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So I got a chance to hook up the XIM4 last night and set it up with a COD:Ghosts profile. I noticed that all the aim movements were real jittery with the default sensitivity or higher. When switching to the ADS translator for hip fire aiming it wasn't as bad but I had to crank it down so much it was too slow.

I hooked up the G500 to the computer and went to see what it was set at. 5700dpi and 1000poll rate. Which what it was set at when I used it with my XIM3, and it worked fine with those settings. No jittery movement.

I set the poll rate down to 500 and retried it. Most of the jitter is gone at the sensitivity I like. There's still bouts of jittery movement every once in a while though. Am I missing a setting I should have on my mouse or the XIM4 that would get rid of the jitter when at a 1000 poll rate?

Configs / !!!!Yay!!!! Ok down to business (Guidelines?)
« on: 02:30 PM - 11/04/11 »
Now that PS3ers have a place to post up configs maybe someone enterprising person can post a guideline on what to include in a config post?

In order to have this subforum actually be useful we'll need to to have the assistance of a mod to help sticky and otherwise mod posts that are not helpful to config posting.

A "goto mod" would be helpful if one of you are willing to step up.

...to post our settings for PS3 (exclusive) games?  Maybe have a standard posting guideline for games.

Each game would be it's own topic and then people would post their translator settings for that game.

People could post their tweaks for existing STs or Ts that seem to work for the games in question.  We could also have a poll for the best translator setups so people can try popular/tweaked settings first, possibly  eliminating the need to try a bunch before settling on one that's popular.

General Discussion / MW3 control feel change?
« on: 07:00 AM - 09/07/11 »

From the article:
Infinity Ward's executive producer Mark Rubin told an audience at a roundtable discussion at Call of Duty XP that the developer's focus is on gameplay technology. The developers have been further fine-tuning the sensitivity and acceleration of the thumbsticks for the console versions of the game.

Hope this doesn't mean that we'll have to tweak the crap out of our BO or MW2 setups to get the XIM3 to feel right until a ST can be released.

How soon will it be before a ST can be released?  What is the "learning" time needed for a new ST anyway?

I use the XIM3 with my PS3.
I have a 16' USB cable extender connected to a GT Max adapter.  The adapter is in turn connected to the XIM3.  Of course a wired 360 controller (official), a G500, and a PS3 chuck controller are also connected to the XIM3.

All work fine, no lag in input translation.

Also if anyone cares I have a Tritton AX720 headset with a 25' PS/2 cable extender from the amp to the headset's own cable.  No issues there either.  No extraneous noise and/or static and no loss in volume after the extension cable was connected.

I did try a 25' active (not powered) USB extension cable with the XIM3.  All inputs worked except for the PS3 chuck contoller.

If I come across a powered USB extender I'll test it out.

Ok, so the AX720 and AXPro amps have a second port for another headset.  My question is does the mic audio on one headset get sent to the other headset and vice versa?

I only have one headset and I'm not about to spend another $$$ to find out, since no one I know that lives close to me has one.

I've talked to someone in their tech support.  He asked me if I was on PS3 or 360 (which I wouldn't think matters).  He then went on to say they did try this and it worked a couple days ago...but can I really trust him that he really knows the product, especially since he didn't sound too sure after I asked the question.

All I really want to do is use the second headset mic input to inject my own audio, and allow me to hear it too, for my parties pleasure.   I've put together my own passive mixer to allow me to inject audio but when I plug in the second audio source it overrides my mic audio and my party can't hear me anymore, just the injected audio.

I know you need a wired controller to the XIM3 to use it but rather than regular wired controller can you use a wireless controller with the charge and play kit?

This is without the rechargable batteries in the controller.

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