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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: New Fortnite ST info
« on: 08:16 AM - 05/19/19 »
Im interested in that too.
Should we use the same Deadzone as always or can we reduce it?

Game Support / Re: Xim on pc fortnite
« on: 05:15 AM - 05/14/19 »

Yes, this is what it's known to be stable at. Use higher values if you would like to test those.

Thank you mist!

Sometimes in heavy fights (building and heavy mouse movements) it feels like my sens go down to 0. I think this is a performance issue, right? At the moment Im at 1000hz. I cant duplicate that in creative, this only happens in heavy "real" buildfights with other players.

And Im using T2 + Apex combo, both set to 1000hz.

What APEX's response rate is set to is what it will attempt to run at. If you notice delays, jumps, or stutter then lowering APEXs response rate may help.

But whats confusing for me, you suggested before to lower it then all the way down to 125hz.
Is there a reason for? Or can I first try 500hz?


When I read the forums everybody says the Xbox Deadzone is .20/.20, but the default DZ in Fortnite is 0.24/0.27 - I use a Xbox Elite Controller on my Apex. What is the right value now? Should I play on default or .20?


Sorry for the push, but can somebody answer?
Is it maybe better to play on 125hz on PC with Apex?

What you mean with "performance issues" @mist4fun ?

Just saw that thread.
How I can see how many hz I get? @OBsIV

I play Fortnite with Apex PS Controller & PS ST - 12 DZ & 1000hz.

Its not perfect, but really good for sure.
I tweaked my settings but still want to try new settings from Apex PC Users.

Game Support / Re: Map Right/Left Touchpad
« on: 03:00 PM - 02/28/19 »
Ok, I changed the keybinds in Fortnite.
But maybe an answer is interesting for other people.

Game Support / Map Right/Left Touchpad
« on: 02:04 PM - 02/28/19 »
Is this somehow possible?
You can ping now with the left touchpad in Fortnite.

Game Support / Re: Apex Legends St doesn't feel good
« on: 10:07 AM - 02/15/19 »
For people saying that they canít hit stationary targets 5-10 m away try what mist asked and get back to him. This is not a problem with the st (at least on the ps4).

You can post your settings?

Thanks in advance.

I wonder if they increased the aim assist on some attachments.  I was using this 2x HCOG on the flatline earlier and it felt like BO4 lol it was tracking for me  :o

I personally find it tough to use anything more than a 1x sight on any gun that isn't a DMR or Sniper. The X/Y ratio seems to be messed up because I have mine at 3.00 and it doesn't pull down enough with some sights. Which seems ridiculous IMO. 2x / 3x are useless to me seeing how they aren't good for close up. My main setup is Wingman / Hemlock (Titan two script for full auto). Amazing loadout just no place for anything over a 1x.
You can share the titan 2 script?

For those with a Titan Two if you use AlanMcgregor's Universal script for xim apex and set one of the presets to 10 / 10 it makes the Hemlock Full auto on semi auto.

Where I can find the Titan 2 Script?
Thanks in advance.

Thanks! Boost 1.500 seems to fix it :)

At the moment I use ur Apex on my PC.
All works flawless, I have only one, small problem.

I cant make micro movements with my mouse. I tried it 4 month ago with the Xbox ONE ST and it worked before, now all is great besides this. I think its something with deadzones, right? Is there a setting I can change to find the perfect feeling?

My Setup:
- latest Xbox One Fortnite ST
- G502 12.000 DPI


Game Support / Re: Fortnite
« on: 09:23 AM - 12/10/18 »
I updated my Xim and my app on iOS, but I can only find a 4.5 version of the fortnite BR ST.
What I can do? I want that 5.0 ST  :o

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