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I use Wootinq 2 as analog for movement, i can walk slow/fast/faster as analog on the controller but need a lot of time to learn muscle memory.

Same issue, I use Orb Weaver since Xim4!!
I got this issue once I update previous firmware
I had to swap to Wooting2 by use analog input (not digital for prevent same issue)
However, i will try this update

Give this new update a run. I haven't seen anything like this while testing these fixes.

After test it rarely happen just 1 time during 6 hours while i am playing. It happen only forward or backward button
I had check my orbweaver with PC, not problem at all.
I will deeply check my orbweaver again

ive been having trouble with Apex Legends, sometimes walking/Moving Right wont work (just stops) or I have a delay to it. I use WASD. so it would be my D key. when I'm in the menus it works perfectly without any problems but in game is where I notice that sometimes its not responsive, please help
Itís a keyboard compatibility problem

Same issue, I use Orb Weaver since Xim4!!
I got this issue once I update previous firmware
I had to swap to Wooting2 by use analog input (not digital for prevent same issue)
However, i will try this update

Now I use 40 hip on default sync if I change to slow.
How sensitivity  I should set that make me feel the same on default?

Beta / Re: Apex, PS4 Passthrough Audio Issue (No Audio)
« on: 09:07 PM - 03/20/18 »
Did I read correctly that you're using a standard controller on PS4? If so chat is only supported using pro and slim controllers.

Well.. sh*t.. I never read that in the pre-purchase literature; whole reason I moved from Xim4 was for passthrough. lol.

Who wants to sell me a Pro? >.>

Thanks to R3MiX & Jofast10 for attempting to troubleshoot. We did a good job diagnosing something that was undiagnosable.

Just buy a PS4 Controller v2

Beta / Re: Feedback on Beta build 20180306
« on: 06:36 AM - 03/12/18 »
Smooth function is work fine for this beta build
I cannot feel difference from 5, 10 & 20
however below 5 make jitter aim that cannot play
I use Z mouse (pixart 3360 at12,000 dpi with 1000Ghz of pulling rate)
Tested on Destiny2, WW2, BF1

By the way, could you bring back copy/paste function for keys mapping please.

QcK+ is nice one

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: What's missing on the picture?
« on: 07:19 AM - 02/07/18 »
D - Mouse PAD  ;D ;D ;D

Yep, agree

Wait, what? So the guy that wants to buy 5-10 agrees even to side with limit 1 per customer but you think you and your friends should get to order 5 just to reduce shopping costs!? This is gonna turn scarce if people order 5 of them, they'll buy 5 themselves and then when sold out, they'll put them on ebay for 300-400 dollars. Greed is all I see. after a few months, then yes, but 20 if you like. But for God sake, 1 per customer.

Whatever, do not judge the people from your experience. By the way, share the cost is better than seperate order that why i said do limited order case by case. We are no problem to seperate order but share delivery cost is the way smarter

It should limited just case by case, but not for the small group like me, we need to order may be 5 for all my friends and me in order to save shipping cost as we are opposite located of the world

Will you ship the new XIM4 apex in Italy?


Welcome to the community. Yes, XIM APEX will ship to Italy -- either through our store our from one of our international distributors.

Hi OBsIV, How about Thailand?

1) The HUB plugs into APEX. You can supply your own hub (such as if you keyboard as a built-in hub, for example).
2) Yes, I'm hoping no later than February

Can in use USB3.0 Hub?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: XIM APEX buyers?
« on: 08:27 AM - 01/05/18 »
Hope it can ship to Thailand

So I bought this mouse and I'm also sending it back, why?

1.leaning left and right for games like r6seige is great in theory but in practice the chances of leaning unintentionally is too high. I found myself leaning one way and accidentally leaning the other way far too frequently.

2. The lift off distance is higher than my zowie or G502 and causes mouse jitter on screen

3. I'm a hybrid palm/claw grip and the shape of the mouse combined with its weight makes it difficult to pick up.

The software is great and the ability to create a rapid fire macro that can be assigned to the left mouse button on harder press is genius but if it's not ergonomically appropiate then it goes back.

I never use that function. The mouse shape work fine for me, maybe my palm small however I need time to used to it and never use my G502 anymore

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