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So I never noticed this before.  I was just messing around on my Xbox for the first time in a while and loaded up Destiny 2.  They have a shortcut to the map by hitting the View and Menu buttons at the same time.  I usually use a KB/M and have both of these buttons bound to a single keyboard key so never noticed this.  Anyway...

When the XIM manager is not running on my phone, if I hit View and Menu at the same time on the controller, the XIM goes into some weird mode where it flashes blue lights twice, repeatedly.

If I launch XIM manager this does not happen.  The correct function in game occurs.

I'm sure this is some feature that is probably well known that I've never used so am ignorant of it.  Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a full Apex manual for me to search through, just a quick guide with a video.  So I'm reaching out to the masses.

Thanks in advance!


Nevermind.  I should have thought to look at the XIM4 manual.  I now see it's the On the fly config mode.

Fwiw, APEX should have its own manual, even if most of it is just duplicated from XIM4.  Just my opinion.

So normally when I turn on the Xbox, the Apex powers up like normal and the controller automatically turns on.  All of a sudden the controller no longer turns on automatically.  I have to manually turn it on, but worse, the Apex will not send any input until I first perform some level of input on the controller itself.

If after everything is powered on and working, if I unplug the cable from the controller, as expected, it powers off (I don't use a battery).  If I plug it back in, again it powers on but no input is accepted from my KB until I first hit a button, stick, or dpad on the controller.  HOWEVER, if I hold the Xbox Guide button down and power off the controller that way, then power it back on, Apex input is recognized immediately without having to hit anything on the controller.

This is very bizarre.

I just signed up for the Xbox preview program and updated the xbox and my controller firmware was also updated so I fairly sure it has something to do with one or both of those things.  I'm wondering if this is a known issue or if anyone else has this problem?  It's so annoying.

So, I'm probably one of very few, but I'm finding myself wanting multiple activation buttons, just like we have multiple deactivation buttons.  Here's why.

In some games, when navigating things like menus or maps, they use the left thumbstick to navigate the cursor as if it were a mouse.  I like to change this to right stick so I can use my actual mouse (as I would on PC).  As such I have a config (called Menu) set up with a single activation button of "=".

Now, in Destiny 2, I have a custom secondary button mapping to trigger the quick map ("-" bound to both Back and Menu buttons on the controller).

Right now, when I open the map, I hit "-" and afterwards I have to hit "=" to get my ability to navigate using my mouse.  I know I can bind th "-" key to also be the activation of the Menu config, but I lose the ability to just trigger the menu config whenever I want it for other things, for example when I hit the actual menu button on the controller and I want to use my mouse there as well.

Basically I'd like to be able to switch to my Menu config for a number of reasons, all of which are bound to different buttons already.  It would be really nice to have this feature.

Obviously I highly doubt such a change would ever be made given the current state of the product, but would it ever be considered possible to remove the ST and the config's complete integration?  By this, I mean allow us to just create a config and then while editing the properties be able to change which ST the config is using?  Just like we can change from HIP or ADS translator within the config?

This would be so much easier for games that do not have official ST support and trying to find which ST works best.  Having to go through the current process of always creating new configs, copying/pasting configurations, renaming, etc. just to go through however many iterations do NOT work. 

Just a thought.  I'm sure there's a technical reason it's designed this way but I wonder if this is something that could ever be considered.

This kind of goes hand in hand with the "golden/standard" config most of us would like to use for every game without having to constantly reset everything from scratch.

Game Support / Metro Exodus Sprinting
« on: 01:19 AM - 02/16/19 »
I know it just came out so this isn't about ST support.  I'm using a Metro Last Light ST and just loaded it up and got it all configured but there's something really bizarre about the sprint.

After initiating a sprint (left shift) and then stop moving to do something then start moving again, the game thinks I'm still holding sprint.  It'll randomly release it at some point (not always) as I try to move around with my WASD keys but most times it thinks I'm still sprinting.

