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General Discussion / Halo 5 has ADS - MEGATON
« on: 12:22 PM - 11/09/14 »
not sure if good or bad right now, I'm mature enough to wait and see at my age. 


it seems wrong, but who knows

XIM 4 Discussions / BF4 question for rifle scopes
« on: 01:45 PM - 08/22/14 »
I've been fiddling around with how to solve this problem and maybe some of you have better solutions.

I either: 

A) set my ADS to work for my sidearm (roughly same speed as hip), then have a key for the rifle that bumps down the sens when ADS a bit.  so basically zoom in scope, hit f, shoot, hit f again, back to hip.


B) set my ADS to work with the rifle scope and just avoid ADS with my sidearm since it would be way too slow.

I'm not sure witch to go with, or is there a better solution...like just picking an ADS sens in the middle and just getting used to it with the sidearm and scope?

It would probably be best to use a configuration that didn't have me hitting a key everytime a scope lol

wait, can you have 2 ADS buttons?  guess that would fix this easy lol

thanks for any insight on this!

EDIT:  I guess I'll add some values just incase

hip: 40
ADS pistol: 40
ADS rifle scope: 25

these are the values I like.

General Discussion / Bloodborne Gamescom 2014 Trailer
« on: 12:48 PM - 08/12/14 »

oh dear sweet 8 lb baby jesus.

new gen souls.  take my life.  again.  and again.  and again.  and again....................and again.

and again.

Feedback / XIM4 first impressions (mini review)
« on: 02:04 PM - 08/07/14 »
I recieved my XIM4 a day ahead of schedule and the box was in PERFECT condition.  so, although I know some people's box was roughed up, fedex was gentle with mine, and a day faster than expected....so they are good ppl by me.   :)

First off, I've only used it with TLOU.....but I feel that kind of game is going to be the test.  of course CoD and BF will work great.  also, I've been using XIM since XIM3's launch, so thats what I have to compare to.

The physical product

Great form factor on this guy and very small.  Great things come in small packages they say.  The LED's que you in on what it's doing, that's nice.  I like that you can assign a different color for different configs.  Thats quite handy.  The insturctions are as good as they can be and everything went super smooth with the first time setup.

Andriod App

Here is the winner.  winner winner chicken dinner.  changing my binds or sensitivity while I test out the game?  perfect.  Coming from xim3 and having to put it in PC mode, download the lastest mananger, hook it to the PC, etc, etc.  Makes the entire process and absolute joy.  adding and editing configs is so much better than the XIM3 this way.....oh how far we have come.  this is the absolute highlight for me.


I'm using a filco tenkeyless and a zowie EC1 eVo and they work just fine.  Yeah, the scroll wheel doesnt work....but I hardly ever use that anyway.  I normally use the mouse to aim and shoot, and thats it.  Using 1000hz polling and 2300 dpi.  smooth as butter.


tracking with TLOU ST is as smooth as I've ever experienced.  didn't notice jitter at all.   coming from mostly halo ST's (and a G500), I'm used to a certain amout of jitter.  not sure if that's due to the xim4 or the zowie...or both.  feels absolutely great.  I didn't even mess with the sensitivity the first match and I didn't miss a headshot.  since then I've left the hip at the default 40 and took the ADS down to 25.  then easily tossed the spot command on a side mouse button, and switched up the d-pad binds.  all while in the middle of a match, I love that.

I was never too confident about using mouse and keyboard for a 3rd person game.....SOLD.  Will try BF4 and ghosts tonight.....IF I can't tear myself away from TLOU.  that MP is addicting.

Great product once again, and by far the best yet.  Great job to everyone involved.  Now.......I'll be waiting for the master chief collection like this:

I know this is a total shot in the dark, but I figured I'd give it a shot before I started guessing.

used to love this game, haven't played it in many years, but I got the itch and I'd love to play it with my XIM.  yes it plays on the 360.

thanks for any help.

Ok, figured I'd make an informative topic on this, since this came out of nowhere for me and is currently my favorite game on xbox and probably the best $3 I've ever spent in my life.  Unless you count those no hangover pills.


