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Game Support / Re: Halo 5's Aiming System (UPDATED)
« on: 03:47 PM - 11/18/15 »
Since when did the Xim team let us down...just give them some time.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Mitch's BO3 setup (xb1)
« on: 10:23 PM - 11/11/15 »
Aim assist on or off?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Mitch's BO3 setup (xb1)
« on: 10:22 PM - 11/11/15 »
Thanks for sharing Mitch ill give a shot

Has the new Curve dropped yet?

Game Support / Re: What Balistics Curve for Halo5?
« on: 09:34 PM - 11/09/15 »
what do you mean when you say "ADS specific settings disabled"?

Game Support / Re: What Balistics Curve for Halo5?
« on: 08:03 PM - 11/09/15 »
Ok so i have been using the XIM4 on halo 5 for about 4 days. I haven't played a console in like 4 years I used to be really good at halo 3 but alas PC has won my heart.  So anyway I got the xim4 works amazingly well for Halo 5.  I did my research before I got it so i had everything planned out.  This is the ballistics curve I use with ST version 1.2 along with the beta manager for iOS and latest firmware.

>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

I have a Razer Deathadder mouse I have it set to 1200 DPI and the mouse sensitivity in the XIM4 Manager set to 35-40  I move it around sometimes based on how i'm feeling that day.  I have ADS specific settings disabled and I also have the "steady aim" enabled. 

Let me say that with using a controller I felt like a complete noob with my friends I used to play with at a high level.  They were consistantly 2.0 KD or higher and I was ALWAYS negative usually .5 or lower.  Since I've started using the XIM4 I've improved constantly and now am in ONYX in team slayer with a typically 1.0 - 4.0 KD dependant on the map usually I'm better in certain arenas.   Hope this helps!

I'll give it a shot tonight, Thanks ;D

Game Support / What Balistics Curve for Halo5?
« on: 07:38 PM - 11/08/15 »
Ok what seems to be the general consensus on the ballistics curve for Halo 5, I haven't been able to play since Halo v1.2 was released. Has anyone fine tuned a Ballistics curve? If you post one please make it and easy copy paste for the current Firmware as I am not vary savvy at finding what I need in this forum for some reason. Thanks for any help you guys can provide.

getting a red triangle and ! now

well when I try to paste the curve I get a red triangle and an !

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Can't Paste Curves To Manager
« on: 10:48 PM - 11/06/15 »
Now I get a red triangle with an !

Are you using the Halo4-X1.2 translator?

New, sorry I should have made that clear.  This will only work on the new one because of how you isolated the velocity jump.

I can only find the Halo5-x1.2* where do I get the New one so that I can try out this curve?

When i click the three dots and get the drop down there is no copy and paste button available. im running the most current firmware and manager also. What gives? please help, id love to use the set up for destiny

I have the same Issue...

Support / [ACTIVE] Can't Paste Curves To Manager
« on: 08:06 PM - 11/06/15 »
I am not the only one... And I don't have the past options from the ... dropdown in the manager.


Like the title suggest I am having problems pasting Curves To Manager. I copy it curve I want to past and every time I paste I get this

>>> XIM4 START Paste >>>
<<< XIM4 END   Paste <<<

Manager and Firmware are both 4.00.20141114

what am I doing wrong?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Dr_ballistics Bo3 Curve (beta)
« on: 04:22 PM - 11/06/15 »
Someone please link the how to copy paste a balistic curve, I cant find it and everytime I try my curve looks like someones EKG, much thanks in advance

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