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is it possible to reduce the deadzone of the sticks on a certain game with the XIM? when i don't want to use mouse and keyboard, just the controller on the xim, is it possible then to change the dead-zones of the sticks of the controller connected to the XIM?

i hope it is understandable what i mean.

Game Support / Mirrors Edge
« on: 11:24 AM - 06/09/16 »
did someone found a good ST to use till the official one is out? the Battlefield smarties are ok, but the deadzone seem to  bbe a little wrong, as there are problems with small mousemovements...

i use the XIM4 on the PS4, and when the XIM is connected, the sticks of the PS4 controller are not responding, but every button on the controller is working. is that normal, cause i am not sure and i think in the begining the controller sticks were also working when XIM is connected.. everything else is fine, the mouse and the sony navycontroller are working normal.

Smart Translators / no more support for older games?
« on: 11:06 AM - 02/03/13 »
i was just wondering if we will see any new smarttranslators for older/already released games? in the "cummunity game request" thread are just upcoming games in the list. i remember quite some time ago there was a list with many older games on it like Mirrors Edge. since there where no new mentionable releases in the last time i was hoping for a little work on the back catalogue, but nothing happend. so is there anything we may see in the future or are just the new releases supported?

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