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XIM 4 Discussions / Xbox Wireless for XIM
« on: 10:53 AM - 08/17/16 »
Looks like Microsoft is licensing their proprietary wireless protocol used by the Xbox One controller:

This does not mean they are opening up the wireless protocol publicly and for free, but that they are merely licensing it (still as a proprietary spec, potentially with a fee) to select partners for the purpose of eliminating the USB dongle.

Assuming that the XIM was able to reasonably obtain this license, would this enable the XIM to interface with the Xbox controller fully wireless?  I can see the USB connection from the XIM to the console going wireless, but not sure about interface between the XIM and the controller.  Anyway, if it could enable full wireless controller use, could be a good future feature to add.

Hardware Compatibility / CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-i
« on: 07:00 PM - 09/26/14 »
Anyone try out the new CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-i?  It looks to be substantially the same as the previous version without the "-i", except this newer version adds full backlighting.  I'm looking for a tenkeyless, mechanical, fully backlit keyboard, and this CM Storm and the Corsair K65 RGB look like the best options.

Beta / Astro Mixamp chat noise on Xbox One
« on: 02:02 AM - 06/05/14 »
I spent the last 3 hours troubleshooting issues with voice chat on my Xbox One + XB1 Headset Adapter + XIM4E + Sennheiser PC360 headset + first gen Astro Mixamp. Note that I am running the latest June system software update and have applied the latest controller updates. My first problem turned out to be a controller that went bad, as it would sometimes not transmit my voice chat at all (though it could hear others chat just fine).

After replacing the controller, I still found that my voice chat had a loud constant hum, bad enough that the Party chat app would show me as constantly broadcasting (even after fully muting my mic). After swapping out pretty much every possible component, I came to the conclusion that the chat hum was directly affected by the source of USB power for the Mixamp. The level of hum varied depending on the USB power source I plugged the Mixamp into (tried 2 different USB hubs, 3 different USB chargers for cell phones, and a laptop USB).  Some caused extremely loud chat hum (to the point of making the chat unusable).  I was finally able to completely eliminate the hum by plugging the Mixamp into one of the Xbox One's USB ports for its power.  The hum was not affected by the XIM itself, as it remained when I removed the XIM and plugged the controller directly into the XBox One via USB.  Interestingly, the hum was gone when using the controller wirelessly.

My conclusion is that the Xbox One headset adapter is very sensitive to its power source, and injects noise if  there is a significant electrical mismatch (perhaps the ground plane) with the wired chat audio signal it is processing.  In summary, if you are using the Xbox One headset chat adapter and your controller is plugged into the console via USB (which will always be the case when using XIM), I suggest that you plug any other USB-powered audio devices (MixAmp, Turtle Beach headset USB, etc) into the Xbox One's USB to ensure a clean power signal.

Hope this helps out any others who have experienced similar issues.

XIM 4 Discussions / USB switch for consoles
« on: 11:39 PM - 03/08/14 »
I'm anticipating that I'll be playing with both the XBox 360 and the XBox One while I wait for some of my friends to make the move over (some of the guys are Halo-only players, and don't plan to move over until Halo 5).  Has anyone found a USB switch that works with XIM Edge in this way? I already use the IO Gear USB switch designed to share the keyboard & mouse between PC and XIM.  I'm hoping something like this Plugable model would work:



I see that the XIM4 issues tracker thread lists the ability to support a mouse when it has a button assigned to a keyboard key, and this is listed as an issue/bug vs. feature request.  Does this mean this is a likely or confirmed upcoming feature?  I believe this would allow me to effectively use the Logitech G500 mouse for both PC and XBox/XIM gaming without having to change the mouse button settings each time I switch between the 2 platforms.  Thanks!

Background: For those who don't know, the XIM3 and Edge require mice like the Logitech G500 to assign the peripheral mouse buttons to "Generic" assignment using an older version of the Setpoint software. However, many PC games will not recognize the G500 mouse buttons when they are assigned to Generic, so one must re-assign them to a standard Logitech assignment. For those who share the same keyboard & mouse between their PC and XBox/XIM, this is a bit inconvenient.

Beta / COD Ghosts on XB1 vs 360
« on: 03:47 PM - 02/17/14 »
So I'm finding myself at a loss as to why my COD Ghosts stats are significantly lower on XB1 compared to XBox 360. My K/D on 360 is around 2, but more around 1.0-1.2 when playing on XB1. In fact, my XB1 games are pulling my overall K/D down (not that I care too much).  I'm playing with the XIME Beta to swap between the 2 platforms, so same hardware setup.

