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General Discussion / Dear God no, not now.
« on: 10:01 PM - 02/28/14 »
So now is a key time to get good trade in values for trading up at gamestop. I made plans to go get the new xbox with trade ins and minimal cash (because im cheap). I sign on to play a little tonight. I was just telling Dr Cube I was trading in tomorrow. Time to get ready for titanfall and UFC.

Well, im blowing and going, having fun. Boom, there goes a power flicker. Im like "ok, @#$%". Anyways, hit the button to turn the 360 on and BAM, three red rings. There goes my trade in value.

I have never had the three rings. The dang thing still has the clear plastic wrap on it. Why did this have to happen the day before?

All I can do is lol. Anyways, im off to google to learn how to fix this.

General Discussion / Is this input lag range normal?
« on: 07:00 PM - 07/15/13 »
I had suspected that I do have a higher than normal input lag on my military exchange budget beater TV. I do not have a CRT to do the most optimum test so I ran it against my 26" LCD. The difference between the two was varying between 15 and 45ms. Is this range normal? 

I cant say that the range is solely due to the TV, it may be partially the LCD. Anyone, know how much an LCD varies from a CRT?

I dont like playing on my LCD although it has less input lag. It just feels weird and I do better on the TV. I get eye strain from my LCD too.

Considering that Im getting up to 45ms lag input over my lcd, the lcd at best could be an additional 25ms at a minimum. I bought this in Japan and can not find any results on someone performing a input lag test on it. Ive seen the top of list when it comes to low input lag and this is no where near them. Anyways, im haggling with a guy on craigslist on a trade but can't find nothing on his Sceptre x20wg-1080p. Reviews say its good but google cant provide me hard test of the input lag. Anyone know anything about this one.

I know thats alot of questions but some help is appreciated.

I hope to trade soon enough for a good monitor before my upgrade to XIM3(should be here anyday now) comes along.

General Discussion / Community Leaderboard BLOPS2 (xbox)
« on: 03:23 AM - 12/31/12 »
Im working on a community leaderboard via pulling information from the elite website and wanted some input from the community on exactly how much weight to put into captures and defends. As we know, the in game leaderboard heavily favors slayers. I have a working board now but wanted more opinions from ANYONE who wants to pitch in their two cents.

After some thought, I am leaning towards three categories that all have equal weight.

All three would be added and divided by three. Just a start, what do you guys think.

For the moment I have it set up for Dom and using the weekly section.

This is ment to be fun and friendly so we all can see how we compare here.

Data being used: K/d, SPM, Caps, Defends(this is all I can easily grab at the moment without manually typing in everyones stats)

1. How much weight should caps and defends carry?
2. Being its a weekly board, what would be the minimum amount of kills should you have before being on the leaderboard?

If you want to be on the leaderboard, let me know your gamertag exactly.

XIM 2 Discussions / BLOPS 2 Config?
« on: 07:27 PM - 11/14/12 »
Mine feels floaty. Anybody got a twitch fig?

General Discussion / Talk me out of this purchase!
« on: 05:10 PM - 04/27/12 »
If this is a style play I can do in BF3, Im sold. I know nothing about BF3 issues or what not. Is it good? Is this just one map thats going to be close quarters and action packed? Or, is this just a great job of making a trailer?

XIM 2 Discussions / Another issue..
« on: 10:41 PM - 12/31/11 »
Well my internet is working properly now, but been having an issue with my XIM2.

Randomly XIM2 window says could not query mouse and keyboard state. Im sorry I didn't get the exact phrase. Anyways, I lose all input. I just stand there. It happens in heavy intense moments. I then wiggle my flightstick a couple times and get the input back. Thats when I notice the XIM console saying something about losing connection to devices. It has been quite funny though. I would jump in thru a window and mow down some dudes. Then I lose input while watching some noob in a reload animation freaking out while im motionless.

So, any help is appreciated.

Im not even sure if im asking the right question. The thing is my connection has been terrible for a while. Everyday when I sign on I do different tips from around the net to see if I can get a managible connection.

I know my PC has some issues. Its been doing speed test at 1.5 MB DL at two different locations(moved) and with two diffent ISP's. So I am aware my PC is got something wrong with it. I had been pulling the internet chord(PC) right before I join matchs. Nothing apparently different. So i thought maybe the router/modem may be reserving bandwidth for it. Now Im pulling the chord(PC) before I turn the XBOX on. Its night and day difference now. Placebo effect? People die now.

So my questions is, if there is a bandwidth allocation/reservation, how do i trick this into allowing my xbox more bandwidth? Am I making any sense? Basically my XBOX has been getting the raw end of the deal.

I know Toys, we are all idiots!  :P

General Discussion / MW3: Enabling colorblind feature.
« on: 11:38 PM - 11/13/11 »
For those who didnt know. If you enable the colorblind option it allows you to see the big bomber coming on the radar. Saved me a few times.

General Discussion / I can get my friends back now!
« on: 12:50 PM - 11/08/11 »
Well, the move is over and I will have internet once again this coming thursday. Blessup, it supposedly is 8 times faster then what I had when you ditched me.  :P Anyways, I got the game, the modem but now must wait for them to hit the on switch thursday.

From the vids I will link here, you can see about 5 secs of Multiplayer. These guys have broke them down. They bring good possible points. The thing that seems true but not verified is pointstreaks(as opposed to killstreaks) can go on and on and on and on etc with out having to die. I love this. So killing and objectives combined get you the goods. I dont know if you realize this but the pace of the game will pick up being there is not so much emphasise(spell) on not dieing. Also having a better option for a secondary gun will help not getting your AC130 shot down in 2 secs. This is why in BLOPS your gunship is gone in secs cause theres is no good secondarys, so everyone will carry launchers. I dont know about you but when the pace of the game is up, i excel. Heres the vids.



Configurations and Requests / Boddiebagger BLOPS config
« on: 05:05 PM - 06/24/11 »
This is in response to GenericIV who asked for my config after seeing one of my exceptional games. I do not take credit for any of the config. I don't know whos it was but I got it from the XIM spreadsheet. I did lil or no tuning to it(dont remember). Generally I grab a config and adjust to it, unless its terrible. I would say the video is a result of the practice I have been doing the past week. I havent used the sniper at all up until this last week, then I decided to try "Special Ed Scoping"(quickscoping). I would say that contributed to my accuracy in the video. Typically I aim a little lazy. Anyways, here ya go Generic.

Mouse: G500 1000 polling
            5700 DPI on both axis
            3 speed

In game Sens - 9( I use only this to adjust the sens when needed, because im lazy);)

Update Rate - 120
DZ - 8000 Circ
YXRatio - 2
Translation exponent - .38
Sens Pri - 3200
Sens Sec- 4200
DD - 0.0
Smooth - .1

Also, I dont care if you think this is wrong or sucks for whatever logical reason you have. This isn't directed at you Generic, its for those others guys who think their way is the word of GOD. I kill with it and have no complaints, so it may or may not help you.

XIM 2 Discussions / Video 165-23 with XIM2.
« on: 05:00 PM - 06/23/11 »
Well seems they have locked down the video threads, why was this? So there can only be a video thread for XIM3 users? Anyways, here is my latest.


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