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Game Support / Re: Post your Overwatch Settings
« on: 09:53 AM - 06/02/16 »
Mouse Logitech G502
500polling, 12,000 DPI

XIM4 settings.
HIP - 15.

these settings are gold for me.
If anyone has a better settings than this pls let me know, someone else might have platinum or diamond lol

overwatch is so much better, snipes on point!

Game Support / Re: overwatch ST - need help
« on: 04:18 PM - 05/26/16 »
doom st or doom 3?

Game Support / Re: overwatch ST - need help
« on: 10:08 AM - 05/26/16 »
THANKS GUYS! i will try it out now

Game Support / overwatch ST - need help
« on: 11:53 AM - 05/25/16 »
can you guys share your st for overwach? im using the g502 mouse

are these advance settings up to date? stupid question i know. but im just making sure

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Overwatch PS4 XIM 4 group
« on: 09:32 AM - 05/25/16 »
Join the group PS4 "XIM4 COMMUNITY".
ADD ME BUT MAKE SURE YOU ADD "XIM4". i have 50 something friend request cause of my streamer friend lol

Thank you systole i really see a lot of people use the curve all my xim friends love it i hope it keeps working for you i like that curve you posted i might try  for hip although i like my hip a little slower so i can center my reticle easier im stuck at standard but ill give yours a try

yeah man your curve has gotten my kd alot higher, im running with the last word and a sniper. shotty works for me too. sniping has gotten alot predictable. im making sniper shots that i amaze my self with lol. "HOW THE @#$% DID I MAKE THAT SHOT??"

im using your ADS curve with just a standard setting.
My settings:
G502 mouse 8200 dpi
HIP 20
ADS(pr0s curve) 12

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: LFX Destiny Revival
« on: 02:55 PM - 05/18/16 »
add me on ps4 guys. ZFRESH36
I am very active and on everyday. i usually dont get on till 2am or 3am PST.
I still raid and do trials every weekend. Ive been looking for fellow tryhards haha

Yes please!!! @[email protected]

Im gonna try this out now, ill let you know how it goes. Thanks :)

I'd try out thepr0's setup actually.  It feels a lot snappier.  Mine gets a little too jerky.  I went too strong on the tail and got too aggressive overall.  His is much simpler and keeps your reticle moving better in slow movements.

Tried yours out, its a little better than what i was using. gonna try out thepr0s right now

I use Rmls lay out but with my own curves...for hip right now im using standard i found rmls too fast for me even with out boost i will work on a better curve for hip amd get back to you guys.  I still recommend everyone to use Rmls blue print setup but with different curves and button layout

Sweet. so just use default/standard setting with your curve?
ill try it out now :) Thanks

try my curve for ads no boost or steady aim

using g402 | 3520 DPI | 500 Polling Rate

just copy this curve and set your sensitivity

>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

if you test it let me know how it goes ive been using it all weekend i have over 2.4kd in trials this week

Thanks man. Is this a default settings? or should i use RMLS setting with this?

Do you guys mind sharing your settings please? im using the newest firmware with RML's settings and it feels off, the default felt more natural

I think most of us are using RMLs curves or leaving the curve linear (default).

My current test curve (only have a few matches on it...) is just a modified RML curve:

>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

I'm just using it more for sniping/swipe sniping.  It's unlikely to seem much different from RML's regular curve unless you're constantly jerking your aim while in ADS. 

Edit: I'm probably going to give it more of a curved tail, and make it a bit stronger, as I haven't really felt much difference as is.

As far as the "feel" of the game, I'm not sure, as I never really noticed a difference from STv1 to STv2.

Im gonna try this out now, ill let you know how it goes. Thanks :)

Game Support / Re: DESTINY SETTINGS. (Looking for)
« on: 11:07 PM - 05/16/16 »
im on the ps4. add me up man, ZFRESH36.
im on almost everyday for atlease a couple hours

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