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So you purchase the game for 60$? Then pay to win?

Is there anything that informs you of this before purchasing? Or do they just take your money?

$15 then pay to unlock guns and such per round or something. You have to buy the credits first, so no worries there.
The game isn't P2W since it's singleplayer, it's pay to make it easier. I don't see an issue with this, but rather a slight inconvenience.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: X1 or PS4 for XIM4?
« on: 09:49 AM - 12/30/13 »

The Xbox One is more expensive because they included Kinect. I'm sure you know that.

I wasn't interested in Kinect either, but now that I've seen what it is capable of.. I'm sold. Absolutely sold.

It isn't what you think it is. At all.

It's @#$% fantastic.

I have both consoles as of now and I'll say I was the same way, Kinect is actually way more helpful than I thought it was going to be.
$100 is pocket change when you look at it over the course of years of owning the box.

Here's how I look at it. PS4 has better hardware, free games, and tons of indies. Most of the games worth are story driven such as TLoU, God of War, and Uncharted.

Xbox One has lesser hardware, comes with Kinect, mostly AAA games, and a more stable online service with more dedicated servers on the way. FPS games are dominant on the X1 and the player base is more skilled...I didn't quite believe that one until I had both and played BF4 on both. PS4 players are somehow even worse.  ???

How my consoles are used. v v v   
PS4 = SP story games
X1 = MP FPS games + Netflix + TV


If you don't like BF3 or BF4, it's not the game. It's because you suck at Battlefield.

...or it's because Battlefield 4 is garbage. Not because the game itself is bad, but because EA/DICE keep dropping the ball and releasing broken games.
There's a reason there's a class action lawsuit against EA over BF4. Not to mention DICE is putting all their effort towards fixing BF4, so much so that they've put everything else on hold....and the game is still broken.

I absolutely love Battlefield, but this is quite possibly the worst release I've ever seen for a AAA game.

General Discussion / Re: I.Hate.Controllers.
« on: 10:57 PM - 12/28/13 »
Well, I haven't used a controller since around 2005, I've been using the X1's controller without any issues.
Still rocking a 2.xx in BF4 and coming in first nearly every TDM game back to back.
I have been playing Battlefield since BF2, so that may have a lot to do with it since I know the game's mechanics well.

I don't know if I just adjusted to the controller incredibly fast or if I retained my skill from 8 years ago since I used to play competitive games locally...but still, 8 years. I still have higher accuracy than most of my friend's as well.  :o

Remove the Bullet drop and bullet velocity along with the suppression fire and that would make the game feel 10x better.

In every other game there is no time between the time you shoot and when you actually hit the person you are shooting at but in battlefield there is an actual projectile that takes time and actually drops. I've always hated this. It just makes the game feel clunky and they done things to make this worse over the years like making attachments slow it down even more.

Sooooo much this.
I can deal with the bullet drop, but it's the @#$% velocity that irks me. This is also what is causing 98% of the kill trading.
Once again another reason for the Bad Company series to shine again as long as they don't goof it up. No suppression, less bullet travel time, no prone!, more laid back game play.

I'd say most people stick to what they're decent at as well. I may have been near a 4.0 in BOII, but I was  bored of it. Kicking noobs to the curb is only fun for the first week, if even.
I'd rather be considered sub-par and have a challenging opponent than pubstomp every game now-a-days.

I agree, we need a new, balanced, refreshing FPS title. I don't quite believe Titanfall will fill the gap.
CoD is coming to an end, Battlefield 3/4 is too buggy and inconsistent to even enjoy, and Halo just isn't quite my cup of tea anymore.

Personally, I think Bad Company 3 might be up to par, but DICE CANNOT be involved seeing how bad they've screwed up the main series 2 games in a row.
It has smaller maps, lighter grade vehicles, and the gun mechanics were way more consistent.
The only issue was bushwookies, base locations/borders, and getting Gustaved.  :P

I also agree, we're overdue for another UT or Quake style game.  ;D

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 on Engadget
« on: 12:46 PM - 12/25/13 »
The best thing about the article is the comments. They range from lol peasants to er mah gerd cheetarrs.
It's good to see the XIM is getting some deserved publicity, just don't go overboard with it or else the casuals will form an angry mod at your doorstep.   ;)

Everything is looking good so far, keep it up!

What do I think of the next XIM? I think it's absolutely marvelous.
The only thing I didn't like about the Edge was the fact being that I had to plug it up to my PC time to time to configure it which is no longer required now.  ;D

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