Murder Miners is basically halo CE and Minecraft shoved together with elements from other games as well to make an EXTREMELY fun video game.  it has your basic halo-esque modes with glorious new names (mudermatch, team murdermatch). 

it plays alot like halo 1 and that's exactly what they were going for.  but you pick your 2 spawn weapons (how do you not pick the 3sk pistol and sniper?).  you can even pick the minergun and alter the level if you want (this is an option in the game settings).  so it looks like minecraft and you can obviously make your own levels.  I played on hang'em high, lockout, and goldeneye's complex last night.  all pretty perfect.

new things:  there is sprint, which is good.  there is a UT2004 style dash (evade).  this is implemented so well, you loose some of your health from doing this.  great risk/reward.  you can also double jump off of walls.  I love these new movement options.  I always said, the perfect FPS would be halo 1, but you could move like a ninja.

this is still in beta and they are still adding game modes and fine tuning the game.  it suffers from frame drops sometimes and there are some netcode issues (like most console P2P games).  but dispite these things I had more fun last night than I have since the height of halo CE on xbox connect.  hopefully I can bribe mist enough to make an ST.  If not hopefully some of the better standard makers out there can help me make a passable one for this.

some gameplays:

EDIT UPDATE:  you know how we hit the steam forums lobbying for CS's look mechanic to get changed?  i posted on Jforce's site a few minutes ago about theirs and got this almost immediately:

Quote from: JForce
We're planning to add sliders for aim accel, aim assist, and aim sensitivity when cursor is over an enemy. Plus make the max sensitivity higher.

NP: wanna be a baller

General Discussion / E3 2012
« on: 09:59 AM - 06/04/12 »
MS conference starts in 30.  Streaming on Xbox, Xbox.com, and live via spike TV.

Halo 4 10 min stage demo, BO II, new gears, and......kinect kinect kinect.  Pumped to see halo 4.

Edit:  @#$%, halo looks so impressive.  I think BO2 looks graphically worse than BO.  Which is a feat lol. Seriously low res stuff.

New game from those trackmania dudes.  basically a simplified Q3 with instagib......but its like lazer tag.  they are basically trying to move away from "killing dudes" and making it more of a sport.  ala lazer tag.

seems to be only two weapons.  the default plasma launcher that acts like rockets in Q3....but move a bit faster with zero splash damage.  you must hit them.   then there is the rail gun, your cannon automatically goes into rail mode when you are in certain areas (i read that somewhere. hopefully its a pickup or something).  game looks kinda boss.


q3 player strenx playing in this one.  kid is beyond a boss.

site, beta signup http://www.shootmania.com/

so yeah.  really excited for this.


General Discussion / Halo 4
« on: 11:36 AM - 05/19/12 »
I know it's a little early to start thinking about halo 4 in regards to XIM, but there has been some promising info as of late. 

From private parties etc we've had some prominent community members give their impressions and some are very interesting from a XIMers point of view.

- frame rate looks nice.  Very smooth (no 60, but not reach's 20-30.  Looks solid 30)
- great AA solution. This is good for everyone
- aiming is good and crisp.  So maybe the wonky accel is toned down from 3-reach
- most notably........the max sens seems to have increased.  Players that used 5 in reach had to go down to 3 or 4

The reach translator obviously works well, but with 4 it might be better.  I doubt it will be CoD ST level, but hopefully close.

General Discussion / Why I need XIM3.
« on: 06:12 PM - 05/01/11 »
Ha, some call XIM cheating.........I call it giving me a chance.  Kids are really good with controllers these days.

Honestly, players at this level aim better with analogs than I do with a mouse.  very humbling lol.

As a halo PC player I'm used to the feel of HPC and I've been having a hard time getting reach to feel right.  So, I did some sensitivity and acceleration tests (360's at various speeds)

To my surprise halo pc has acceleration.  Plenty.  From my crude tests I would put it at .50-.60.

So, I use a relatively low sens (30 @ 2000dpi) and an accel of .55.  I think it works great for halo since it is a headshot oriented game.  Low sens for fine aiming and high accel for quick turning and looking.

Hope this helps some make the transition.

EDIT: after a few games with this setting....yep, this is the @#$%.  <3 XIM3

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