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General Discussion / Xbox live - Lag
« on: 05:50 AM - 10/01/08 »

Did you guys have issues playing last night? man, the lag was terrible, I was force to play the campain instead.  it probably has to do with new OS. I am just wondering, but did anyone here got/downloaded the new XBOX OS installed?  I did not see anything



General Discussion / Will we suck again?
« on: 06:36 AM - 09/24/08 »

I am just wondering how will we (I refer to the Xim1 and Xim360 users)handle a new console without the Xim? will we suck again? will we go back to the controllers? Man, I personally been dreading that day... My game has improve a lot since I got the Xim. at least by 100%.  i'm not be best player but now I have been able to come in first place since I got the Xim. I was always on the bottom or one the worst player everytime I played a multiplayer game.  since then, I have double my score in BF:BC and Vegas 2.  I kill more people, my aiming is great.  I personally don't think I can go back to playing 1th and 3rd person shooting game with a controller.   ;D

When we are ready to upgrade to a new console, I hope --1. the Xim team will be there to create a new Xim -- 2.- Sony or Microsoft will allow K/M on their console.

in the meantime, I will enjoy my Xim360 and pray it will last until then.



Tutorials / Tutorial for the Xim2 - Xim360
« on: 06:38 AM - 09/10/08 »
Hello Everyone,

I just posted a note on this link http://xim3.com/community/index.php?topic=955.30 looking for information about a tutorial for each of the setting for the Xim2.  I see that Nick posted a couple of notes of the setting but it looks like it relates more to the Xim1. for instance the Value Setting for the Sensitivity on this topic posted previously ( http://xim3.com/community/index.php?topic=493.0) ranges from 1 - 10 but in the new Xim2, the range is in the thousands.

So like I say previously, I would like to help Nick and the community but putting a tutorial together from a newbie perspective. So please let me know where I can find some information on the settings.  I will probably start playing with the configuration as well in the next couple of weeks to see if I can figure this out.





I need help.  the Left bumper button keeps failing during the debugger test but it always fails at the second iteration. see the picture below. I already uninstall the Xim software from the Download section and installed again after rebooting the PC.  I re-solder the point and successfully tested with the multimeter (continuity test).

is this normal that it fails at the second Iteration?

by the way, sorry if I posted this previously, my PC ran out power and I could not find the message in the forum.

thank you



General Discussion / PS3 - Mouse and Keyboard
« on: 10:48 AM - 09/01/08 »
This probably is an old link, but have you guys seem this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmjCxwMsE7I
it looks like the PS3 is finally realizing that a lot of PC gamers are migrating to console because of the PC prices and they making games to accomodate both input devices; K/M and controllers.

in a couple of years, anyone still using controllers will get own.  ;D

General Discussion / learning how to solder
« on: 03:51 PM - 08/23/08 »
Alright guys,

We all the excitement waiting for the arrival of  the Xim2, I decided to keep myself entertained by opening up one of my Xbox 360 controller and learn how to solder (I need to take a break from the Penthouse).  Yes, I know…Even though;
1. - I ordered an extra controller with the XIM2 Kit and
2. - A friend of mine will be helping me do the solder.
I….. JUST couldn't help myself  

So I took some pictures during my soldering adventure and decided to share my experiences with you.  Hopefully, it might give someone some ideas or whatever good might come out of it or better yet, some of you could give me some advice on how to do it better next time.  Once again, this is only an experiment.

As you can see in picture 1, I’m using tapes to hold the wire (this is Painter tape – very easy to remove and it doesn’t leave any residue) – I had to improvise because I could not get hold of the Alligator clips.  In addition, I used the tape because I was afraid that I might burn the board  - it sucks to be a newbie.  See Point A. :P

Now I have a question, as you can see, Point A and B are connected, so I was wondering if you could put the wire through Point B and solder r on the other side.  What do you guys think? Would that still be okay?

Picture 2 shows the way I confirmed or verified the soldering point are good. I used a Multimeter on “Continuous” mode.  The display shows “ShrE” and makes a buzzing sound when I have connectivity between the two points.  If there is no connection (which happened to me a couple of times and I had to redo the soldering) it will show “OPEN” as in picture 4.

Picture 3 shows how I verify if the connection was fine. If you zoom in you will notice I was using Point B of Picture 1 to verify my connection.  I did this for every soldering point. I wanted to confirm the connection was good and that it was flowing through the board.

That’s all I have for now. I hoped it helped and please share your experience as well.  As they always say, “pictures speak a thousand words” as well as show all my mistakes. ;D



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