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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Recoil?
« on: 03:07 AM - 11/30/18 »
I'll have to give this a try

Shared Configs / Re: BFV Advanced Config
« on: 02:59 AM - 11/30/18 »
I'm also messing around trying to find the right settings, if all else fails i'll give this a try. Thanks!

Why does the "Soldier Zoom AIM Sensitivity" HAVE to be set to that? Any specific reason? Just curious.

Can't wait to give this a try, thanks! I'll post back with results.

Can't wait to try this!

Game Support / Re: Paladins Training ST
« on: 06:22 PM - 05/21/18 »
We've waited this long fellas, no need to get antsy! We'll patiently wait, just don't make us wait years again  :'(

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: How to use secondary keys?
« on: 12:26 AM - 05/12/18 »
I think you need to enable expert settings or something like that on the XIM app

Game Support / Re: Paladins Training ST
« on: 04:19 PM - 05/09/18 »
Finally!!! Fingers crossed, thank you!

"!! BREAKING CHANGE !!: If you are using a previous Beta, this is a BREAKING CHANGE for you. You must update your Synchronize values for all your existing Configs as they may changed."

I'm running on 0321 beta, has sync changed on here too? Or is this just emphasizing that change from last time?

Took me about a week, mostly due to trying to figure out perfect sensitivity and mapping my keys correctly

XIM Link / Re: Welcome to XIM Link
« on: 05:35 PM - 03/25/18 »
2. if I may suggest go with enable(d)/disable(d) or connected/disconnected?

I never managed to try out the previous version of this one. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try use this one though, good job. I know a lot of people been looking forward to this!

Game Support / Re: Sea of Thieves Setup request
« on: 05:30 PM - 03/25/18 »
Is there any update on when they will be releasing a configuration? Iím not having any luck using the BF1 layout
I heard it usually takes between 1-2 weeks. Also depends if they are busy or working on other stuff, best thing to do would be just to wait for now and hope it comes out soon.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Look how mad these people are
« on: 01:01 AM - 03/25/18 »
Personally, I feel like people are always looking for a reason to complain and blame someone or something. In this case, blame the XIM users and say they are taking over pubg. In reality they probably are just rage posting because they died to lag or by some lucky shot.

After playing with this new firmware for 2 days. It feels great, I kept having party chat issues and xbox button lag issues, it is now flawless. I personally like the Synchronization off but I accidentally found out that Synchronization default works amazing for Paladins(No ST for this game yet, using Overwatch ST). Over all, flawless on my end and working great! I feel like I did have to tweak my sensitivity around a bit but I found my sweet spot for the most part

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