My best theories about why the big difference are:
1) XB1 players are a more hardcore (i.e. skilled) demographic as it is mostly the early adopters who have made the move to the new console at this point, while 360 has a more diverse player segment which on average matches me with much lower skilled players
2) my play style relies heavily on sound whoring for situational awareness, and XB1 is significantly disadvantaged due to lack of Dolby Digital
3) there's a different look mechanic which I have yet to adapt to. Personally, I feel like the game on XB1 has a much stronger aim assist that "sticks" the aim on opponents

Is it just me, or am I experiencing some high tech placebo affect?

XIM 4 Discussions / XBox One headset audio details
« on: 12:29 AM - 01/09/14 »
I attended CES this week, and spent a bit of time talking to a guy in the Polk Audio booth who seemed to be knowledgeable on the technical level. I believe Polk Audio and Turtle Beach are the 2 exclusive audio companies that got early access to make Xbox One audio accessories. Here are some interesting tidbits I got from him:

- The reason no one has released a dedicated headset for Xbox One is that Microsoft has not yet released their headset adapter puck. I do not believe the Xbox One adapter puck is REQUIRED for any headset to work, but suspect it is because Microsoft wants to have a controlled release of third party headset support where their adapter puck is available the same time as third party Xbox One headsets. That said, he felt confident that Microsoft's adapter will be in market by March.
- Unlike the XBox 360, the XBox One controller itself only sends/receive the controller signals, and does not do anything with the audio. The adapter puck actually has all the electronics to receive the game audio (including game & chat) wirelessly, along with having the headphone amp and mixing capability. This also means it will require a bit of power, which it gets from controller via the new connector. This is why the puck is going to be somewhat pricey and was not trivial to design (and thus is delayed).
- The game/chat audio that is wirelessly sent from the Xbox One to the controller headset puck is definitely a high quality audio stream, and uses 900 MHz frequency (since these days it's a pretty clear frequency spectrum, unless you live an apt with people using fairly old cordless phones).  However, this wireless audio technology has only enough data bandwidth to support stereo game audio, and cannot send multi-channel audio. That means it cannot send something like a compressed Dolby Digital stream, and definitely not an uncompressed 5 or 7 channel uncompressed PCM audio stream. For those who really like the Dolby Headphone feature in Astros Mixamps and Turtle Beach DSS, I suppose it's possible that Microsoft could get a license for Dolby Headphone and apply this effect to game audio before it transmits the stereo audio signal wirelessly to the puck.
- The guy told me that because of the Microsoft delay, they believe some customers are hesitant to buy even their Xbox 360 headsets because customers want to know that it'll work with XBox One. As such, both Polk and Turtle Beach doing an offer where they'll give you a voucher for a free Xbox One headset adapter puck if you buy certain higher end XBox 360 headsets:

Turtle Beach advertises claims their unreleased XBox One headsets (XO Seven and XO Four) are completely wireless (that is, does not need to plug into the controller), and has chat/game audio mixer built into it, which re-enforces my assumption that the headset adapter puck is required only for (legacy) Xbox 360 or PC headsets.  Polk Audio's unreleased Xbox One headset (4 Shot) does require you to plug into their own included controller puck, which has the ability to select different equalizer settings.

What does this have to do with XIM4? Nothing! Since XIM4 is designed to pass through audio, control, and device authentication signals, it has no impact. But thought you guys would find this interesting, as many of us have invested in headsets and Mixamps for the Xbox 360 that we are eagerly waiting to use on the Xbox One.

On another note, Turtle Beach had the XO Seven and XO Four in their booth, and I checked them out. They actually had a wire with some kind of cable adapter (which was heavily wrapped in black electrical tape to hide it) coming out of both of them. I think they were not hooked up to an XBox One, but were actually being driven by a PC as there was no controller, and it was just looping game trailers. The audio signal had HUGE latency compared to what was playing on the screen, and the audio actually sounded pretty thin and low quality. I wasn't able to find a competent person in the Turtle Beach booth to talk to (it was filled with booth babes wearing minimal clothing) like I did in the Polk Audio booth. I have a buddy who is still at the show, so might ask him to try to dig into this more. The recently released Polk Audio Melee headset (designed for 360) sounded fairly good. It has a detachable cable with 2 cables: one for gaming on the 360, and one for using it as headphones/headset with your PC or smartphone.

Anyway, here's to hoping that we'll see lots of "good stuff" being release by end of Q1!

I'd like to use a USB hub in the following configuration:

Mouse + keyboard + Xbox wired controller -> USB hub -> XIM Edge -> USB Hub -> XBox 360

The first hub (between peripherals and the XIM Edge) is for purposes of letting me have better wire management. The second hub (between XIM Edge & XBox) is to fix the occasionally mic dropout as per the XIM Edge FAQ.

There are any downsides to using the first hub in this way? I don't think there are any latency issues as the USB spec only has a few microseconds of theoretical latency with each hub.  If ok, does it matter which single USB port I plug into the XIM Edge?


