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General Discussion / Finally!
« on: 06:13 PM - 09/21/11 »
I have returned, thankfully, so now I may use my XIM once again!

I can see that a lot has changed and I'm excited to see what is in store :)

General Discussion / Computer Parts!
« on: 11:40 AM - 05/30/11 »
Hey Guys!

It's time that I upgrade my toaster, it's extremely outdated and doesn't perform nearly close as I want it too. I will go out and say that I AM NOT going to be building a super computer here.

I'm trying to get more bang than my buck, I'd like to keep it at least $900 or below.

Current Specs
Dell Inspirion
Intel Pentium Dual-Core 2.5ghz
4 GB of Ram
nVidia Geforce 9600
500 Watt Power Supply

What I was looking at
ATI Radeon HD 5000 series (5830 or 5850)
650 Power Watt Supply
Intel i5 or i7 Processor

I don't know what motherboard I should get or what else I need...

General Discussion / Diablo 2
« on: 08:36 PM - 04/13/11 »
I'm trying to locate where I can get a cheap set of Diablo 2 Class & Expansion CD Keys, mine were disabled in the huge D2Loader ban...

If this is illegal to ask, please free to close the thread, that is not what is intended.

I'm just trying to locate Diablo II CD keys, that can be used with Blizzard online downloader.

Release Candidates / Microsoft Beta
« on: 11:11 PM - 04/11/11 »
I'm currently undergoing the beta testing of the new Microsoft update, I'll leave any feedback I can when dealing with the XIM.

XIM 3 Discussions / Black Ops ADS ST -- Discussion
« on: 10:31 PM - 03/28/11 »
I've currently just downloaded the new one that ObsIV posted: http://www.xim3.com/community/index.php?topic=12268.0

I'm going to play around with it and come back to ya'll.

I have to write a paper about people who are business majors, or are currently studying an MBA career path. I figured that this place could generate some creative and curious answers to some simple questions I rounded up.

I am looking for serious answers, and I may ask for your name but I won't do so in public. So feel free to respond to them, and I'm hoping for positive feedback :)

1.   Where did you study your business education?
2.   Why did you study their and how would you rate the school on a 1-10 grade point.
3.   Throughout the years have you ever thought to yourself I may be taking the wrong career path?
4.   Do you think anyone could get a business degree, or does it require a special mindset?
5.   What would you say to someone who is trying to earn a business degree?
6.   How has your business degree served you in life? What were some of the pros and cons?
7.   What is the first thing you did with your business degree?
8.   Now that you are currently in the field of business, would you hire someone with a degree or personal experience?
9.   What would you say is your strongest and weakest attribute in the business world?
10.   Lastly, are their different types of business, or is it just one generic term?

Release Candidates / Changes
« on: 03:02 PM - 03/19/11 »
When I upgraded to 318, I actually had to increase both my BO, ADS, sensitivities by 1.00 to get it back to the same feeling.

Release Candidates / Latency Issues
« on: 03:53 PM - 03/17/11 »
I just got done playing a couple of games and I noticed that when there is a bad connection or host, that my mouse starts acting up. However; if it's a normal game, or a private match for that matter my settings are flawless.

I don't experience any skipping or actual lag side affects, but other than my mouse acting up. I constantly keep 4 bars but a majority of people are yellow.

Release Candidates / MX518/1800 DPI
« on: 11:52 AM - 03/13/11 »
I'm curious to know your primary & secondary sensitivities for black ops. I'm currently lost with all of this and just kind of going with my feeling.

Lately I feel like I've been getting gunned out easily and quickly, and just curious if I'm running anything retarded.

Current Settings:

Smart Advanced
Sensitivity: 5.50
Acceleration: 0
Y-X Ratio: 1
Boost: 0
Smoothness: 0

Sensitivity: 7
Acceleration: 1
Y-X Ratio: 2
Boost: 0
Smoothness: 0
Delay: immediate

Thanks for the help :)

Feedback / I'd like to suggest a new forum?
« on: 12:16 AM - 03/10/11 »
Well, I got to thinking that creativity and innovation are the key components that brought the XIM alive. So I figured why not bring a little arts, graphics and photography into the forum.

Just an idear ;)

XIM 3 Discussions / It's been ordered :)
« on: 09:04 PM - 03/07/11 »
I have officially ordered the XIM3; hopefully it'll be here within the next 2-3 business days.

Now my final purchase will be a Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller, because my stupid self didn't think to research that a play and charge kit is not an actual "wired" concept.

So, I hope too see you all out on the battlefield when I get the device ;)


XIM 3 Discussions / 2 hours :)
« on: 08:26 PM - 02/24/11 »
I'm very pleased, the store opened at 4:00 and it's been nearly 2+ hours and it is still up.

General Discussion / Moist
« on: 02:47 AM - 02/18/11 »
Just a show of hands, how many of you think that saying the word "moist" is somewhat just wrong? I mean, it bothers me to say it almost :P

Feedback / Curious
« on: 12:52 AM - 02/14/11 »
I think this question is directed more towards OBsiv or the XIM Team. Have you ever thought of having a more professional forum manner? Right now it seems a little more casual and laid back, just curious if ya'll have ever thought of having it a little more structured than what it is.

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