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 Gave classic team a try and its alot of fun, and nobody can fly thats a plus.
   OBsIV  whats the most kills you ever had in a Swat match with a xim3?

Feel free to add me if anyone need some Halo Reach  help.
 That what i am playing currently, and need someone to play with.
I am playing with Random players and get stuck with alot of bad players as teammates.

I have recently fallen in love with this game.
 Swat  is frig-gin awesome , i was playing this morning and almost won a match after the rest of my team quit.
I was so into it my left hand was trembling , i looked and had 35 kills  lost by 4 at the end.
Only started playing it a week ago after receiving a free disk .
 What are your favorites i need some suggestions?

  At think 47 i may be the oldest player in Halo  , any other aged gamers here?.

I received mine today as well no problems with it, my other games still work fine but  i don't bootleg games for the 360. And i do appreciate the free game i didn't own Reach
   If they really wanted get get serious sell each game with a Key-code for online play, and link it to your Gamer-tag.

Hey Toys, I've been using the Halo3 smart translator or w/e that comes with the XIM2 program. Should I drop it and use your config? (Serious question, I just started playing)

 My advice is to give it a try its been a year since i have played Halo, but  was invited to Beta test the New dashboard and received Halo Reach free.
  I was head shooting people in my first match, the config is very very good and i am not elite by any means in this Game.

 Its the best i have used.

General Discussion / Re: Am I the youngest here?
« on: 05:59 AM - 04/03/11 »
Im only 46.

General Discussion / Re: Confession to make.
« on: 06:37 PM - 04/01/11 »
Hey man what game is that  kinda looks like fable?

I have a whole bottle of the Tylenol 4s and have taken four since Wednesday , twice after i had to eat and the 800 milligram ibuprofen just would not stop the throbbing .
  Monday i am going to have them pulled out, the hell with it.

General Discussion / Anyone ever have broken Jaw teeth.
« on: 11:00 AM - 03/31/11 »
I have two broken teeth on my lower Jaw, and the nerves are exposed. And to top it off they are infected and cannot be numbed . So the dentist has put me on infection medicine and Tylenol 4 until  monday.
  Still playing with my xim2 but i feel like really slow slow, codeine makes me camp. :o

 Anyone else experienced this or something like it?

XIM 1 Discussions / Re: xfps3.0 and xim1
« on: 06:10 PM - 03/30/11 »
This is a config list from the old forums , bck when everyone used the xfps, there are a few in there to pick as a starting point.  The COD4 configs are what you need to look at , Black Ops will be identical control wise.


Does the thumb stick work well with a xim2 ?  I might get me one if it works without modification.

hey biskit, post the link and i'll have a play with over the weekend. just a logic3 for my ps3 as my mates play mw2, but i'll have a pop at the bc2 xae version on the 360 and will how i go..

 Here it is thanks

I would like to convert this to xbox 360, it   feels good but my left mouse button throws a grenade instead of firing .


Nice config. I'm currently using it, modded slighly though to my own gameplay though.

Logitech G5 running at 1100dpi.  i increased the sens primary to 15.3.

Runs well i have to say. Only prob i guess we have is the vehicles. cant seem to get it right for them. Think xae xim app may help. not tried it yet though.

 I use the config for tanks/ apcs/ but the turret rotation is a little slow i admit so to compensate .
I rotate the vehicle in the same direction as my turret  , a good side effect is my front plate is almost always facing the enemy.  
   Ryola_82 has a good config for the ps3 made with xae, it works with it all except the fire buttons are not set up correctly for the i cannot get it to fire it thows a nade when i press left mouse .

 If someone could adapt his con-fig to the 360 it would be a winner. Here is the thread if someone could give it a shot i cant figure out how to change the bindings,

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