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Hey Guys...

Can I use my Xim4 with Sony Nav Controller on my pc??
Though I have a razer keypad, it is more relaxing to play for several hours with Sony Nav.

Regards Daniel

Hardware Compatibility / Project Cars - Raicing Wheels
« on: 11:46 AM - 03/01/15 »
Project Cars coming out in April, can we soon get some racing wheel hardware support??

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Stargames.be
« on: 01:25 AM - 08/02/14 »
Did not like it:-) that you may well say, half the buttons did not work or had to have grease to get out.

There was not much understanding from stargames.be. As an IT professional, I have never experienced such poor service.

I am glad to hear OBsIV, thanks for your fine work :-)

XIM 4 Discussions / Stargames.be
« on: 12:56 AM - 08/02/14 »
Stay away from stargames.be, it took 10 emails and 2 months to get money back for a broken Venom X. No refound from stargames.be for return shipment (40Euro). Customers have almost no rights in belgium. They also felt that 28 hours of gameplay was extensive use of venom x.

XIM 4 Discussions / Bind multiple functions to a button??
« on: 12:45 AM - 07/27/14 »
Is it possible to bind multiple functions to a button (macro). It would be nice if FIRE and SPOT ENEMY could be in the same button in BF4 :-)

Hardware Compatibility / Racing wheel
« on: 12:40 AM - 07/27/14 »
Can we use a PC/PS3 Logitech racing wheel with Xim4 on PS4?

XIM 4 Discussions / retailers europe???
« on: 02:16 AM - 07/12/14 »
Do you have a trade agreement with any retailers europe???

Beta / Re: The Thermaltake VOLOS laser gaming mouse
« on: 06:17 AM - 06/21/14 »
used the same button layout with XB eltie and PS elite for many years. It is perfect control for thousand of players.

Beta / Re: The Thermaltake VOLOS laser gaming mouse
« on: 02:06 AM - 06/21/14 »
do not care about A B X Y.

But it makes sanse having SQUARE, CIRCLE, X and TRIANGLE, if you are PS4 owner

Beta / The Thermaltake VOLOS laser gaming mouse
« on: 01:08 AM - 06/21/14 »
Can anyone verify if this mouse is compatibel with xim4???
Will it be possible to bind the sidebuttons on the mouse.


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