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so if increasing smoothing makes your aim less jittery, why would you ever not have smoothing at max 20? what is the downside to increasing smoothing super high?  personally i have no idea what i am doing
Smoothing at 20 makes aim feel floaty, delayed and like a large amount of boost has been applied (no micromovement control).

However, Smoothing at 20 with a very steep Ballistics Curve does something unexpected and can feel surprisingly good in some games, e.g Black Ops 4. Look for mjfame's settings in the Tutorials forum.

Y'know I just decided to troll these forums for the first time in quite a long while. Debating if I want to upgrade from April to may retail or text my luck with some of these beta builds. Thanks for the shout out brother.


What kind of refresh rates can you crank that bad boy up to?

i already own a 24in16:10 (22viewable) crt and a 21in4:3 (20viewable) but this one is just a run of the mill "Dell E772c" 17inch4:3 (16viewable) model that i found sitting on the rug in the basement at a family picnic last wednesday.. can never have too many of these since CRT-production is no more. it outputs 1024x768 @85Hz natively.

It handles 120Hz for proper scanline output for 240p gaming.

the original screen of the xbox dash was via network stream while waiting for my replacement adapter to arrive. it looks even better now directly connected. currently testing it on my xbox one using a tendak hdmi to vga adapter at 720p/60. output set to DVI on x1 so there is no black-crush..  with proper ratio adjustments it is 13inches corner to corner which tbh is now my favorite monitor of the 3 because i sit about 1 ft from my monitors and the size feels perfect for me. looks fantastic (sharper than my 1080p 24in benq lcd). well all 3 of my CRT monitors look better so long as the proper resolution is being fed to the display for its size. sRGB, 6500k, 9300k presets out of the box and no motion blur, jitter or phosphor lag. geometry is top-notch on this one. plays like a dream.

Snagged a free DELL CRT. handles 240p output as well as HD with zero motion blur and obviously the display latency is virtually zero.


I am new to the XIM and tried the EXTREME for a couple of rounds. Really nice so far.
I am not dĎaccord with your argumentation about 800dpi=best. Rocketjumpninja tested 100 mice and after his conclusion 1600-3600 is the best dpi for modern mice.

After some internet studies I think: at >800dpi the mice controller starts to correct and this work really nice till <3600dpi. At this point the correction will make more mistakes and the benefit from the higher dpi fade.

Thats why I copied your BF1 setting and tried to tweak it for 1600dpi. Its my first time working with the ballistic curve. A youtube tutorial would be nice . I am not sure if your EXPERT settings are applyable to 3200dpi.

By the way: I tried to play with Elite Controller in left hand. Man, thats really uncomfortable! Dont know how you can play like this. 1,5h was enough for me. But analog movement with mouse aiming really rocks hard!

i know all about RocketJumpNinja. great reviewer but 800 is going to either be perfect native CPI or closest value to it for most modern gaming mice. Nothing is above 800CPI at the hardware level as of today. so 800 will send the most accurate capture with the lowest possible delay to your xim. a bit of interpolation is beneficial for seamless player targeting interaction but ideally you only want the xim to handle the interpolation. it's most important that you minimize or eliminate it from the mouse so xim has higher quality data to work off of and so the xim recieves it with less haste.

you definitely want 800DPI with 500sens and smoothing somewhere between 10-20 plus preferred ballistic value for extreme. just a straight ballistic to 100 from the desired value. i shared some screenshots with captions and a couple sample ballistics that you can copy and paste to see it for yourself to understand it more clearly.

idk i guess im just used to it. i use both left paddles but to keep the weight down i open controller and remove all 4 rumble motors and i play wired.  well i actually have been removing rumbles since x360 days long before using a mouse because i dont use rumble. i also remove the right paddles and the removable right thumbstick cap since i am not using them anyway.

my gaming setup makes it comfortable for me   

you could also mount the controller so that it is supported at the proper angle then all you would need to do is gently align your grip around it.

i have separate elite controller profiles created to switch to the onboard memory when necessary. for each top left is always jump and the other is mapped to either B X Y , right stick click or RB.

Highly recommend these settings, was already dropping people with 12kdpi but i switched up to this and im just annihilating people. Feels so smooth and the aim is great. This is on cod ww2 not tried bf1 yet i will today.

thanks for sharing your experience.

General Discussion / Re: Black Ops 4 reveal
« on: 04:24 PM - 05/17/18 »
No campaign.
BR mode.
MP looks like BO3 sans jetpacks. Iím in!


i want jetpacks  ;D >:( :'(
I loved the jetpack games, but BO3 is my favourite CoD (despite the crap campaign), so Iím happy.

yeah BO3 was really the only exo game i enjoyed out of the 3 released. BO4 looks lime it is going to be fun  also.

General Discussion / Re: 4K monitor
« on: 03:38 PM - 05/17/18 »
BenQ/ZOWIE is your best bet, in my opinion, they're expensive but well worth the money. there's a reason all the Cod, Gow, and Halo pros use them. The Acer Predator is a nice alternative if you can't afford a Zowie monitor.
BenQ produces very good screens, but never buy anything based on what a pro uses. They're paid to endorse specific products, whether or not they personally believe them to be the best or not. Astro and Razer are perfect examples of trash products with premium pricetags cashing in on the gaming market.

Do some research and spend your money on what you think is the best for you. BenQ, Asus, LG and Samsung are all making great monitors these days.

if only EVERYONE was as sensible as you are.. not being sarcastic.
100% serious m8.

General Discussion / Re: Black Ops 4 reveal
« on: 03:35 PM - 05/17/18 »
No campaign.
BR mode.
MP looks like BO3 sans jetpacks. Iím in!


i want jetpacks  ;D >:( :'(

I see what you are saying but that isn't a pedal.
The video showed a pedal and it actually looked like a Scythe pedal.

honestly i wasn't actually referring to the pedal shown in vid though but rather the  expandability of that controller. looks like all sorts of different types of joysticks trigger buttons etc will be supported.

could prove to be amazing for players who prefer to use keyboard alternatives plus mouse.

who knows maybe those frag pedals will be supported by that controller.

Jitter tends to be environmental, ie mousepad surface, dirt particles, pet hair, hand shakiness etc can all cause jitter. Or it could be the mouse sensor itself doesn't truly poll at 1000Hz consistently.

So jitter affects some users, but not others. Try 1000Hz and see if it makes any difference over 500.

thanks brother

i did have a rather poor experience with my limited time using the g502 compared to 500hz but i thing the weight of the @#$% thing was more to blame.

i also began to feel performance degradation beyond 6400DPI while using the G502 @1kHz

jitter shouldn't be an issue at native CPI of 800 though.

General Discussion / Re: Wireless Logitech G Pro mouse...
« on: 09:45 AM - 05/17/18 »
100g @#$%

ANyone using this keyboard with Apex for Rainbow six on PS4 can give his reviews? Currently using Razer Orb Weaver but seems to have missing key strokes while pressing E or Q for leaning left or right lot of times. Solution to this issue will be highly appreciated. Meanwhile thinking to shift to  CORSAIR K70 RAPIDFIRE . Thanks

i also own this with CMXspd RED LED

very nice indeed

Hardware Compatbility / Re: BenQ XL2411Z and PS4 Pro
« on: 06:43 AM - 05/17/18 »
Would the RL2455HM be a better fit for console gaming ?


I own the original version without the Zowie branding and have yet to console game on another monitor that i preferred over this one.. I even prefer it to the newer zowie version due to the zowie having laggy firmware and it feeling a tad slower.

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