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Release Candidates / Re: GOW-J ST Feedback
« on: 03:50 AM - 03/31/13 »
Translator is amazing.

Only thing is seems sometimes on small slow movements it can be a bit sluggish but the gow3 translator was the same. No big deal I'm used to it. Thanks.

Judgment translator feels awesome mist, very much worth the wait.  Thanks!

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Can't upgrade firmware in Xim 3?
« on: 02:22 AM - 03/29/13 »
Weird tried it again for the third time and it added the translator.

XIM 3 Discussions / Can't upgrade firmware in Xim 3?
« on: 01:58 AM - 03/29/13 »
Trying to upgrade firmware in xim 3 to play judgment translator.

The button to upgrade firmware in greyed out. I set xim 3 in pc mode, disconnected xim 3 from Xbox, disconnected all cables, connected xim 3 to PC, connected to Xim 3. Upgrade firmware greyed out.

Selected one of the configs to edit it, changed the translator to Judgment. Closed, asked me to save, I pressed yes, said it was writing to xim 3. All successful.

But when I plug xim 3 to xbox translator doesn't show up. What do?

By the way using 1.00.20120824

Ok. Well sort of just a random 1v1. I knew this clan in gow3. Use to play with them and against them a lot for fun in gnashers only and 1v1 them when they wanted it. Never beat me, then one day ran into them in ranked, I wasn't playing last round I had to do stuff, I figured guys I was playing with would carry me and still win. But no they won, I didn't think much of it or cared. But apparently they took it to the head and posted it on YouTube, I asked for a rematch and they denied. Judgment comes out one of them asks me for a 1v I beat him. We rematch second night he beat me and got posted on YouTube lol. I asked for a rematch and got denied. lol. Oh well.

These guys knew I used a mouse and keyboard, in fact the clan leader purchased the xim and used it for a few days and ended up going back to using the controller, lol.

These maps are retarded to do 1vs... Ill be surprised if they do league type 1v1 ladders in judgment..

Hmm. So I'm guessing these problems you've ran into means the translator won't be nearly as smooth and accurate as the Gow3 smart translator.

I lost a 1v1 4 days ago and got posted on YouTube lol.

Release Candidates / Re: Gears of War Judgment ST
« on: 01:23 PM - 03/26/13 »
What kind of issue mist?

Hey mist just curious, any idea if there's still acceleration in the game? And are there the usual 3 velocity jumps?

Most important question?l, based on the look mechanic changes from gow3, has this allowed for judgments translator to be able to utilize finer control? Or will the changes in judgment cause the translator to be less precise than gow3 translator ? Thanks

Cool thanks obsiv/mist.

I just figured out how the x-y ratio works and now im not doing strong horizontal movements lol.. should have tweaked this sooner, oh well...

and I didnt realize the ink was that strong. Makes me wonder if I should use it instead of stim gas.. I like to toss stim gas when I push with a gnasher it really helps a lot.

Hey mist did you get my request for RC tester?

 btw I love the booska lol. And what do you mean problem with inks? I haven't got killed by since it doesnt stun anymore, feels nice to run past one when someone tosses it at me lol.

sigh...I kept telling myself to wait until the ST came out to continue in rank, but nope so many invites I got peer pressured lol. Now my k/d dropped from a 2.5 to a 2.2 :( hopefully I can hold off cus I really wanted to get a 3.0. The xim deserves a 3.0. lol

Cg, I own a Xim3. And I believe xim edge doesnt support standard configs...But you should double check.

And actually I thought the ST for GOW3 was very good, especially once I upgraded to a 1ms monitor and realized most of the lag was in my 5ms tv and not the xim3 adapter...

I  think the controls for Judgment are going to be better in this next ST because there might not be acceleration...I think.

Awesome!! thanks a lot mist.

Execution addon will be included in the very soon DLC as free content, somewhere in April.

And the next Dlc also comes out with 4 new maps...

Lol I was worried for a second that I was the only one that wanted this ST for this game. Good to know other people feel the same way. I seriously cant wait, I'm holding off on playing Ranked TDM because I just can't go try hard if im unable to use lancer/sniper pistol etc. Only Hip fire is playable, to me at least.

But the lack of maps is pretty lame, but the whole game its self where they've taken it with the changes I think is awesome. This game plays and feels a whole lot better. And requires even more skill because shots are less damage. Im used to two shot downing people with the gnasher on Gow3, but in this I have to hit them quite a few times, since really pop shotting is useless now. I think the change is a lot better and more of a challenge. game  definitely has  more of a competitive feel to it.  ;D

Here are my settings im using right now...
This is what ive been playing with. Could use some tweaking im sure, since the tweaks are limited its kind of hard to make them precise.
Hip Deadzone: 14430
Sensitivity: 0.70
Diag Dampen:-0.80

Secondary could use some tweaking, I dont ADS too much since I play gnasher as primary.
Ads Deadzone: 14459
Sensitivity: 2.06
Diag Dampen: -0.88

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