Hardware Compatibility / Corsair K70 keyboard works
« on: 10:44 AM - 11/19/13 »
Just a quick note that the Corsair K70 works with XIM Edge. Like the K95, it requires that the keyboard have the switch in the back set to "BIOS" mode.

I was listening to a commentary on youtube by Woodysgamertag posted today, and he mentions support for keyboard & mouse on PS4 as though it's a confirmed feature.  First mention for it was at time mark 08:52:

They re-visit this topic again at 35:57 and mention the XIM, and the notion of posting a video on the XIM in a future Tech Tuesday video:

I have no idea where this rumor comes from as I couldn't find anything on the web about this. I expect we'll know more on Monday when both Microsoft and Sony do their full reveal press events.

I noticed that an effective evasion technique in Halo Reach is to rapidly strafe when you're getting shot at.  I'm talking being able to make yourself shake left and right like you've had way too much caffeine. However, I find that I can't strafe very quickly because it requires me to cleanly let go of the "A" key before I hit the "D" key. If the keyboard sees the 2 pressed simultaneously, it basically cancels it out and send no movement to the XBox.  I'm fairly sure this is not due to the keyboard's ghosting, as it happens on both my Logitech G13 and G15 keyboards.

My suggestion is that the XIM3 enable simultaneous, opposite WASD movement key presses, and weight it such that one direction will be sent even if 2 opposite direction keys are pressed. For example, if A & D are both pressed, it will send D.  That way, I can do rapid strafe by holding down A and just quickly tapping on D.  I can do that a lot faster than rocking cleanly between A and D.  I think this is only needed for the left to right strafe, don't see a need for this with forward to backward movement.  Or instead of fixed weighting, it could decide priority by which direction key is hit first.  So if I first hold down D and then rapidly tap A, then D is the priority.

Thanks for hearing me out!

General Discussion / Rampant aimbots on MW3 with PC
« on: 01:30 AM - 12/31/11 »
So a buddy of mine has been a stalwart PC gamer, and picked up MW3.  He said that in about a third of the online games he plays, there is at least one person who score something like 70-90 kills, and if you watch their kill cam, they are obviously using an aimbot.  After doing some research, he found that there are plenty of websites that let you buy aimbot services (it apparently entails both a hack to your client and they provider a proxy server to intercept the game traffic).  Yet another sad reason why it's not easy to be a PC gamer.   :'(

I realize XBox is not free from hacks, but it seems to be much less prevalent.  I'm warming him up to converting over to console with XIM3...

I have been struggling to find a way to be able to do a 180 turn around with XIM3 on Halo Reach on a single mouse swipe.  I realize that much of the problem is that Halo Reach has a somewhat low max turn rate.  Still, I find that I have to do 2 or 3 swipes with my mouse to do a full 180.  Here's my setup:

Logitech G500 at max 5700 dpi
Smart translator, Halo Reach B1 translator
Sensitivity = 10.75

I prefer not to simply jack up the sensitivity to a higher value as that takes away my precision during normal play.  I tried playing with the Smart Advanced translator and using acceleration and boost, but could not find a setting where I maintain fairly good precision.  The best I've come up with is to give my mouse a huge surface area for a really long swipe.  Any other configs that seems to work for you guys?


XIM 3 Discussions / My first rage quit
« on: 01:33 AM - 05/10/11 »
So I scored my first rage quit with some opponents on Halo Reach tonight.  On Sword Base map, I had 21 kills, 2 deaths, beating them 50 to 12.  After the game, their worst player (who was -15 K/D) stayed for another match up, but then rage quit with his buddy at the start of the next game after sending me the following message:
"Nice hpbot @#$%  @#$% halo"

Anyone have any idea what "hpbot" is?  I know what an aimbot is, but could not find a definition for hpbot.


It seems there are several threads on which headphones/headsets to buy. I concluded the best setup is to run with an Astro Mixamp + high quality headphones (like AD700, HD555, HD595, Beyer, etc), but was hesitant because I wanted a solid mic solution.  The reviews for the clip on mic's are very mixed, and I'm not a fan of the velcro method to adhere a mic to the headphones.

I found a clean and very reasonably price solution to add a robust, high quality mic to headphones through referrals on this forum to a guy named "Tommyboy." He performs very clean modifications to headphones that includes adding a detachable flexible boom mic, and samples of his work can be seen here:

Tommyboy gave me the ok to give out his contact info and mention sample pricing for his work.  The price he quoted me to add a gooseneck mic (includes a 3.5mm connector and matching braided cable) to an Audio Technica AD-700 headphone is $50+shipping, or $60 for higher quality push-pull design. You provide and ship him the headphones.

For those who have headphones and are looking to get a more robust mic solution, I think this is a very reasonable price given the quality of the work.  If you're interested, you can reach him at:
[email protected]


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