This doesn't happen with the controller at all.

I've noticed if I enable the Simulate Analog Behavior and set it to like 100, the issue seems to go away.

Wondering when you start training this, if you can test the walk/sprint mechanics to see if you can replicate this yourself.

***Note, I see no option regarding holding or toggling sprint in the game so I don't think it has anything to do with that.  Nor is the XIM registering the Left Shift button as being engaged once I initiate it and let go.

I've been using Xim Apex since it's release with relatively little problems.  Last night I replaced my desk which required me to completely unhook everything an rehook it all back up.  Ever since doing this my XIM Apex starts up with the flashing red/yellow lights.

I'm using the front port of my Xbox One X, which I have always used.  If I move it to a back port, it seems to run fine, but I can't see the LEDs if I do that.

Can you help me understand why this is happening on the front port only?  I would imagine if there was too much power draw through the XIM it would happen regardless of the port it was on.

Please help.


I have found that the issue occurs even if JUST the hub is plugged into the Apex.  If I remove the hub entirely and plug the controller directly into the Apex it works fine.  It seems the hub itself is drawing too much power.  Is that possible?  Is my hub defective?

Support / Not receiving Forum email notifications
« on: 04:35 PM - 09/17/18 »
I'm not getting any forum notifications to posts I've created/replied to.  I have several notifications set up and my profile is set to notify me instantly, but I get nothing.  My email address is configured correctly. 

Any ideas why? 

So I want to use one button to press a button on the controller while also loading a subconfig to swap the thumbsticks to allow me to move the Character inventory menu with my mouse instead of WASD.  I have this working.

Now I want to use the same button to close that character screen as well as deactivate that profile.  I can't seem to get this to work.  I'm not understanding why.  The profile is unloaded, but I remain in the Character screen until I hit the button again (but now I'm out of Character screen AND menu profile is active).


Controller Start/Menu: KB 4

menu profile (not inherited for reasons):
activation key:  KB 4 (toggle)
deactivation key:  KB 4  Not needed with toggle, but no change
Controller Start/Menu:  KB 4

It seems like when you use the same key to perform a controller action as well as activate a new profile, both actions occur but when combining a controller action with a profile deactivation, only the deactivation event occurs.

That was my first thought anyway, but after happening upon the following thread, it seems RML accomplished a controller action + profile deactivation, albeit around unmounting a sparrow.  The only differences I can tell is the activation key for that profile is different than the key used to unmount and deactivate the profile.   http://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=56658.0

Is there an issue using the same key to activate a profile as well as deactivating the same profile?  I would think not because that part is actually working, it's just the corresponding controller action fails to fire simultaneously.

***Edit:  modified config as I realized I was using same key to toggle the profile as well as set as a dedicated deactivation.  Thinking that was a potential cause for conflict I removed the deactivation key but no change in outcome.

I've been off the forums for a fairly long while so dunno what's come and gone in terms of discussions.  I know there were requests in the past for shift/alt/ctrl key modifier support.  Is that ever going to be possible?

Also, not sure how much of a need would exist for such a thing but I think it would be a nice to have, a way to store and reuse ballistic curves so we don't have to constantly load config, edit, copy curve, load other config, paste, etc.  It would be nice if we have a library of curves we like to use regularly that we can simply select.

Support / [ACTIVE] Xim Manager connection issues with Apex
« on: 06:23 PM - 08/31/18 »
Ever since I got my Apex it seems making a connection to it from my Xim Manager on my phone is a crap shoot.  Sometimes it'll connect, other times it will not and I have to go through a litany of things in order to get it to connect again, such as

  • Force Xim Manager closed
  • Turn Blutooth off and back on again
  • and rarely, power cycle the XIM Apex itself

I find it happens mostly if I connect, make some changes, and then disconnect.  The next time I want to reconnect it fails.  I also notice it a lot if I have Manager open and I turn off my Xbox then later return to play Manager is of course disconnected but trying to get it to reconnect I have to go through the above.

