast at this point?

Thanks so much.


Hey WarCat,

Dude, I feel like such a noob. I don't know why I can't figure this out. Its so weird, so right when I plug in my mouse, it alerts me that the mouse is on 400 DPI, and of course my cursor moves very slow. Then when toggle it to my online profile, thus activating onboard memory, all of a sudden my cursor moves very fast, even though under details, I have it programmed to 400DPI/500HTZ. I know this might not make much sense. Then obviously, when I unplug it, and plug it to my xim, its very very fast. So its like, I know its not 400DPI on the xim (or the cursor when its activated) so what DPI is it??

I appreciate your help. If you have an email or something I can shoot you a video so it makes more sense.



Hi Folks,

This is the second GPROW I have had, the first one worked fine. However this one, I can't get the onboard memory to work. I create a profile, change it to my desired DPI, ensure the onboard memory is activated, unplug it, plug it into the xim, and its most def not DPI, it feels around 3200, when I am trying to use 800 DPI. Was on the phone with their customer support and she said (not that I fully believe her) that the XIM isn't supported by the GPROW and it won't work. That said, I am just at a loss.

Ever happen to you?

Any suggestions?


Okay, so I got a new xim, my old one bit the dust. Why is it, that coming from firmware: 20181109, to 20190719, completely change my movement behavior. I use the exact same sensitive values, ballistic curves, sync, and DPI, and it is completely erratic, and all over the place.

In theory, shouldn't it translate over to be the same? Would firmware really change this?

So baffled.



So my old xim Apex bit the dust, basic wear and tear, the prongs to the USB port broke off and I wouldnít get consistent power. So I bought another one.

I plugged it in, connected it to my phone, with the expectation I could simply download BO4 config, paste my old settings I had sent to myself before this process, update HTZ, and away I would go. I also thought I may gave to update to latest firmware, but didnít think much of it because I donít use the advanced features in recent updates. Simply hip/ads values, a curve for both, and voila. Done.

When I connected on my phone, (IPhone iOS) the manager was very basic (didnít change my manager), didnít give me specific options for HIP/ADS, just HIP/ADS (under identity) at the top.

So, I thought perhaps I need to update the firmware/Manager. I updated to the most recent manger, as well as TestFlight for iOS. Same thing. The manger on my iPhone doesnít give me any place to customize both HIP/ADS (I attach a screenshot but I canít seem to figure out how to do that on here. I pressed the ďattachments and other options bolded red font at the bottom and donít see anything further).

That said, I then downloaded the manger for PC, only realizing later the xim actually has to be plugged into the PC, and doesnít connect via BT.

So, do I need to dig out my old android to get a manager that is similar to what I was using an hour ago on my old xim?

Download old firmware?

Iím so confused is to how a new xim, different firmware, same manger is giving me an entirely new interfacing experience, and canít seem to use what has always been the ďnormĒ (with the exception  of boost, steady aim etc etc) with my manger. I just need to be able to input curves for both HIP/ADS, uncheck smooth aim transition, change my MMA delay, change my YX values, and seemingly canít figure out why the interface has been overhauled to something so minimal.

Thank you.


Hi folks,

Iíve heard great things about this. One challenge, when I drag and drop the script in a memory slot on the T2, the configuration icon never shows up (the paper/wheel thingy), to adjust values and such. I feel stupid asking this but what am I doing wrong? Itís  only on some that I have this issue. Thank you!

Hey dude what does snaking mean?!

Cheers mate!

Also would love a pic!

Technical Support / Re: [Q/A] XIM4-XIM APEX CONVERSION.
« on: 07:02 PM - 03/12/19 »
Another dumb question, does polling rate effect all syncs sensitivities?

Technical Support / Re: [Q/A] XIM4-XIM APEX CONVERSION.
« on: 07:00 PM - 03/12/19 »
Thank You.

Technical Support / Re: No mouse movement, PS4 slim.
« on: 07:30 PM - 03/11/19 »
Have you double checked your USB cable, and also changed the setting to read your controller via cable imposes to Bluetooth?

Technical Support / Re: Iím about return ur stuff!!!
« on: 07:29 PM - 03/11/19 »
What PS do you have? Does your KB work?

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