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XIM 2 Discussions / Advantages to Xim2 over Xim 3 / Edge?
« on: 01:04 PM - 11/03/12 »
Are there any advantages to the Xim 2 over the 3 or Edge?

* One thing I can think of is that there is no need for an additional controller as the Xim 2 is a controller.

* iirc there were some 3rd party software hacks that provided some joysticks and wheels?

* You don't have to pay for Smart Profiles (kind of like saying, "Since you are too short for the rollercoaster you cannot die on a rollercoaster" back handed compliment--I would pay $20 for a Halo 4 smart profile in a heartbeat, so, uh, yeah.)

* Manual profiles mean you can get it to work for any game w/o the need to buy a Smart Profile (Edge has these as well) and since it is connected to the PC you can make changes and adjustments VERY quickly.

Anything else?

Obviously the Xim Edge:

(1) Xbox 360 AND PS3 support.
(2) Does not require a PC connection during game play.
(3) Most importantly support "Smart Profiles" for the best experience.
(4) Available.
(5) Cheaper MRSP ($179 vs. $89, although you can no longer buy a Xim2 new).

Full Disclosure: I am seriously contemplating getting a Xim Edge but the deal with the wife is I need to move my Xim 2 along first. I LOVE the Halo 3 smart profile on Xim 2 so I am pretty sold on the idea but the question is what do you lose moving off the Xim 2 and, quite frankly, why would anyone want to buy my Xim 2 (even at a steep discount)?

Configurations and Requests / Halo 4 XIM2 Config Done
« on: 08:50 PM - 10/30/12 »
Config by AceRight 11/17:

I spent some time today trying to tweak Mad Clowns profile (thanks again!!)

I tested the dead zones and it is 7550. That seemed to help with the touchiness I was having.

As of 11/17:

Update Rate: 75
Zone Size: 7550
Shape: Circle
XY Ratio: 1.8
Translation Exp: 0.35
Sensitivity: 4500
Diagonal Dampening: 0.2
Smoothness: 0.0

Maxed out my G9 (3200 dpi) on a 13x7 monitor. This is not perfect but it is good and I am playing incrementally better with it. Thanks to Clown for his profile to work from.

Config by MadClown:

I used the same config I used for Halo 3(square DZ) and Reach.  And It feels spot on to me, the game has very responsive controls compared to previous Halo games.

Sensitivity: 5250
Deadzone: Circular 8729
Diagonal Dampen: 0.2
Ratio: 2
UpdateRate: 75
Smoothness: 0

I use a Steel Series Sensei(1000hz) at 2000 DPI for this config

Original Text:

Are there any Xim2 users getting Halo 4 and planning to submit a config?

I have not played much since my surgery but I wanted to fire up the Xim2 when I get Halo 4 next week... but I will need some help setting up a config seeing as I am not a great config maker. I was tempted to get a Xim Edge (sweet kit) but cannot really afford it and my Xim2. So use what you got :)

I look forward to seeing a config or two or three. :)

I won't have Halo Reach until tomorrow (don't ask me how "shipped Friday" results in sitting in their warehouse for 4 days!!) but with all the new configs popping up I wanted to see what the current consensus was in regards to which was the best thus far.

This should be a nice place to expose people to new configs, give a baseline to what configs look like, and hopefully start some new refinements--if all goes well maybe we can do a new poll for all the new/revised configs :D

Please link to any other configs you vote for. Thanks!

Creator: QnUP2C
Code: [Select]
Mouse: Logitech G5 2000DPI running at 1000hz
Deadzone 8400 Circular
YXRatio 1.70
Translation Exponent 0.54
Sens Primary 2500
Sens Secondary 4000
DD 0.03
Smoothness 0.00
Update Rate 125

Creator: ArcticPenguin #1
Code: [Select]
Display: 1920x1200
DPI: 1800
X/Y: 1.68
TE: 0.53
rate 125

Creator: ArcticPenguin #2
Code: [Select]
DZ Shape: Circular
DZ Size:8200
X/Y: 1.72
TE: 0.53
Primary Sens:3000
Secondary Sens:5000
rate ? (125?)

Creator: OBsIV
Code: [Select]
Mouse:         5700dpi
RATE:          30
DEADZONE:      7550 Circle
XY:            1.5
PRIM SENSE:    750 (@ 1600dpi)
DAMPENING:     -0.10
SMOOTH:        0.0

Creator: Acert93
Code: [Select]
Mouse:         G9 variable DPI
RATE:          60
DEADZONE:      7510 Circle
XY:            1.7
PRIM SENSE:    5000 (@ 1600dpi)
DAMPENING:     0.0
SMOOTH:        0.2

Anyone have a config for this yet?

I have only played for 30 minutes. It is a Tower Defense meets TF2 style game. Demo is a Horde / FF like game, has 2 player split screen and 4 player coop online. Also has competitive MP.

EDIT 5/3/2010: I am using Arctic's profile now. VERY nice for twitchy gaming.

DPI: 1800
X/Y: 1.68
TE: 0.53
rate 125

This could use small refinements but it is really nice. Thanks Arctic!


I used the active camo to do some testing. I have dual displays (D1: 1376x767, D2: 1980x1200) and a G9. The dead zone tool appears to shows a CIRCLE deadzone with a size of about 7510.

My current config isn't great but it works.

RATE:          60
DEADZONE:      7510 Circle
XY:            1.7
PRIM SENSE:    5000 (@ 1600dpi)
DAMPENING:     0.0
SMOOTH:        0.2

When using the XimTweak tool I got a lot of odd results, probably due to adhesion. I couldn't get it to consistently make the same square (seemed to get smaller and smaller). Circles are also pretty hard. MW2 has really spoiled me!