I never had this problem on my Xim4.  Same phone, S8.

Any ideas?

XIM APEX Discussions / Excited for APEX but questions...
« on: 07:31 PM - 02/14/18 »
I've been a loyal XIM'er since Xim2.  I will definitely be picking up the Apex but I have a couple of questions.

What drove the decision to separate the hub from the console adapter?  I would assume one part os cheaper to produce than 2?

Why are the lights on the adapter?  I was a fan of the XIM3's lcd screen to give me info over the lights on the XIM4 but now aren't the lights useless for living room gamers?  How will they be able to see the lights?  Obviously the lights aren't necessary, but they are useful.  Are you trying to phase them out completely?

Is there still going to be enhancements added?  I'm still hoping for my customizable walk button, additional subconfigs, and potentially shift/control modifiers to reuse the same keys for different purposes (driving less needs for subconfigs for certain things).

As always keep up the awesome work.


Interesting.  I wonder how this will end up going, e.g. if game makers will opt to support it.  I love my XIM and have used for many years now, since Xim2.  With that said, the thought of native kb/m support makes me moist.

Game Support / Quantum Break
« on: 06:13 PM - 04/05/16 »
It's early, but it appears the Division ST works surprisingly well with Quantum Break.  FYI

Edit:  Tweaking as I go. 

G502 @ 12000 DPI

HIP:  Hip translator: 25 sens
ADS: ADS translator:  10 sens

Remaining settings same across HIP and ADS

Y/X:  0.77
Boost 2500
Ballistic Curve 1:1 with point 0 set to 2.0 (aim assist is strong!)

I seem to be having an issue that I cannot understand when it comes to activating/deactivating configs.  I swear I've never had this issue before but I may have not exactly what I'm trying before.

So in my HIP config I have the TAB button set for an in game action (e.g. open my game map).  A single press, it opens and another single press, it closes.

So now I created a subconfig because I need to swap sticks as I like to use the mouse for moving around in the map.  I set the activation key to TAB as well (with toggle).  To map the WASD to right stick I must deselect button inheritance but TAB is still set to the map button in the subconfig).

Now, when I hit TAB, it takes me into the map AND also activates the subconfig, as desired.  However, when I hit TAB to revert back to HIP and close the map, the XIM reverts back to HIP config but the map does not close. 

If I press TAB again, I get taken out of the game map, as originally desired, but the map subconfig reactivates again, so now I'm out of sync.   @#$%. 

Is this expected behavior?  I vaguely remember the conversation about ADS toggle and it's issues but I don't recall the specifics as I never had to do that, but while similar I believe that had a different issue (e.g. being pulled out of ADS in game via a means outside of XIM input, but the XIM still thinking you're in ADS).  That's not what I really am doing here.

I simply don't understand why:
 1st press = in game action AND subconfig activation, but
 2nd press = subconfig deactivation only  (no in game action). 

Perhaps I'm overlooking something that should be blatantly obvious.  Thoughts?

Actually I just realized something more bizarre!  It appears the BACK/VIEW button on the controller itself isn't even working now!!!  While XIM is loaded, it registers that C View (controller VIEW) is being pressed but no action occurs in game.  C Menu works fine.  Issue remains even if I close the XIM app.

XIM 4 Discussions / [Wish List] Separate ST from profile
« on: 04:47 PM - 03/14/16 »
I'm sure it's been hashed before and will probably never change given how far along the code base has come but I really wish the ST was not married to the game profile itself.  Trying to find a workable ST for a game prior to a proper ST being released would be so much easier if we could simply *select* which ST we wanted to use for a given config. 

It's so cumbersome to create a new config, test, delete config, create another, rinse repeat in our quest to find an optimal temporary solution.

Anyhow... just another wish list item for myself. 

Side note:  I thought there was an actual posting showing requested features.. has that been removed?  I can't seem to find a stickied thread for that.

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