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Any game that runs at 60fps I'd personally try using Common.

Thanks. I personally like sync off. I like the responsiveness difference I feel.

At what smoothing would you say that sync off approximates sync normal? Or sync common for that matter? Trying to see at what point sync off is diminishing returns when having to use too high a smoothing value to combat jitter.

Currently I'm running Logitech g900, 1000hz on both the mouse and Apex, 12k DPI, and 10 sens on ads translator for both hip and ads. Smoothing is set to 7., Which is where I don't see any now jitter.  Using a cloth pad that has a rough textured weave, control surface, which should really be called a speed surface, but that's a whole other discussion lol.

Forgot to mention, game is cod WW2, just to give all variables.

How much has smoothing changed since 0306 beta?

None, but, what it's used for has changed. Before, you had to use it to handle jitter at 1000Hz. Now, at 1000Hz, as long as you aren't using the "Off" Synchronize setting, you use it add a little stability to your aim at high DPI -- but you may not need it at all. I use it with my G502 mouse (around 3) and "Common" Synchronize setting.

You use sync common for what game?  Every game?

Obs.  At what smoothing does sync off become sync normal, more or less?

I like sync off, but there's obviously jitter running 1000hz and 12k DPI on a Logitech g900, with no smoothing. Trying to determine at what point sync off with "x" something becomes sync normal to see at what point it's diminishing returns to use sync off.


Beta / Re: Beta Ex1
« on: 09:43 AM - 03/18/18 »
Okay. I love my Apex. It's amazing.


Boost 3 is apparently supposed to be better but I went from 5kdr to a 1kdr in every single game and match I've tried the past few days. I don't get it. I don't have that jitter problem people talk about it's smooth but somehow it just doesnt work for me.
Boost 0 works perfectly. Feels like xim4 but just better with the updated hz but maybe that's just a placebo effect?

Some say that boost 3 is more responsive than boost 0 but I can't tell a difference atm.
Smoothing didn't do anything for me either so I just left it off.
Is boost 0 just the exact same as the xim4 or is there a difference between boost 0 and xim4?

1000hz 5000dpi.
Xim4 uses 120fps, which is Boost 0. However, Xim4 polls at 125Hz, whereas Apex polls at up to 1000Hz, which is why mouse movements feel smoother.

Boost 3 isn't necessarily better, but it is more responsive because it's couple to the Apex response rate. That may have a negative effect on the game based on the processing loop (60fps vs 30fps), which is why Sync was added.

Boost at 0 will be the new default and if there's a negative impact, most won't feel it. Setting Boost to 3 and adjusting Smoothing is a more advanced method of achieving a similar result, but with more granularity for tweakers.

I tried boost 3 but it felt floaty

I've stuck to 0 with some smoothing added, feels alot more snappier

Your experience should be the opposite, unless you are using floaty to mean something else.

Beta / Re: FEEDBACK: CoD and BETA EX1
« on: 09:47 AM - 03/17/18 »
I've found fps Sunday to be best on boost 3 with 1 or 2 smoothing.  Adding anymore smoothing makes the aim slightly, but noticeably to me, less responsive. Boost 3 is the most accurate and responsive setting, but with no smoothing, has noticeable jitter. I still prefer it to boost 0.

Boost 0 had extremely Smith movements with no jitter, but it feels noticeably delayed in responsiveness to me. Using boost 0, to me, makes buying an Apex useless. It feels like I'm playing XIM4 on 125hz polling almost. Nothing wrong with that. XIM4 is great, but Apex is better imo. Less so with boost of 0, though.

I play COD games using ads translator on hip to avoid ads delay issues, which the tools given to us in Manager, don't solve satisfactorily IMO, so I'm unable to test different boost settings on hip and ads, unfortunately.

Technical Support / Re: COD Bug in Apex Manager
« on: 09:30 AM - 03/17/18 »
Bumping just to make sure this issue is acknowledged.

Beta / Re: Beta Ex1
« on: 09:24 AM - 03/16/18 »
Only tested on COD WW2 so far.

Setting of 3 for boost feels the best in terms of responsiveness. Seems like there is almost no AA with this setting, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The only issue with it is that there is ever so slight jitter with smoothing off. Setting smoothing to 1 pretty much eliminates it but then the aiming feels just a tad not as responsive.

