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Hey guys,

Are there any french speakers out there who can help me with a customer? His english is pretty bad and has some questions that I don't think I will be able to effectively answer in english. He just needs to speak to someone in french about basic XIM3 setup issues.

If you can help post here or PM me.

Thanks in advance,


XIM 3 Discussions / Temporary Store Outage
« on: 10:40 PM - 09/17/11 »
Hey guys,

Thanks to our friends at FedEx we're having an issue with the store. We hope to have it resolved soon. Please hang tight if you are looking to buy a XIM3, especially if you are overseas. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Edit: Looks like only Ground is working at the moment. We will update once fixed.


Hello my fellow Ximmers!

On behalf of the entire XIM Team I am proud to announce the winners of the XIM3 Top Shot Video Contest! The videos were simply outstanding and really show what the XIM3 and a bunch of motivated gamers are capable of. Simply deadly. Very nice work everyone and thank you very much for your hard work in capturing and editing these videos. It was not easy judging them since so many were so good and there were some very creative entries. We will now hold them up as great examples of XIM3 awesomeness and a strong and growing community.

To those that did participate, but did not win one of the top prizes we will be giving you 1600 Xbox Live Points as a thank you! We hope you put them to good use.

To view all the entiries please visit this page:
Video Entries

Without further delay. The winners are:

1st Place = Video #6 by QnUP2C ($200 + a copy of GOW3)
2nd Place = Video #7 by Soul  ($100 + copy of GOW3)
3rd Place = Video #19 by Warmaster ($50 + copy of GOW 3)
Honorable Mention = Video #5 by leGit510 (Copy of GOW3)
Honorable Mention = Video #10 by Beezles (Copy of GOW3)
Honorable Mention = Video #21 by Duhchi (Copy of GOW3)
All others get 1600 Xbox Live Points.

To claim your prize please send me your full name, address and email address via Private Message.

Thank you again to all who participated!

The XIM3 Team

Top Shot Video Contest Extended 1 more week! New Deadline is June 28th!

Some great videos so far, but some have expressed interest for in an extension so we're extending it one more week. Go for it! Tell your fellow Ximmers!

If you have not checked out the entries so far there are at the link below and a sticky above. Some really good stuff showing what a motivated gamer and a XIM3 can do! If you were thinking about entering you've got an extra week!



Hey guys,

Just in case some of you miss the announcement above, check out the video contest we just announced. It's a sticky now.


If you or any of your friends has a XIM3 and is good at making videos let them know about the contest. We're giving away some nice prizes and we're excited to see what kind of footage is produced. There are some super talented players and talented video makers out there in the XIM3 community. Feel free to enter as many times as you wish. If you have any questions let me know!



Hello XIM3 Killers!

We’re proud to announce the first ever XIM3 Top Shot Video Contest! We’ve seen some cool videos demonstrating what a motivated gamer and a XIM3 can do in virtual combat! Videos are a great way to spread the word about XIM3 and the XIM Team loves to see you in action in your favorite games. It’s a great motivation for us.  Now we’d like to reward those that take the time and have the skills to make a top notch video showcasing XIM3 in action.

So here are the rules for the contest. They are very simple.

XIM3 Top Shot Video Contest.

1. Feature one or more game(s) that you use XIM3 with.
2. Three (3:00) Minute Max Length.
3. It can be a montage of action in more than one game.
4. It can include fancy transitions and other graphical effects if you wish so long as it doesn’t distort the actual gameplay footage.
5. Must be posted on YouTube and made public for everyone to see. (Public comments can be turned off if you wish)
6. XIM3 must be in the title of the video and in the description of the video on YouTube.
7. A soundtrack is allowed, but don’t use any music you do not have permission to use. We are not responsible for you violating any music copyrights.
8. No vulgar language or images.
9. You can enter as many times as you wish.
10. No previously released videos please.

By submitting an entry via our forum you grant us permission to use your video in our marketing efforts on our website and potentially elsewhere.

Winners will be decided by the XIM3 Staff and Management.

Cash prizes will be awarded in the form of a Visa Gift Card. No exceptions sorry.


1st Place $200 + a copy of GOW3

2nd Place = $100 + copy of GOW3

3rd Place = $50 + copy of GOW 3

Honorable Mention = a copy of GOW3

Entry Deadline is June 21st by 5:00pm Pacific Daylight Time.

Winners will be announced on June 30th on the XIM3 forum.

What we like to see –

- Amazing shots that are hard to make using thumbsticks, but possible with XIM3.
- Awesome killing sprees and shear domination of the enemy.
- Shots on the move while jumping or falling.
- Footage showing ease of use and the unit itself.
- Most of all make it fun to watch!
… and anything else that you think XIM3 does well that makes it the BEST mouse and keyboard experience on the Xbox 360!

To enter simply paste the video in this thread and please use this template below for embedding your videos (replace {VIDEO-ID} with your YouTube video identification number).

Code: [Select]

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

And make sure to tell your friends!
The XIM3 Team

Current Entries

1.) Duhchi

2.) Warmaster

3.) Soul

4.) leGit510

5.) leGit510

6.) QnUP2C

7.) Soul

8.) Soul

9.) Pixel

10.) Beezles

11.) QnUP2C

12.) leGit510

13.) Warmaster

14.) leGit510

15.) Weasel6k

16.) BrianDee

17.) Soul

18.) Sbc2k1

19.) Warmaster

20.) Duhchi

21.) Duhchi

22.) Souver

23.) Soul

Hey guys,

Once again, just trying to get the word out that we turned on International Shipping and activated PayPal for all orders and we added stock so the XIM3 available to all.

Official note is here. http://www.xim3.com/community/index.php?topic=13092.msg157947#msg157947

Rock N' Roll!


XIM 3 Discussions / Store down temporarily
« on: 11:07 AM - 04/25/11 »
The store is undergoing some maintenance. Not to worry. It will be back up soon guys. Tell your friends.


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