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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Xim4 is crap
« on: 07:52 AM - 04/12/16 »
........And breathe :)

OP you might consider changing the title of this thread to "my mouse" is crap :)

Glad you got it sorted and hopefully learned valuable social skills in the process ..haha

I agreed
And what's with all the %&$*%^?
Even in your apologies? wow

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: New mouse Logitech G900 !!!
« on: 05:37 PM - 04/11/16 »
Great reviews
The price tag is crazy for us in Canada. $259 CND gonna have to pass on stick with my G502.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Xim4 is crap
« on: 08:23 AM - 04/11/16 »
So after all your [email protected]&%@ seems like your issue is you and your junk mouse lol

Be nice to the community and community will be nice to you.  :)

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Cronus Max Vs Titan One
« on: 12:26 PM - 03/02/16 »
CronusMax is Fake but has better build quality, Firmware up dates are reversed engineered (Stolen) from the Titan One etc...

1 feature CM has that T1 doesn't is USB Hub support, so you can use other controller's on PS4 without the need for a PC.

Titan One is the legit device, Titan Two is around the corner tho so I would wait until that comes out.

Titan One officially supports the XIM4, So there's no need to worry if it work's or not :)

Ahh ok sweet deal, thanks headhunter, I will wait for titan 2 for sure then.

How can you tell witch Fake? Does it really matter?
Were you part of the  teams or you just going for post on forums?

Go with the one that have the features you looking for.
I have both and pref the CM over the T1
T1  forums is dead  not much for support
CM offer  lots of scripts and you can always get support.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Headset for ps4 to use with xim4
« on: 11:58 AM - 02/17/16 »
Wireless Gold  and you're set

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Headset for ps4 to use with xim4
« on: 09:33 AM - 02/14/16 »
If  you just want headset then  go with the Wireless Gold.

If you're looking for  something with a great sound stage and comfort , then stay away from gaming headsets.

Astro Mix Amp
HD 598 or similar Open back Head phones
Boom  or Mod Mic P if you need to chat.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: senheisser 598 garbage wire
« on: 01:29 PM - 01/28/16 »
2.5mm Male to 3.5mm Female Stereo Audio Headphone Adapter Converter Jack

That adapter  is needed.
The Boom Mic use a 3.5mm Jack, and the  598's have a  2.5mm  Female  connection. 

My Set-up
- HD 598
- Boom Mic
- 2.5mm Male to 3.5mm  Female Adapter
- Astro Mix Amp Pro

Sound amazing, much better than any Astro I have used.  ( Sold  my Astro 40 and A50 )

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Bye xim4
« on: 02:02 PM - 12/07/15 »
Can't see me going back  the controller.

No  curve  is going to fix your mem :)

I try to use the same button layout for each game. Like A is always A no matter which game I'm playing.

Any update on using the touch pad and the Xim4?

My setup is going to be

Suplerlux HD668B
Zalman ZM MIC1
Astro Mixamp Pro

I love my Xim4 and would never play any FPS  games without it.  Not too concern any curve this and that. just Wana pick up my mouse and nav have me some fun.  My Xim at that to my gaming experience.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Call of duty and xim4
« on: 10:00 PM - 08/29/15 »
I'm sick of reading  these @#$% post.
Go back and use your V1  it feels better for you or use your controller.  There is a over 13 pages of this crap already give it a break.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Keyboard vs Sony Nav
« on: 08:14 PM - 08/23/15 »
Nav + G502 mouse for me.
The nav layout cover all the keys need. The rest handle by the G502.
LT = Jump
B = Crouch
Stick = movement  and sprint.
D pad as is
X,O = Stand and Xbox menu
PA = Home.

All order keys is hand by the mosue.
Same setting for every game. No KB for me.

oh my, this is just like having aimbot  .....ive never been more accurate.......Roads your the true MVP

Were you playing with steady am on?
Which mouse and DPI   you playing with?

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