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General Discussion / Re: XIM on Modern Warfare PC
« on: 08:36 PM - 09/22/19 »
Which ST are you using? Infinite warfare for PS4 has a dead zone issue when connected to pc

Both Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare  PS4 st's 

Using a PS4 dualshock controller connected to my XIM and FOV set to 90 (I noticed increasing FOV does affect the deadzone so try to keep this to a minimum) everything else graphics wise Low to get maximum FPS
Didn't notice any major deadzone issues tbh everything was pretty smooth.

I've also tried the Linear curve setting ingame so I could use the Generic Alpha ST and set the deadzone myself.

This is what I came up with

HIP 8200 Boost  120 sensitvity (default sync) X/Y Ratio 2.0 

12k DPI and 1000hz both mouse and XIM Apex

If you prefer the feel of the Infinite warfare/ Modern warfare st's but the deadzone doesn't feel quite right to you, you can also inflate the deadzone the same way by adding some Boost.


Thanks, I found the Xbox one ST felt better for infinite warfare. No dead zone issue, I wouldnít say itís as great but definitely much better.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: XIM on PC COD MW
« on: 08:33 PM - 09/22/19 »
The Xbox ST is better than the PlayStation one when using pc as Iíve learned


 but the STs donít feel right since deadzones seem to be different with controller input on pc.

I reconized the same. The XBox-ST works mutch better. Try it.

Although not perfect it seems to better thank you

the PC is not a supported platform, also users have reported that some games use different aiming mechanics depending on what controller is used. In Fortnite you have to pick the playstation profile of the game if you play with a dualshock and the xbox profile if you use an xbox controller with your xim on the pc. The settings have to match the corresponding platform too then, which are actually different.
You could try that to see if it solves your problems, next to that the game doesnt have any official support so far anyway so mixed results are to be expected when playing an unsupported game.

Fair enough. Thank you for the reply and giving me more clarity on the situation.

Do you not own a console anymore?

My PS4 stopped working two week or so back and Iím avoiding buying another one right now. Even with one thereís still advantages to pc like higher frame right and less input lag. Things generally feel smoother. Out of curiosity I was just wondering why the STs never get trained for controllers on pc? Is it an ethical issue? 

Iím just curious why this doesnít happen. To anyone else replying Iím not interested in a discussion on whether this is cheating or not etc I just merely want to know the reason. Respawn already told one streamer theyíre aware of it happening with the xim and they donít really care. I donít plan to play against pc players with my aim assist anyway.

I want to play modern warfare on my and all my friends are on console, they donít want to play in PC lobbies which is understandable and since the game matches with input type I plan on using the xim to get matched with other console players but the STs donít feel right since deadzones seem to be different with controller input on pc.

With more games becoming cross platform I was wondering if this would ever be an option. 

General Discussion / Re: XIM on Modern Warfare PC
« on: 10:23 AM - 09/22/19 »
Anyone else tried this yet?   Just played a few games and it's not even fair.    Aim Assist is 10x stronger as expected and so far they are actually matching us with mostly Xbox and PS4 controller players.

Given that they put in the option to disable Crossplay for ppl on console I don't think it's a big issue.  But @#$% It's so good you just don't want to play on console anymore.

And IMO it's the best proof for how good the XIM actually is when working on a powerful platform without FPS lag and other issues.

Which ST are you using? Infinite warfare for PS4 has a dead zone issue when connected to pc

Game Support / Re: Rainbow Six Siege - Controller curve
« on: 01:05 AM - 07/10/19 »
Any update? Mist? Od1n?

I've been checking this forum like 10x a day in anticipation :)

Same with me dude lol

This Emanuel guy is really negative and seems to be calling everyone cheaters in his other posts because of people using aim assist. Why is he still allowed on these forums?

Mine works on pc for apex. Only issue I sometimes have is the sound doesnít worm for some reason itís intermittent and I have to try different USB ports

Game Support / Re: Rainbow Six Siege - Controller curve
« on: 11:50 PM - 07/03/19 »
I use this when people complain about the official ST's, after playing with a temporary one (from other game).

Also applies in this case.  ;D


XIM APEX Discussions / Re: New Siege ST is LIT
« on: 05:02 PM - 07/03/19 »
Iím not sure what some of these guys are saying but mine feels great even for micro movements

If I remember correctly this game just has sensitivity options. When sensitivity is the only option the settings page won't list settings for the game. Max in-game sensitivity for all games, secondary sensitivity options like an ADS scope sensitivity should be set to what feels best rather than being maxed.

Thank you for the reply, youíre correct. It does however have aim assist options such as off, normal and strong which Iíve realised probably doesnít make a difference to the st

Game Support / Re: Apex legends weird lag
« on: 02:24 AM - 07/02/19 »
Try selecting the closest server in the start and if itís still feels like that than itís more likely frame rate drops. I get this feeling on my PS4 whilst my pc feels super smooth never going below 60fps

I just noticed itís blank on the game settings page. Please could someone advice on what settings to use in game

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