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My xbox one controller just started that dreaded drift issue.
Before replacing it with OEM, I was wondering if anyone had good experiences with third party cheapos.
I know it's not officially supported, but thought it would be worth it to ask to save me 20 bucks...


General Discussion / Shamless plug for my Youtube channel
« on: 01:01 PM - 07/15/15 »
Hey guys,

This isn't even game related, but I started a youtube channel for how to draw videos, mostly for kids drawing Disney characters and stuff. Got the idea from watching my neice spend an hour trying to draw Elsa from a youtube video...I thought it would be cool to try, as someone who likes to draw, I love teaching kids.

If you guys have kids (or if you guys like to try yourselves), let me know if these videos help them draw anything :D

If anyone likes, please sub, I'll be doing a new vid every week hopefully ... thanks!

General Discussion / Destiny House of Wolves
« on: 09:38 PM - 04/13/15 »
Just thought I'd break off from that 200 page thread to discuss the coming expansion.

They announced there's no new raid, but something called Prison of Elders that is supposed to be like Horde in GoW. I'm kind of excited...I don't really care for raids...I'm hoping this new gameplay will be matchmaking though...

There's also a new iron banner kind of thing called Trial of Osiris , I think a 3v3 deathmatch....not so excited for that.....

And then there's the Reef area that is gonna be like the Tower. I guess if you don't have this expansion you can't go there.....

Idunno much else about it, if anyone has interesting info please share ~

General Discussion / Post your Destiny stats
« on: 11:20 PM - 12/08/14 »
Hey y'all

Stopped playing AW, such a disappointment. Went back to Destiny, which is basically all I gots now...
Thought it would be cool to see people's stats in Crucible.

So far, I have been running with Lord High Fixer hand cannon, Last Boss sniper, and Gjallarhorn.
Wish I had better gear, but been stuck at 27 forever...

So I know there's some hardcore players on here who have the Vex and whatnot, I'd love to see some stats.

Here's my top stats fro Crucible....I only mostly play Clash though, almost always solo. Hoping these stats skyrocket when I get an exotic main weapon....

General Discussion / COD AW Favorite Weapon?
« on: 05:01 PM - 11/05/14 »
Anyone close to max level have experience with all the weapons?

I'm interested to see how the IMR and MK14 fares with the XIM....I'm a BLOPS2 FAL fan, so I'm hoping the MK14 is more like that....

But for now, just been using the AK12 with silencer....it's ok, but kinda weak....

Has anyone tried this? A friend wants me to play CS with him...
I actually only want to because I want to see if the headset works, but I can't seem to get any of it to work...

But theoretically, can I plug everything as if I was using the xbox1, but instead put it into the PC?
And if so, will the xb1 headset work?

General Discussion / Final Fantasy XV
« on: 02:57 PM - 09/19/14 »
Anyone else excited for this game?
I haven't really cared for FF since 9 (not counting 11 and 14, which were MMO's)
Hated 10, 12 was lame, and didn't even bother with the 13 series.

But this one looks pretty good, glad to hear it's coming on XB1 too....

Now if only they would do that 7 remake they promised a decade ago.....

XIM 4 Discussions / Shout out to support
« on: 03:07 PM - 07/29/14 »
I had to update my shipping/billing info, as well as change my shipping method.

Support was quick and smooth, despite me constantly badgering them for updates and how busy they were with all the orders.

So cheers to your fulfillment/support team, Obsiv!

So..... I don't know what happened, but after I checked out, my name was repeated twice, my last name was in the address part, etc.

Can I go in and update the billing and shipping address for the order? Should I just place another one and ask to cancel that first one?

XIM 4 Discussions / Obsiv, how do you edit orders?
« on: 04:08 PM - 07/28/14 »
So..... I don't know what happened, but after I checked out, my name was repeated twice, my last name was in the address part, etc.

Can I go in and update the billing and shipping address for the order? Should I just place another one and ask to cancel that first one?

General Discussion / Beautiful Women Thread <3 <3 xoxoxo
« on: 02:58 PM - 07/07/14 »
Kinda surprised we never started one yet. I mean, why not while we wait these last couple of weeks....

So please share your beautiful women pictures! Of course, I emphasize beautiful, not hot or sexy, so hopefully keep it clean or this won't last more than a page....I'm looking at you, lolpop....

*Also maybe just post like 5 good pictures...don't need to go crazy with it*

guys keep this respectfull, there are a way more female users here than you guys might realize, and i dont want to feel them uncomfortable
topic creator clearly said beautifull and not sexy or slutty
you get what i mean, so keep it calm and safe for work here!

I'll start with the singer from Marina and the Diamonds. I think she's pretty @#$% cute...I have a thing for big front teeth lol....don't judge....

Now before you call this topic sexists, the women of this community are welcome to create a Beautiful Men thread. In which case, I will be more than happy to send you my picture.

that is under the false assumption i would want to improve the focus of said criticism.

there is a clear a point to sharing an opinion in this context: for the maker of the object spawning them to gather an estimation of his consumers views on the object. in a thread titled "Re: Thoughts on OBsIVs XIM4 enclosure and blog update 4/1/14" giving the thoughts on OBsIV's XIM4 enclosure under the form of an opinion is exactly the definition of ontopic.

the only thing that has no point is your post.

Are you a dumb person trying to sound smart or a smart person trying to sound dumb? It's hard to tell.

General Discussion / MMORPG's...
« on: 03:07 PM - 03/24/14 »
Anyone playing anything fun in 2014? Last MMO I played was FFXIV, but wasn't very thrilled with it....also played Tera, but that got pretty grindy....

There's a bunch of new ones coming out, but they seem to all be korean and in beta stages (in korean)...was wondering if you guys have good reviews for anything that would be fun to play on the PC (specially since I gots me a new GPU)

If any xb1 guru can enlighten me....

There are apps on the one that stream movies, but my gf watches shows like Modern Family and the like, which we would usually do from the ipad using the NBC app, etc. I'm trying to figure a way to be able to watch these from the xb1 without having to have a hulu+ subscription.

IE doesn't seem to be able to play those videos either.

So is there a way to play them on the ipad and stream that to the xb1? Or from the computer (windows 7) to the xb1?

General Discussion / Woe is I
« on: 08:31 PM - 03/03/14 »
1 week till titanfall and unlike some of you lucky bastards, I only got a xim3.

Guess it'll be controller for a while (I'm a bit more pessimistic about xim4 launch date), but so help me god if I see any of you online i'm gonna yell 'He's using a mouse he's using a mouse!!!!!!!' in as high pitch a voice as I can.....

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