I will refine the above as I get a chance. I hope some of you experts can offer a better config. This is serviceable but definitely not perfect. I have been trying to tone down the Translation Exponent in hopes of getting better fine precision movement but I couldn't get anything that worked really well. (I did find out that the XimTweak tool DOES allow on the fly changes... I had always started/stopped in the past so that helped a LOT.)

XIM 2 Discussions / Best Way to Create Profiles
« on: 01:51 PM - 12/25/09 »
I am probably missing something obvious, but how are others creating new profiles with the Smartmouse version? It has a drop down menu but I cannot seem to create multiple new profiles from such with unique button layouts. So far copy-pasting in Windows, renaming the file, and then modifying seems to be the best method?

Has anyone attempted to getting a flight stick (like a MS Sidewinder, Logitech or Saitek) to work with the Xim360 and BF1943? I cannot use my Sidewinder anymore (my laptop doesn't have a game port) but if BF1943 can work with a flight stick via the Xim2 I would be up to getting a USB stick.

Is anyone willing to test this out?

My Dell 1330XPS has only 2 USB ports. Unfortunately with the Xim2 I have a mouse, keyboard, and the Xim2 all fighting for the 2 USB ports. I currently have a USB hub but my guess is that it is slighty laggy.

I would like some recommendations on the best configuration (mouse on its own USB port, KB/Xim2 shared on a hub?) as well as suggestions for (affordable) hubs that would minimize latency, etc.

Thanks or any knowledgable feedback you can offer :D Btw, I really enjoy the Xim2 and the new Halo 3 profile is pretty awesome. Too bad school has really put a kabosh on my Xim time!

It seems for me to get 2ndary sensativity to activate I have to hold whatever key I have it assigned to. Is this the intended behavior?

General Discussion / Razer DeathAdder (worth $43?)
« on: 06:26 PM - 03/30/09 »
I am using an MX500 mouse on Vista (400dpi) and would like to get a decent mouse with at least 800dpi, or higher. I saw buy.com had a sale ($43 shipped) and indications are it is a decent mouse for the price. Budget is a concern and my setup is limited (Laptop with 2 usb ports so I am using a multiport usb adapter... egads). I like the forward/back buttons on the MX500 so the Adder layout would be familiar, so that is a plus.

Thanks for any feedback!

Configurations and Requests / Gears of War 2 Button Layout
« on: 07:00 PM - 03/01/09 »
For those using the Xim2 for GeoW2, what button layout are you using? Xim2 works great for aiming but thus far I have had trouble with button layouts (have had to delete the profile a couple times due to the right stick in the soft stuck diagonally down left, I think this is related to moving the arrows keys to 1-4). I wish the game could use the mouse scroll for weapon switch and that moving left/right during sprint was ties to the mouse and not WASD. Kind of a funky game to use with the XIM2.

Tips on layout welcomed.

I am brainstorming questions for some polls here and elsewhere. The reason is I am working on a review (testing is going great with the XIM2 btw!) and on thing I have run into is non-XIM users impose their views on why someone would want to use a Xim--usually because they are lazy, a cheater, or both.

So who better to ask than the people that use it themselves.

Before I make a poll I wanted to get everyones feedback on reasons they use a XIM. Likewise I am looking for questions to ask non-XIM users.


[ ] I have a condition that affects fine motor movements with the hand or wrist

[ ] I find the learning curve required to master a gamepad undesirable (e.g. Limited Gaming Time & you want to enjoy the little time available and, you already are comfortable with a mouse, you just don't want to invest time in the learning curve of mastering a gamepad)

[ ] I absolutely hate gamepads for PC style games like FPS

[ ] I suck at gamepads

[ ] I have friends that are amazing with a gamepad and this allows me to play with them

[ ] I Want to use the best tool and a Mouse is better than a Gamepad

[ ] It is all about winning and I want every advantage I can to win



[ ] XIM users are Cheaters

[ ] XIM users are Lazy

[ ] XIM users are big cheaters

[ ] XIM users are little cheaters

[ ] The XIM upsets me

[ ] The XIM doesn't bother me at all

[ ] XIM only offers a slight advantage, but no different than other devices that are considered fair game

[ ] XIM not worth the hassle

[ ] XIM is different, not better. Same control limitations which is sometimes better, sometimes worse

[ ] The XIM is to expensive

I will probably be limited to 10 poll questions (multi-answer) so give your best suggestions and I will eventually narrow them down and rework them. The above is what was sloppily off the top of my head.


Support / Detecting Mouse DPI in Vista
« on: 07:28 PM - 02/08/09 »
EDIT: Changed title. It seems a lot of mice lack Vista drivers, I know my Logitech doesn't have them. So how would you go about ensuring what DPI your mouse is at without drivers? From reading around the MX500 needs some massaging to get into 800dpi so I am trying to see if Vista is doing this already OR if I need to manually tweak this somehow.


The MX500 lacks Vista Drivers (uses default). I had read that for the MX500 you had to manually make the mouse 800 DPI in WinXP. Would anyone know how I could check a) what DPI the mouse is running in under Vista (max) and b) How to change it to 800 dpi?


Support / Address Line #2
« on: 06:04 PM - 02/06/09 »
Heads up:

The address labels printed on the Xim2 boxes lack Line #2 of the Address field from the Shopping Cart. I checked my info in the cart to ensure I had entered this info (I did) so this is something you will want to fix. FedEx was kind enough to call and ask what Apt. # we were, but I am sure this could cause some frustrating shipping issues for people.

Has anyone tried using a flight stick/joystick with the BFBC helicopters?

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