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Yesterday everything was fine. Today all of a sudden aiming is all screwed up. It overshoots the mouse movements and sometimes even pull the aim in a different direction like someone else is moving it.  I looked at the connected Dualsense controller and nothing is obstructing it. Could it be that the Beloader is getting overheated by the PS5ís rear exhaust?  My PS5 is directly connected to the WiFi router and is also right next to it so I donít think itís a network thing?  Anyone else running into this?  Itís happening on multiple games.  Right now Apex Legends and Vigor

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: PS5 Compatibility Update?
« on: 11:44 PM - 03/13/22 »
Thanks ODIN!  That makes a lot of sense. Is there a thread that I can check on every now and then for most recent updates for the PS5?  Iíd hate to make another post and thereís quite a few threads here with the same topic.

XIM APEX Discussions / PS5 Compatibility Update?
« on: 01:19 PM - 03/12/22 »
Are we still stuck in the PS5 incompatible limbo?
I was just checking back to see where weíre at and to see if thereís any news or progress in the matter?  Or is there a thread that is best to follow for this?  I know
about Beloader and that solution doesnít really work for me.  I already have my PS4 next to my PS5 on my desk so I can just do remoteplay that way if I needed to. But then I sacrifice all the great visual graphics and frame rate of a next gen console. 
Is the answer for now the Nexus controller with the gyro aiming? And does that work with all PS5 games? If so, why does that work and not the apex? 

Thanks in advance!

Beta / Re: Did you get the sample?
« on: 12:08 AM - 12/08/21 »
So I just watched the setup procedure for the Beloader.  And it does appear to be a some sort of remote play reroute solution.  Although It is a little concerning to put all your PSN details and router information into it.  Is this now the best alternative to get xim apex to work with the PS5?  Do you foresee anything else in the horizon?  How do you like it?

Beta / Re: Did you get the sample?
« on: 11:12 PM - 12/07/21 »
Sorry Iím a little late to the game.  This thread got away from me.  So does the beloader officially work with the xim apex and PS5? I see that the dongle has a usb connection and the YouTube poster, ďXIM CentralĒ said it just goes as an in-between connection between the PS5 and XIM apex.  I see that the Beloader has a usb connection so it makes sense.  But earlier in this thread people were saying that it was some sort of Remote Play type of dongle that needs wi-fi connection? That part doesnít make much sense.  Will it work with the Hori Gamepad? I donít own a dual shock V2.  Only V1 and of course the Dualsense.

General Discussion / Re: Ps5 & xim apex compatibility
« on: 12:17 AM - 11/29/21 »
I may be wrong but I think Obsiv or someone else was going to acquire and test the Thrustmaster steering wheel with the xim apex because it was advertised to work with. both PS5 and PS4

General Discussion / Re: Ps5 & xim apex compatibility
« on: 09:40 AM - 11/28/21 »
Anything ever come of the adapter as of late?

We are supposed to receive it today. If so, we will need to do some evaluation of it first.

Also curious if you have any news?

General Discussion / Re: Micro-aim optimization ELI5
« on: 02:20 PM - 11/14/21 »
Thank you for explaining that Odin. That makes so much sense.  Do you know if the Dualsense suffers from the same lack of steps?  I imagine even when your using the controller without a xim, those steps help make for a much smoother analog experience

Yeah, they did get in trouble legally with Sony in the past for this.  The only reason why I thought it was promising was when they did this on the PS3, (just like now with the PS5) they attained the root keys.  Sony didnít seem to have any answer to stop it.  At that time, Call of Duty World at War was completely corrupted and a hot mess.  They couldnít fix it.  I think even now if you start up that game on the PS3, itís still hacked to death (auto aim, people flying around, broken textures). Iím not exactly sure how attaining root keys affect games globally and that part of it really sucks, but from my limited understanding, having root keys is pretty much unanswerable.  However I do see them maybe making a deal with Sony. That part seems like a possibility.

The coolest thing Iíve seen lately to combat auto aim hack is in COD Warzone. Iíve stopped playing it because of the massive amount of hackers, but someone posted video of these weird mannequins spread accessed the map that will make hackers lock onto them. And then they will ban players that appear to be hacking.  I mean it doesnít stop everything but I thought it was a cool attempt to combat cheating

Wow that sounds promising and very exciting!

Could this news possibly help XIM creators reverse engineer the dual sense to work with the XIM Apex? Or just wishful thinking on my part?


General Discussion / Re: Ps5 & xim apex compatibility
« on: 12:49 AM - 11/03/21 »
If your playing your PS5 via remote play by connecting the xim to your pc, why not just use the DS4 instead of the Dualsense?

General Discussion / Re: Ps5 & xim apex compatibility
« on: 12:25 AM - 10/23/21 »
Oh I donít have the budget to buy that lol.  I just thought a corporation like yours would have the budget to give it a try.  But in other news, it looks like scuff is making a PS5 ďproĒ controller this holiday.  Do you think thatís just a dualsense modded? Or do you think itís actually a 3rd party controller?


General Discussion / Re: Ps5 & xim apex compatibility
« on: 12:44 AM - 10/22/21 »
Looks like the thrust master is for sale now. Would acquiring one allow you to figure out the dualsenseís compatibility with xim apex?


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