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Game Support / Archive for old game settings?
« on: 07:09 PM - 12/01/20 »
Greetings! Dusting of my PS4 and tried setting up XIM Apex for Uncharted 4 MP. Didnt see it in the game settings list anymore. Is there a place to retrieve those? Or is it not listed anymore because its old and there were no game settings for it to begin with?

Good Afternoon Support,

I have a question.  I've been playing destiny for several months now with the XIM4.  My current setup is in my sig.  I love the Nav and mouse combo.  Over these several months there have been occasions where I cannot jump to some spots like my fellow Guardians.  I've learned to adapt so not a huge deal BUT last night on one of the boss fights where jumping to a ledge is crucial strategy of play I could not make the jump.  I couldn't figure out why so I picked up the controller and made the jump EVERY TIME. 

So naturally my conclusion I believe jumping is pressure sensitive in Destiny as in you tap the button you short jump or press and hold you gain maximum jump.  I don't think my mouse is doing that.  I play with a few XIMers using a keyboard/nostromo n52 like input device and they do not have this problem.  I'm using the Logitech G9x back button(thumb button) as jump and my speculation is that button itself is either not a button you can hold down physically or something in my software setup is forcing my back button to act that way.  Fixing this would really improve my gameplay.  Hoping some light can be shed on this thing.

In the end, I probably wont be willing to give up the combo(Mouse and Nav). But at the least will learn something, but if it has to do with this particular mouse model I'm using I'm willing to change out the model.


XIM 4 Discussions / The fate of XIM4E
« on: 02:52 PM - 04/14/14 »
I don't remember a specific thread about this or couldn't find one about the fate of XIM4E after beta.

So I was just pondering and thinking about the upcoming release of the XIM4 :).  Excited as I am, I feel like I haven't gotten the mileage I wanted out of my Edge.  I know that I'm may be the odd man on this one because I don't play a wide variety of games.  I play Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us on the Edge.  So I know I've limited myself to the Edge's capabilities, but I have played the MP of those games exclusively nearly everyday without a break other than a break to complete the SP.  Matter of perspective I guess I have gotten a lot of hours out of it.  It has worked GREAT and I've provided a number of feedback on those games I'm sure some of you have seen.

Wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me  ::).  So my needs to store numerous titles on the device is nonexistent.  Comes to my questions:  What's to happen to the Edge after beta?  Will it turn back into an Edge to support PS3 and 360 only?  I think it was discussed briefly, but I don't remember.  I guess I was wondering for those of us like myself that only need <4 games stored.  Is it possible to keep the XIM4E running after XIM4 releases?  If we just maintain the Laird BT Dongle and usb hub configuration we bought for beta testing will the XIM4 firmware work with the XIM4E?  I certainly understand wanting the customers to shift to the new product.  I'm not trying to take any money from the great work the team has done.  I just can't help but feel I'm not going to gain any huge benefit from the upcoming when storing 4 games is all I need anyway and I don't mind the extra hub and dongle  :-[.  Just wondering...

General Discussion / The Last of us!
« on: 02:31 PM - 06/13/13 »
Can't wait for the sleep deprivation to begin...

Go to profile, modify profile, group membership, request rc tester status. Once approved, a new subforum named "Release Candidates" will unlock under the XIM3/Edge->Downloads section. There you will find new builds that are in beta. We only ask that you leave feedback for whatever you may be testing.

Hi guys,

I decided to load up UC3 after a long hiatus(few months?) to play some multiplayer and I was invited with a PS3 update and UC3 update.  Everything went without a hitch, but found a "old" bug surface that I haven't seen in a while since XIM1.  It's not exactly the same but similar.

Anyway using the PSNav controller when I move the throttle dead left the character starts walking really slow.  Similar to if I were barely touching the throttle left.  I brought this problem up in the XIM1 days but it was never solved.  The difference back in the XIM1 days is we didn't have this joystick option and it was apparent on the keyboard.  This time the problem only occurs with the PSNav and not the keyboard.  Keyboard movement left works fine.  I played UC3 quite a bit before these two patches (PS3 + UC3) so I can confirm this wasn't a problem before the most recent patches.  Wondering if you guys might be able to shed some light for me.



PlayStation / Uncharted 3
« on: 07:04 PM - 06/30/11 »
Well the same problem that existed in UC2 is still there in UC3 for XIM1.  Pressing left or up the character walks in slow motion as if the throttle was only slightly pressed.  Can this not be fixed? :(.

General Discussion / Hello
« on: 03:58 PM - 03/11/11 »

New to the forums.  Ive been lurking around for a while and finally decided to join.


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