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XIM NEXUS Discussions / Stored games order on Nexus
« on: 05:39 AM - 06/09/22 »
When I used the Apex the game at the top of the list in manager always loaded when I switched on my xbox.
In Nexus I've moved the game I am playing right now to the top of the list .. (only 2 games on it) .. but the game at top order does not load, it's the bottom game that loads.

So I have to switch on manager to manually load the game ... have things changed in the order games load, or do I have to load from manager everytime at start up?

Game Support / CrossfireX ST
« on: 11:46 AM - 03/17/22 »
Is the CrossfireX ST for both campaign and multiplayer ?

Technical Support / [RESOLVED] Nexus / manager disconnects
« on: 07:19 AM - 02/12/22 »
As I get used to the Nexus I'm using manager a lot but I'm getting a lot of disconnects and having to press "-/+" to get back to using manager ... takes me back to the main ST page and I have to press edit to get back to where I was in the settings.

I'm using android 8.1.0 on a Samsung Galaxy tab a6 ... no problems apart from disconnects.
This was happening from 1st setup using Nexus launch firmware ... I installed the controller firmware 20220210 yesterday but the same problem persists.

Also there is no pattern of time between disconnects, it's random and can be just 2 minutes, but usually about 5 minutes or more.

Used the Nexus on The Division last night and the biggest problem I had was with weapons that needed an aux config when I played with the Xim Apex.

Using these weapons with the Nexus was not really playable.

For example on my Deadeye gear build I have to use a bolt action sniper rifle, and you need to use a scope with high crit damage (i.e. an assault rifle scope). This is really sluggish but I overcame it with an aux config on the Apex.

On the Nexus I can't use an aux config and increasing the motion sensitivity is not practical as I would be switching weapons.

I realize it was not the best game to start learning with the Nexus  ... it's fun to play with, really hoping to get support for games like Forza in the near future  :)

Update:   Have to say that this was in no way meant to be a criticism of the Nexus. I was just pointing out the differences that I felt between playing with Apex and Nexus on a game with bad mechanics.

I've been playing with the Nexus for a few days now and I'm liking what I'm experiencing.

The trigger mapping feature is pure genius, thank you for that one OBsIV :)

I know a fix is coming for the manager disconnects but I hope it's soon ... it's a wee bit frustrating constantly having to connect.

Got my Nexus today and I'm about to start the learning curve ... I'm a REALLY old guy lol  ;)

So there are a lot of settings to play about with. If I screw up and make a mess, will everything revert to default if I start again with a new ST ?

I have not started with it yet ... but after opening the box and holding the controller I have to say that I think the back buttons placement is just perfect for me. I've used a few controllers over the years with back paddles and buttons, including the elite controller, and I never really got comfy with hitting them.
With the Nexus I can see that I'm going to hit the back button I want accurately ... good job on the placement of these .. well done.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / My Nexus has a bug ...
« on: 03:54 PM - 02/06/22 »
... a travel bug lol, it has decided to go globetrotting. Came from Memphis to the UK, then decided that it liked Memphis more and returned back there. Then it thought that it would be nice to pay a visit to France from Memphis, then suddenly remembered where it should be going and came back to the UK where it has stayed and made its way to a Fedex hub after going through customs lol dear oh dear :)

General Discussion / One handed Dual Sense controller mod
« on: 06:43 AM - 01/13/22 »
I take my hat off to him for coming up with this, and making it free to download. For anyone with the use of just one arm this will make gaming possible.


So will we have to set the in game settings to max like we do for Apex ?

The reason I ask is that the max look speed is a bit fast for me when I have to pick up the controller for some parts of a game with Apex, and since we will now be playing with a controller ... will we have to set the in game settings at full sensitivity?

So when I saw the Nexus reveal I thought it was going to be the solution to all those games that don't work with Apex.
However in OBsiv's blog it states "Motion Aim uses the same high precision Smart Translator system as XIMís console mouse adapters"

So my question before buying one would be ...  will it be easier to make ST's for those games with bad look mechanics, or will we still have the same problems that the Apex has with those types of games?

Beta / Can't install latest manager beta for Series X
« on: 06:33 AM - 06/18/21 »
I asked about this in the manager thread, but got no answer.
So I downloaded the latest beta on my samsung android tablet to replace an earlier version.
When the installation started a message quickly popped up saying "app not installed".

So I can't upgrade to the latest version for Xbox series x versions.
Any idea when this will be available on the play store?

I downloaded the latest version on the app store to my phone to see if a newer manager would accept the beta, and the same thing happened.

Both phone and tablet have location sharing enabled.

Anyone know if the modmic magnetic base clasp will cause any problems with the planar magnetic drivers on the headphones?

Just got the Hifiman HE-4XX fron Drop, they are my 1st Planars and I have to say that I'm blown away ... it's crazy, but it doesn't feel like you're wearing headphones.

General Discussion / Footswitch as an extra button for Nav
« on: 06:57 AM - 04/10/18 »
Just bought a cheap and cheerful Sodial footswitch ... took ages to come from China.
It's just plug and play with Xim, comes pre-programmed to the letter "B" which would be ok for Nav users.
I'm using a G13 which has plenty of keys, but I like a footswitch for snipe/zoom ads in The Division, and this cheap switch works.

Just ordered a Scythe double switch as it looks as if it's built to last, will then use the Sodial for push to talk.

XIM APEX Discussions / ADZ ... only 2 left in stock
« on: 06:10 PM - 03/06/18 »
Just checked the site a few minutes ago and it's showing "only 2 left in stock"

I sit about 2 metres away from the TV using a pull out table from under my desk.
When I used the Xim4 the cable that came with it was long enough but with the Apex it's all changed.

Would it make any difference if I ...

Plugged the Apex into the Xbox and used the USB extension to reach the table and then connect the hub to the extension ... or

Plug the USB extension cable into the xbox then connect both Apex and hub to the extension at the table.

XIM APEX Discussions / OBsIV and Amazon
« on: 06:59 AM - 03/05/18 »
If OBsIV ever changed his mind about selling through the Amazon marketplace would he have to pay a monthly fee to Amazon?

If not and it is simply a case of charging more for his product then it is pretty obvious that buyers will pay more.
I'm not a huge fan of the Giant that Amazon has grown into by eating up the retail trade, but I think that the way the Xim storefront is run needs change.

OBsIV wants to keep the Xim at a reasonable price, but his integrity is unwittingly creating a black market for others.

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