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XIM 4 Discussions / Quick qustion...
« on: 11:24 AM - 01/17/16 »
Has anyone managed to use the DPI buttons - my XIM doesn't pick them up. I have changed them to generic and also tried specific key strokes.


I've decided to sell my Nexus 7 but before doing so I wanted to make sure my Ipad 2 would work. I followed the instructions, but kept getting an error messages. After an hour of trying I tried to reconnect the Nexus, but this also gave errors message - "communcation size mismatch - 1". After a slight panic, I  rolled back the firmware update to 20141114. The Nexus now connects, but the Ipad as expected does not connect.

Any ideas anyone?

I followed the instructions - new download manager - new firmware - launch manager hit p button not Bluetooth.

Thansk Rob

However, when aiming its fine - any ideas anyone?

I loaded COD translator and walking, running and aiming very strange?

any help would be appreciated.


XIM 4 Discussions / Two button config....
« on: 03:02 PM - 01/30/15 »
Can someone help?

I'd like to program two buttons to one with a pause in between? Is this possible?

For example, Advance Warefare - to run and boost you press space and shift. I tried secondary, but you need a pause in between..can anyone help?



Commander / Two button config....
« on: 02:43 PM - 01/30/15 »
I'm trying to work out how I program the XIM4 to enable 2 buttons to bbe used at the same time.

For example, Advance Warefare to use boost when runing you hit space bar and shift. Can you program the xim, so I use one key? I've tried secondary, but you need a split second pause in the middle?

Any ideas anyone?

For some very strage reason both mouse buttons aim and fire at the same time...this is both sides of the main mouse buttons.

Also I don't understand the new "improved" software?

Can anyone help please?

XIM 3 Discussions / Jerky when aiming and
« on: 01:54 PM - 02/23/13 »
when connected to the Xim3manager software both the factory reset and firmware upgrade are greyed out.

Does anyone have suggestion especially arond the delayed jerky aiming.

I'm using a Logitech G500 burnt to max settings etc.

My firmware is 1.00 20120824


XIM 3 Discussions / Razer Blackwidow Ultimate
« on: 04:23 PM - 12/04/12 »
I purchased this keyboard the weekend and so far it works just fine. However, I was curious  to know whether other Xim users are using the USB, Mic and Headphone outletss? And, what other settings they might be using?




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