Setting of 0 for boost feels good, but there is a bit of a delayed aiming experience in comparison to 3. It's very smooth with no jitter and no need to use smoothing but it just feels ever so slightly delayed.

Based on the posts from others I didn't try out the other two options as most seemed to think that 0 and 3 were the best options. I'll test them at some point. Overall I prefer the instant aiming even with the tiny bit of jitter. If that could be eliminated it would remove my only complaint with it.

This was tested in COD WW2 using only sniper rifles in the mountain division class.

Gear is Logitech G900 mouse at 1000hz polling and 12k DPI. Apex is set to 1000hz poll as well. Smoothing set to 0 but also tested at 1 on occasion for instant. 120hz needed no smoothing.

Technical Support / COD Bug in Apex Manager
« on: 10:05 PM - 03/14/18 »
Not sure if this effects all CODs, but I'm guessing it does. I can confirm that on WW2, there is a bug in Manger.

I only use one translator to avoid issues with ads delay. What I do is set my hip to use the ads translator and then disable the ads activation key on the ads page, so that the translator never changes whether I soon from hip or go into ads.  The big I noticed is that even if you save your settings in Manger, every time you close the Manger, the next time you open it, it won't remember that you set your ads activation key to nothing. This causes me to go into a game, unaware of this, and try to ads and my sens jumps all the way way up to the default 40, which is way faster than the turn speed would be with the sens I have set for the hip page.

I've gotten sounds this by instead of remembering to deactivate the ads activation key every time I start manager, I just set the ads page sens to the same thing as the hip page, which is using the ads translator.

This obviously works and isn't a huge deal, but just letting you know if the bug in any event.

Using the latest 0306 beta build for manager on a Google pixel 2 XL.

Beta / Re: Beta Exo
« on: 09:52 PM - 03/14/18 »
This beta is a strange one lol, but seems really good.

Tested on COD WW2. Gear is Logitech G900 mouse set to 12k DPI and 1000hz, along with G13. Was previously running on the last beta build, ads translator on hip and leaving ads activation key disabled. On those settings, Apex was set to 1000hz, my sens was 10 to 12 as the kar98 and m1903 snipers have faster handling than the Enfield sniper, and smoothing at 1. This sens allowed me to do a 360 in approximately the width of my pad which is 17 or 18" wide (I forget which right now, but pretty sure it's 18").

On this exo beta, all of my settings are the same, except now I needed to dial down my sens to .65 to .70 to achieve the same turn speed, and smoothing is now at 0.

As I am probably one of the lowest sens players I've seen on xim, or on shooters period, based on talking to people on these forums as well as the discord, this probably won't be an issue, but if there are people running lower sens than me, not sure if they will be able to go low enough to maintain turn speed, but I'm just throwing it out there.

Judging the exo beta though, I really think the aim is as on point as any of the other fw and no jitter for me with smoothing off. On the others I experienced very slight jitter and needed at least 1 or 2 on smoothing. I always stuck with 1 though as I could feel the smoothing distinctly on 2 but not on 1.

I give the exo build 2 thumbs up right now. I'll see if my opinion changes with more time spent playing WW2, and especially trying other games.

It does recognize the headset now when using the new DS4. Thanks. I haven't had a chance to check on if the audio is distorted when using 1000hz yet though because no one was on com last night. I'll test it when I can though.

Thanks Odin.

I have my controller set to wired in settings for communication. I may have been using a regular PS4 controller though. I'll try it with the PS4 pro controller and report back.

Have the PS4 controller plugged into a Roccat Apuri hub, along with my g900 mouse and g13 keyboard. Plugged the headset that the PS4 comes with into controller but it isn't recognized as an audio device. Only the PlayStation camera is selectable.

Using 1000hz polling. Tried the XIM Apex hub but it won't power my g13.

Got one.

Apex doesn't use a micro-USB port, so you may need a USB extension cable.

That's what I figured.


Is there another USB port on the back of the hub. I ask because I want to know if I can use my current long USB cable to connect to the console across the living room or if I need to get a USB extension cable.

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