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Yes the DS3 is attached and i am running a Cross-over config ...i used to play like that with an xbox one X controller on my PS3 , but i sold MY X console , now why its not possible with Series X controller ?its the same thing...and i really like the new controller its smaller fits well in my hand ,this feature is already in the xim why you remove it now?

As the title says i am using the latest beta firmware ....the xim manger detect that an xbox controller is attached but doesnt receive any input or accept to assign any button

Just like the cronusmax mod here


XIM APEX Discussions / Re: XimApex & corsair K63 compact
« on: 06:11 AM - 12/21/18 »
Thanks again . . you guys are awesome when it comes to know every answer about your product
 what if i removed the battery from the DS-controller?will it solve ?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: XimApex & corsair K63 compact
« on: 06:45 PM - 12/20/18 »
Thanks for replying
I have the same adapter with same adapter jack but its output :5A-2A can i use or it will harm the hub?

XIM APEX Discussions / XimApex & corsair K63 compact
« on: 12:26 AM - 12/20/18 »
I have this Mechanical keyboard (corsair k63) & it was working fine and every thing but now all of sudden while i was playing the xim is blinking and xim manger pops up a message its consuming so much power?i know its the lights on the keyboard but this is the first time to happen so i installed the software from corsair website & turned it off(actually dim the brightness to maximum until its off) but the issue still exist but this time its instant when just plugging the xim . . .i have played with the lights on before and nothing happened now its refusing although i turned the lights off

PS:I didnt update the Xim firmware or the manger its the beta one which have SA,Synch & simulate analog behavioue 

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: can i run macros on xim apex?
« on: 08:26 PM - 05/09/18 »
I'd go with a Titan Two every time.

1. Doesn't need to be tethered to a computer, but can be for m/kb pass-through, as well as other PC-based devices.
2. Supports both Mac and PC.
3. Rock-solid, stable software.
4. No added input lag.
5. Supports a wide array of other devices, like joysticks, arcade sticks, wheels etc, including wireless XB1 adapter.
6. Supports multiple concurrent devices, including Bluetooth console controllers.
7. Offers sophisticated built-in scripting IDE, Macro recorder and debugging tools.
8. Supports Titan One and Cronus Max scripts, so there's a large ready-made script library.
9. Works with Xim Apex at all response rates. Also does controller auth pass-through, chat pass-through, rumble pass-through and can be configured either as Apex > T2, or T2 > Apex.

For me, while Xim Link, SandhawC and Commander have been good at the basics of linking a Xim to PC for m/kb as well as AHK scripting, the apps are simply not as robust, stable or functional as a Titan. That's because it's a community project rather than a commercial one, so it lacks the funds and support for full-blown app development. Wiice does a fine job though working with what he has and if you want a better Xim Link app, consider donating to the software development.
thanks you made my day i wanted to be sure about the input lag issue if it's exist with xim or not before buying i have another question for you which titan two bundle should i go with just for anti recoil scripting:-
1-Titan Two Device
2-Titan Two Device + Expansion Kit + Connection Kit
3-Titan Two Device + Expansion Kit
4-Titan Two Device + Connection Kit

thanks in advnce

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: can i run macros on xim apex?
« on: 06:44 AM - 05/07/18 »
i have a belkin cable since xim4 days i used it for couple of macros on xim4  but it was bad actually it had input lag and i wanted to know if it is still the same with xim apex also which mouse you recommend to me that have macros?

XIM APEX Discussions / can i run macros on xim apex?
« on: 05:26 AM - 05/07/18 »
just like the title says..it will be awesome but if not which should i go with titan one or titan 2 in this case?

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