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Hardware Compatibility / Xbone Totally Wireless setup
« on: 09:05 AM - 11/22/14 »
So my goal is obviously to have a setup free from wires. I love the xim it's a fantastic product but the wires in the living room are a major turnoff for me and besides looking bad there is a lot of dropped controllers etc moving the wires n all all the time.
  I'm looking into how effective the wireless setup is performance wise, does it lose anything?
  What wireless gear are xim users using? Opinions?

Headset will likely be the new turtle beach earforce stealth 500 (I think). Truly wireless!  Keyboard and mouse are open for suggestions, if there are wireless gamepads ala g13, orbweaver etc that are on the market those would be preferred before fullsize keyboards, but wireless is the main thing.
 Please share!

Currently using:
Mouse: g502
KB: corsair k90
Headset: none

General Discussion / Re: Monitor recommendations
« on: 12:49 PM - 10/22/14 »
Don't mean to hijack this thread, but I'm thinking maybe I'll give it a try on my PC monitor. Its a Crossover Q27 by the way and truly awesome for only $350-$400ish. But my monitor only has the DVI-I connection to my PC so how could I run my xbone thru it?

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Modded Controllers
« on: 09:12 AM - 10/22/14 »
No, modded controllers do not work with the Xim4, when connected to the Xim, the buttons on the controller are not actually being pressed therefore the board in the controller is not performing any functions.

Can confirm nodded controllers will have no effect, other than possible banning.

General Discussion / Re: Monitor recommendations
« on: 07:41 AM - 10/22/14 »
Why do you guys play consoles on a pc monitor? I have a PC monitor, 27" 1440p, but I console on my 60" led. Maybe I'm missing something but why not just PC game otherwise.

Just looking for some good players who are laid back and enjoy PvP and are looking forward to playing Destiny (hoping the PvP improves), CoD Advanced Warfare (I'll be Day Zeroing all day), and Evolve when released.

  I'll probably pick up some other @#$% as well but those will be the main ones.

I'm in Canada (-7 pmt)

I'll be up for it shortly, only lvl 16. Finished the black garden mission solo on very hard (at lvl 15, its 18). Love the setup. Anyhow, anyone can hit me up I have only solo'd so far.   GT  Skiim83

General Discussion / Re: What can run Plex to my TV?
« on: 07:38 AM - 10/02/14 »
   Xbox One is coming out with a user created Plex app soon. If that isnt an option many TV's support DLNA, my LG simply plugs power into the wall and I stream my Plex to it wirelessly. If your TV also isnt an option then many devices will do that, I would suggest a Chromecast for cost effectiveness, or a Roku3 is supposed to work well, however pretty much any android TV boxtop or apple TV is capable. The reason I bought my Xbone 2 days ago is for the media savviness. Your PS4 will be DLNA supported in 2015 (expect around March), however Xbone will gain this in their October update this month.
   Your quality of streaming is going to depend on your upload speed, at only 5Mbit up I stream basically flawlessly, also ~20' away, 1080p has occasional stuttering depending on the day.

  Also if you wanted there are attachments to enable your tv to show exactly whats on your phone without lag, so this could be an option if you wanted for now, can't remember the name tho.

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