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Game Support / Re: Cod automatic FAL
« on: 07:17 PM - 12/07/19 »
Make macro on mouse software profit. Or use xim link

I tried 12k dpi using the Glorious O, and sometimes the mouse like stopped working for a split second. Changed back to 1800 and the problem was gone. Anyone else been having the same issue?

That's because you're picking the mouse up without noticing, set the LOD to max

Game Support / Re: modern warfare st release time?
« on: 01:03 AM - 10/30/19 »
We prefer to get things right instead of rushing things out the door (especially when it's games like CoD).

This mean he's training it for each of the different aim assist options?  8)

Also guys bo3 profile feels the best imo

Switching between aim assist options won't have any effect on the st or require it to be trained separately to them.

Each one alters the aim curve though

Game Support / Re: modern warfare st release time?
« on: 10:23 PM - 10/29/19 »
We prefer to get things right instead of rushing things out the door (especially when it's games like CoD).

This mean he's training it for each of the different aim assist options?  8)

Also guys bo3 profile feels the best imo

hey how do i use scripts like anti recoil with xim apex?

Just make your X/Y ratio on ADS higher, like 1.18 - 1.30 ect

Game Support / Modern Warfare Multiple Aim assist options
« on: 05:30 PM - 09/24/19 »
How will this game be trained, with all 3 aim assist options and curves in mind or just standard?

IMO if you want it to feel like PC when using a low dpi set Sync to SLOW, on COD it feels like PC.

I'm using 800dpi Model O

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Recoil?
« on: 04:43 AM - 11/30/18 »
Is there a way to reduce recoil through the xim apex? I play a lot of battlefield 1 and some guns recoul drive me nuts.

Under ADS config increase X/Y ratio above 1.0

I use 1.10

For anyone wondering setting Synchronization to slow feels more like PC, you can also get away with normal PC dpi ranges in my experience at least.

Game Support / Re: Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta
« on: 10:34 AM - 09/11/18 »
For parachuting and driving enable the Auxiliary config and set the Activation key to something you don't normally use on the HIP/ADS settings and be sure to set it to toggle.

Crank the sens on the Auxiliary config.


Yeah that's for Destiny but it works, just use it to figure out how to add the Auxiliary config, once you do that set activation key to something you don't normally use, enable the toggle mode. Crank sens.  When you land reclick the activation key to disable it, for vehicles you can make another Auxiliary config with an activation toggle button and a deactivation key.  The deactivation key would be your enter/leave vehicle button.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Cheap keyboard
« on: 03:24 PM - 02/28/18 »
You can buy a $20 membrane Logitech in walmart if you'd like or spend an extra $15 and get an actual mechanical keyboard.


XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim Official Amazon
« on: 09:07 PM - 02/19/18 »
just curious, in what way would amazon be more convenient than the official xim store?

Maybe for 2 day shipping for prime members? I can't think of anything thing else.

I get free same day delivery on most stuff.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Return for credit?
« on: 06:46 AM - 02/10/18 »
Lol you should sell it on eBay for auction.. pretty sure you will get like $180 before the apex releases.

More like $240+ lol.

Is the bubble wrap idea off the table?

Yes, we don't want to ship the product like that.

I couldn't agree more. I think you are making the right decision. But go ahead and send me one in bubble wrap, just so I can confirm your decision. I'm doing this for you OBsIV, out of the kindness of my heart.


Glad I got a PC to tide me over, though truth be told I do miss some COD.  Should of held on to my XIM4 longer and just sold it on eBay but I have a feeling some of you guys might get hit with a chargeback, I don't trust eBay for @#$% ever since losing money on it before.

I just look at it like this, February is the shortest month out of the whole year so all good.  Though holding on to the money I have saved for it is being a bish, with getting back into some of my old PC games.

Figure $130 should be enough for Apex + Overnight shipping.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: What's missing on the picture?
« on: 02:39 AM - 02/07/18 »

What's missing on the picture?
A - Cup of coffee
B - Glass of whiskey
D - Something else (describe what)

D - Bubble Wrapped XIM Apex  8) :P

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