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Provided as is, and could very well contain bugs for now:

Example usage:

The smoothing value is applied to ALL pages, HIP, ADS, and all auxiliaries.

The sensitivity multiplier will cut off at 500.00, people who use 1000hz and high sensitivities should probably be familiar with this limitation already.

Let me know how it works for you, I'll try to fix any bugs. It's not super well tested yet but it works for my reasonably complex Battlefield config (2 extra pages, vehicle curve, joystick flip, etc..)


Example usage:

Example result (XIM4 input on left, converted Apex curve on right):

Keep in mind that it's not possible to perfectly convert curves as XIM Apex uses incompatible intervals on the X axis (steps of 2% vs steps of 5%). That means that many values are interpolated and can be slightly off compared where they would be on XIM4. But I think it will work well for most curves or at the very least give a starting point for recreating curves.

Also keep in mind that I'm using free webhosting, so it may go down outside of my control and that it's not that well tested so if it doesn't work when it should, let me know and I will try to fix it.

Ballistics Curve:

^I think that's the famed Battlefield vehicle curve.

Buttons (Primary/Secondary)

REVERSE Ballistics Curve Conversion (new firmware to old firmware)

FULL CONFIG CONVERTER 20150606 -> 20150716

FULL CONFIG CONVERTER 20150716 -> 20150816

This converts configs from the JUNE 2015 RC format to the JULY 2015 RC format.

Original Post:

Not well tested, but it handled a pretty beastly Battlefield config I have so I'm optimistic. Let me know

So as anyone who has migrated to the latest RC version from one of the older versions knows, the format for cut/paste has changed and the new XIM Manager is not backwards compatible. I have written a couple of simple scripts in PHP that will convert the old versions to the new versions. I made these specifically so I could migrate from 20150212 RC to 20150606 RC, it should work for older than 20150212, but I haven't installed every release so if there was another format somewhere in there then that one probably won't work.

It's pretty simple, paste an old config into the text box on the appropriate page (ballistics or button) and click submit. If it's the right input format it should spit out the new version which you can then paste into 20150606 RC (and beyond presumably)

It's come to my attention that if you're not adblocking, the free host I used might be kind of spammy. If anyone wants to volunteer to host some PHP I can send you the source.

edit: updated links to point to abc123's rehosted versions
edit: added reverse curve conversion

Commander / Ok, so I have Commander working, now what?
« on: 04:29 AM - 02/18/15 »
OK, so I have XIM commander (sort of) working, but I'm not really sure where to go from here. Eventually I'd like to get a Saitek X52 working, but Commander doesn't load with it connected. For now I am using an old Logitech WingMan Extreme. A pretty basic flight stick, X and Y axis on the stick, a slider for throttle, and twisting the stick for rudder, one 8-way hat, and 7 buttons.

Through my actual XIM I have a logitech G13 and a mouse hooked up. The G13 acts like a joystick, all of its keys are mapped as joystick buttons, and the thumbstick is seen by the XIM as joystick axes. So it kind of fights over mappings with the flight stick. Also, the axes on the flight stick are kind of all over the place, things don't map to the gamepad axes I'd want.

I understand that right now the tool is meant to be used in conjunction with other tools that handle the mapping for you. And that's where everything is really falling apart for me. So I installed AutoHotKey, something called Universal Joystick Remapper, and vJoy. That seemed like an almost good combo, the configuration options were really good, I really liked that I could boost the inputs on each axis as this particular stick does not seem to have a large enough range of motion. But unfortunately with the vJoy driver connected, XIM Commander refuses to load. And besides that, remapping the joystick buttons to work with the mappings already in place for the Logitech G13 seems like a huge problem.

I read through everything in this forum, and a bit in the big "Initial ideas" thread caught my eye about XInput devices, and how the second XInput device would be passed through directly. Ok, weird, but at least I had a goal in mind, so I looked for something to map my regular joystick to XInput. Most things seemed to be specifically made to convert DualShock 3 and DualShock 4 controllers to XInput.

Eventually I found something called x360ce. I plugged in one old Xbox 360 Controller I have lying around from my XIM3 days just to fill in that first XInput slot that isn't passed through directly, and emulated a second XInput device with my flight stick. This seems to mostly work, and more importantly XIM Commander actually loads when I'm using it. I mapped the buttons how I'd like them, and they register in game. Unfortunately there are two deal-breaking problems. One, I don't have the required range of motion to max out the inputs on my PS4/XBO, that feature from UJR doesn't exist here, and thus my helicopter turns way too slowly. Does anyone have a solution to that? Preferably something that's not "Yeah, make a vJoy like you did earlier, and emulate the XInput from there with x360ce". That's feeling like at least one layer too many.

Also, Commander listens to both the real device, and the emulated device, so DirectInput buttons and axes interfere with XInput.  Is there no way to disable certain inputs? XIM4CommanderConfig.ini doesn't seem to have much in the way of documentation, are its only features kb/m filtering, and picking a cycle button? It seems like joysticks are completely unusable if you can't do that.

I'll say this, kb/m through Commander are pretty tight. I don't notice any additional lag. Unfortunately with my setup, it's not currently a particularly useful feature. In fact I'd like my joystick input to pass through while my keyboard and mouse continue to do full-time computer work.

Is it just me or does swapping configs just not work?  Under "Globals" I set the "Config Cycling Hotkeys" to buttons on my G13. J30 and J31 as detected by the XIM. When I press those buttons nothing happens. I'll be in my Titanfall config, and that's where I'll stay. And the same thing for the 'direct' hotkeys for a config. They don't seem to take me between configs. For the most part I'm ok with switching configs by just accessing them in the XIM4 Manager... But, I have another problem, where an extra config that I could easily switch to would be a decent work around.

The second problem is that I don't understand how to use extra settings within a config. For example, in Titanfall I have my regular Hip and ADS settings, which I've gotten to where I like. Now I add another setting called Titan Hip for Titan hipfire. I assign a toggle key on my mouse. Then I add another setting for Titan ADS. I assign the activation to MRight.

But, here's what happen when I test. So I start out in regular hip, hold down MRight, it goes to regular ADS, let go of MRight, it goes back to hip as expected. So then I toggle to Titan Hip. That works fine as well. Then I hold down MRight to get to Titan ADS, again, that part works. But, when I release MRight it takes me back to regular hip instead of Titan Hip!

Between both those things not behaving as expected, I have no idea how to implement my settings. My preference would to be able to have them all under one config, but then also be able to assign different colors to the two pairs of hip/ads settings so that I can tell which I'm using at a glance instead of having to turn and look at my computer.

In comparison, XIM3's activation settings made it easy to switch between configs and also tell which particular setting I was in thanks to the text on its screen.

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