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XIM APEX Discussions / New device question.
« on: 08:48 PM - 10/04/22 »
When are you starting the thread section for the new device?

Thank you

I am trying to use the Sony Nav with my Xim Apex as I did with the Xim 4 which is wired. As a user suggested (When I used the Xim4) I removed the battery from my Nav because I was using it wired only and it worked fine with the Xim4. If I connect everything to my laptop and open the Xim software on my laptop, I can set the buttons for my nav. When I press the buttons on my Nav the pressed buttons display on the Xim software on my laptop. If I hook everything to the Xbox series X the Sony Nav does not show up on the Xim app on my iPhone. If I plug the Xim Apex into the Xbox Series X first, followed by the Xim hub with the mouse and Sony Nav plugged in. The Sony icon shows up but when I press any buttons on the Sony Nav nothing is displayed on the Xim app. If I press buttons on the mouse they show up on the Xim app. I am able to control the Xbox Series X with the Xbox Series controller X while it is plugged into the Xim hub. What am I doing wrong? I am using Ximmanager 20210313. and I am using Firmware 20210223.

Thank you in advance.

Being that the Xim Apex works great with the Xbox Series X. Are there plans to make a Xbox Series X setting icon or are we just going to continue using the Xbox One icon? Also it would be nice if there was a console section that would allow me to read things about my preferred console versus having to read through a bunch of things I care nothing about. I'm sure the latter will offend some but that is not my attention. I just think it would be easier to click on Xim Apex Beta and then selecting Xbox Series X. I currently have to search which is still a extra step.

Thank you in advance.

XIM APEX Discussions / G502 lightspeed users question
« on: 09:37 AM - 03/24/21 »
What settings have you tried that work the best? I currently have my dpi set to 25600 and report rate set to 1000. I plan to use it with the Xbox Series X only. I haven't had time to test it yet. I am currently moving and everything is packed up. Should I turn the profile switch on for my mouse to use my saved settings that I saved as a profile? Last question. Do you notice any lag difference when using wireless vs wired?

Thank you in advance.

I am trying to return back to gaming after a 3 year break. My kids asked me to play again, so I am. I purchased the Xim Apex already and I still have my Sony Nav. I have my old G602 mouse but I'm looking to upgrade it. I am looking at the G502 Hero, G502 Lightspeed and the G903 Lightspeed. I am trying to see what some Xim Apex players that have used one or all of my options think is the better mouse. Thank you in advance.

Is there any benefit using the Xbox Series X controller with the Xbox Series X vs using the Xbox One controller for the Xbox Series X? I just want the most stable and best experience.

XIM APEX Discussions / Question about a PC and the Apex.
« on: 06:14 PM - 05/22/18 »
On my PC, can I map the WASD on a keyboard to the Sony Nav controller? I would like for my computer to think I am using a keyboard but instead I would like to use my Sony Nav. I have a game that doesn't work with the Xbox controller. I would like to still use my mouse  to look around.

XIM APEX Discussions / Question about Xim Apex?
« on: 09:26 AM - 05/18/18 »
I am getting back into gaming....stopped playing for a little over a year. I grabbed an Alienware 17R4 (nvidia GTX 1070) to start gaming again until my house project is complete, it should be finished in late August. I like that I can use my mouse but I hate that I can't use my Sony Nav stick without jumping through hoops and using 3rd party software that is hit or miss. Will the Xim Apex solve this problem by allowing me to just plug it into my USB and go from there? What if the game doesn't support an Xbox controller, can I still use a Sony Nav being that you have to connect a Xbox controller to it?  Thank you in advance for your help.

My old setup when I was gaming

Xim 4
X1 and PS4
G502, G602, G700
Sony nav

I wonder if the Xim Apex or Xim 4 could benefit from this device. I am willing to buy and try.


I apologize if I am not suppose to post a link.

XIM 4 Discussions / Looking for some couch setup advice.
« on: 07:42 PM - 02/16/17 »
I know we spoke of this before but it's now 2017 and someone might have a better setup that others beside myself might like to try. I just recently moved my game-room from my basement to an upstairs room. I am looking for a good device that would allow me to use my mouse on the couch. I play with the G502 and Sony Nav (wired). What is the longest cable anyone has successfully used with a Sony Nav wired, the G502 cable is already long enough. I will be sitting about 6-10 feet away from the TV.

Thank You in advance.

XIM 4 Discussions / Help with a setting\feature.
« on: 08:29 AM - 11/09/16 »
Thanks in advance.

My Setup: G502 + Sony Nav.

I would like to know what is the best way to create a ADS Sensitivity Drop switch. I have my ADS set to my Sony Nav trigger button and jump to my Nav Bumper Button. I would like to have the Xim4 set that if I'm in ADS looking at a target and I need some slower\finer movement that I can press the Nav Bumper (jump) Button  that it switches to a much slower ADS setting and once I release the Nav Bumper Button it goes back to normal ADS settings. Thanks again for your help.

XIM 4 Discussions / Question about powered hub.
« on: 10:58 AM - 12/05/15 »
I am getting ready to purchase a powered hub. Which port do I plug the hub into and also which devices do I plug into the hub (keyboard or mouse or both?). I want to use a powered hub so that any powered device I use does not affect the xim4 and also so that I can use a device to help me hitch hotkeys,maybe a numlock key. Thanks in advance.

Game Support / Rainbow 6 X1?
« on: 03:00 PM - 12/02/15 »
I see a few rainbow 6 configs for PS4, what are the X1 users using, I need to find a nice temp one? Thanks in advance.

My mind is going in circles waiting to get off of work and go home to play some Rainbow 6 and maybe some BO3. I was wondering (because I don't remember and have never set one up) if there is a way to setup a config that would allow me to press a button and hold it and when I let go it returns to my default config? When playing BO3 I have to grab the controller to drive\controll my killstreak device, this is annoying at times. When setting up your killstreak config, what setting do you boost, sensitivity, boost, what? I don't want to go through this when trying to controller the camera car in Rainbow 6, Thanks in advance.


G502 8000 Dpi 500 Poll Rate
Sony Nav

XIM 4 Discussions / G502 question.
« on: 09:51 AM - 11/18/15 »
I have been using the G502 mouse ever since it came out, I never had a reason to export\backup my profiles, I only really need to do it because of the complex Destiny profile and I need to use that profile slot without having to recreate that profile again. Does the G502 allow export and import of profiles, I am not near my G502 to test it? Thanks in advance.

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