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XIM APEX Discussions / XIM on PC Fortnite
« on: 08:14 PM - 03/04/19 »

I've used XIM for a fair while on PC because well I get console like experience with PC performance, so before anybody says why XIM on a PC etc. this isn't my question and that's not why this thread has been created.

Till recently it was fine but now I'm getting some weird stutter that makes the game unplayable and it's 100% fine if I don't have mouse + keyboard plugged in to the XIM, so if I have my XIM in my PC and my controller plugged in via XIM its fine to run around with controller no issue.

But soon as I attach the mouse and keyboard to the hub instantly get this insane lag, but once again if its just XIM + Controller its fine, It's like something to do with power of the hub and/or USB ports?

Kind regards,

Technical Support / [Q/A] XIM SEMI-BREAKS KEYBOARD
« on: 11:33 PM - 02/27/19 »

So I have the Logitech G810 keyboard and so does my friend he owns the XIM4 and I own the XIM APEX and this only started happening recently for me.. but after using XIM for a while with the keyboard and plugging it back into the PC no buttons work on the computer.

The lights come on but can't type or press any key, only fix is restarting PC, same thing for my friend with his XIM4.

Kind regards,


I have had the G810 for a long time and never had any issue in games such as CoD, Battlefield etc. but I do remember when I had XIM4 under hardware compatibility on the XIM site it says (R) next to my keyboard which indicates rollover with more than 2-3 keys pressed.

But this is directly from a review site:

The G810 does not support n-key rollover (NKRO). Should this bother you? Not really. (That is, unless you have more fingers than there are letters in the alphabet.) Keystrokes only start to skip if more than 27 keys are pressed simultaneously. Anti-ghosting technology helps protect you from key signals getting crossed as well.

So which is it 2-3 keys like you guys listed or 27 keys like the reviews out there of my keyboard?

Kind regards,

Hello All,

A long time ago Roads gave the community a 2.4 fix for old cod games and it worked beautiful with all guns I tried, was able to completely remove my ADS delay and it was great.

I'm now trying this in Black Ops 4 (Blackout) and I can't seem to get it right.. using 1.6 makes the ADS feel similar speed to the hip but 2.4 makes it feel more accurate for mid-long distance shooting.

Just curious what you guys are using and find to be the perfect number, wether 2.4, 1.8, 1.7, 1.6 etc.

Kind regards,

XIM APEX Discussions / Smooth Aim Transition
« on: 12:47 AM - 06/12/18 »

What is the smooth aim transition function in ADS part of the config? I'm playing Fortnite so wonder If I should leave this enabled or disabled.

PlayStation / Looking for H1Z1 players (Australian/NZ)
« on: 01:00 AM - 06/10/18 »
Looking for H1Z1 players (Australian/NZ) post your PSN! :)

XIM 4 Discussions / PUBG
« on: 03:56 AM - 12/07/17 »

With the release of PUBG Xbox in less than a week, just wondering what ST you all might be using for the 48 hours or so before the ST is created.

Also do you think its smart to try out some other ones now on the PC with XIM/Controller to get a feel for the ST to use or is the console aiming mechanic going to be completely different?



I found a XIM Edge to XIM4 converter, but would like to know if anyone has XIM4 to XIM Edge for my Xbox 360 playing.


XIM 4 Discussions / XIM 4 - Scorpio
« on: 12:59 AM - 12/29/16 »
Hello Staff,

I asked in a PM but I think be easier to get a response here.

I've owned XIM3 & Edge and both lasted years so was worth the expensive price to get shipped here to Australia (Because Aussie Dollar is really bad + Shipping Price)

Wondering If I purchase the XIM4 say early 2017, will the Scorpio be supported? or do you have plans for a XIM5.. It's around $260 AUD atm for the XIM + Shipping and I can't justify this for less than a year of use.


XIM 4 Discussions / BF1 - ADS FoV On or Off
« on: 04:23 AM - 12/28/16 »
Does the ADS FOV Option being on or off mess with the smart translator in any way? I noticed a video Od1n made it was set to Off and you can tell because when he/she aims in on a gun the FOV changes.

I remember reading ages back you could use Xbox 360 controller on the PS3 using the EDGE, but what about Xbox One controller could this be added?

Beta / Titanfall - ADS Delay
« on: 05:08 AM - 03/17/14 »
Just curious what ADS Delay everybody is running for Titanfall?

Beta / Xbox One - Controller Update
« on: 03:23 AM - 03/12/14 »
So I know there was a another thread about the latest Xbox One Firmware update, which includes the option to update your X1 controller.

Nobody really gave me a decent answer or maybe I didn't notice it.. so my question is Does the Update to the Controller mess with the aiming at all with the current Smart Translators? (Which I haven't done yet, only done console firmware).

And I don't have a chat adapter yet, is it worth even updating the controller?

Beta / Play & Charge Kit
« on: 02:47 AM - 02/14/14 »
I've been using my Xbox One play & charge kit cable and battery with my XIM4E, my question is: Will the battery get damaged by being fully charged but the cable still attached for XIM4E usage? If so should I remove the battery?

XIM 4 Discussions / Bf4 config
« on: 05:48 AM - 02/09/14 »
What ADS delay should I set for bf4 xbox one, btw if my ads sens is same as hip does it matter still? Also whats the normal xy ratio for bf

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