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Xim 4 does not work with the Xbox series controllers, you have to use an Xbox one controller or get a xim apex.

Nope sorry, what you have there is an Xbox series x controller (you can tell by the usb-c and the fact it has that third share button in the center).

The xsx controllers are only supported by the xim apex, you need to use an Xbox one controller (that has a micro usb port). Unfortunately the xim 4 does not have the additional space to add support for any new controller profiles unlike the xim apex so the devs can not add it in  :(

General Discussion / Re: Ps5 & xim apex compatibility
« on: 07:18 AM - 10/07/21 »
Can we please find out a way to use xim on PS5 games? I'm literally considering buying an XBOX at this point.

Remote play or the third party controller work around for games that don't force dualsense

Other than that nothing you can do until one of the new hardware devices are tested.


What are the new Devices and when are y’all gonna test them out? And btw a new ps5 update dropped today

All the info we have is in the link he posted, all we can do is stay patient and wait as the encryption on these new controllers is alot tougher than previous generations.

im currently running latest firmware for xbox and im trying to connect my controller. im using a brand new usb c cable for series x and my xim apex manager is not recognizing my controller, only recognizes my mouse and keyboard. ive also plugged in just my cable with no batteries in my controller and my controller is functioning just fine.

When you say the latest firmware you are talking the latest beta firmware for the xim correct? Have you tried manually turning the controller on shortly after the xim powers on? I've had issues in the past where if I didn't manually turn my Xbox controller on the xim would never power it up and wouldn't connect.

for those that say's that their apex is too far away to unplug and plug the minipad.  you can buy a USB extension cable that is long enough to reach to you

to further add you can put the extension between your apex and its hub, I use a 10ft extension between my apex and hub so my hub sits on my desk beside me and makes it super accessible.

Perhaps there will be another way for XIM4?I dont know.The situation is now unfavorable(∩︵∩)

Let's keep in mind the xim4 is nearly 7 years old now (I got mine 6.5 years ago), it has been replaced by the xim apex which was built with much more memory room in it. I totally get your disappointment, I love my xim4 but I also understand that a device built 7 years ago they probably didn't account for this issue were seeing now.

But let me ask you this, after 7 years your @#$% about having to support the developer who has faithfully and constantly been releasing nonstop updates for games for free? I was more than happy to buy my xim apex to run my ps5, the devs deserve some extra money at some point and can only afford to keep releasing free st updates for so long. When I bought my xim4 all they promised was Xbox one and PS4 support, they never promised support for next gen so trying to brow Beat them into it when they told you why it isn't possible is a dick move.

Agreed, I just got a xim apex last month, I got a little over 6.5 years out of my xim4 which is awesome. Like you noticed though the apex feels different than the xim4 but I'm getting use to it.

The xim4 is memory limited, there's litterly not enough room to bring ps5 or xsx controller support over to it. Please take off the tinfoil hats and accept it instead of rudily and unfoundedly accusing the devs of trying to "swindle you" into buying the apex.

I have a xim4..... if I buy a new one I want a xim5 .....not apex.....how long I have to wait?????
the apex will be on the edge

They have stated there is no plans to make a new xim anytime soon, the apex is still the newest and most relevant adapter.

I just want to confirm, since it doesn't sound clear to me.  The DS4 controller DOES work on PS5 for PS4 games?  The thread was confusing because it doesn't really specify talking about JUST PS5 games on the PS5

Yes, the DS4 works on PS5 for games on PS4.

No. It works, but disconnects after a couple minutes. Can’t play a full fifa halftime without the controller freezing up. This is not yet fixed.

theres something going on with YOUR end of things then, I was ale to play Destiny 2 and Battlefield 1 for hours on my ps5 using a ds4 like it was a normal ps4 and it was flawless. Last time I had an issue with it freezing randomly it ended up being the USB cables I was using.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 VS APEX
« on: 12:29 PM - 01/06/21 »
I only just upgraded to a Xim apex 2 weeks ago for ps5 support and native xbox series X controller support, till this point I had 0 real reason to upgrade from my xim 4 as it still works fantastically on ps4/xbox one & series x/s (using xbox one controllers)

Another +1 for the Hori mini, got one used off Amazon for $15 CAD and it's working great on my ps5.

Beta / Re: Hori mini game pad won’t connect
« on: 11:06 PM - 01/04/21 »
For me I need to wait till my apex boots up then unplug and replug in my Hori mini and it works just fine. Seems like the apex needs to be on before you plug in the Hori mini pad

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim Apex And Extension Cable
« on: 05:31 PM - 12/30/20 »
Wanna update my status. I got Nacon Revolution Controller V2, 5m cable (passive, but can be turned to active with power supply 5V 2A). Working like a charm without power supply on PS5 :) G502 and Bloody keyboard without RGB. No input lags or disconnections.

That's awesome to hear! Glad a 5m worked for you, like I said I've had mixed results going past 3m but obviously this differs from cable to cable lol, enjoy your gaming!

Beta / Re: Is your Xbox Series X/S suddenly shutting down?
« on: 11:19 AM - 12/28/20 »
So far for me, using the newest beta firmware on my xim apex with the series X controller I have had 1 crash in Destiny 2 and 1 in cod BO. Before when I was using my xim 4 with an xbox one controller I never had a single crash in games on my xsx, I can try using an xbox one controller on my xim next.

When I get a chance I'll downgrade to the older firmware if I get another crash.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim Apex And Extension Cable
« on: 02:15 PM - 12/22/20 »
Thank you for the answer. I ordered a 5m passive (can be turned to active, cuz it has power supply cable for the female side) USB 2.0. extension cable (costs 9$ here). Hope it will work. If not, I think I will buy a power supply for Xim Apex with another passive only cable, hope it will work and it will not damage my PS5.

It wont cause any damage to the ps5, worst case scenario is it will just not work :)

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