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XIM NEXUS Discussions / Back buttons
« on: 03:17 AM - 02/09/22 »
Loving the Nexus so far. Iíve motion control at the default Ďstarterí settings and I donít think Iím really using it, unless Iím doing it inadvertently. However, just as a controller the device feels great.

Only concern I had was the back buttons. Iím a big fan of back buttons on controllers and these arenít the best for me - obviously YMMV. However, four blobs of sugru later and Iím happy to report the back buttons are much better.

Looking forward to getting better with the Nexus and actually using the motion aspect to its full potential.

General Discussion / New Razer Turret
« on: 01:25 PM - 12/19/18 »

Just looks like instant fail. Mouse pad is too small and the keyboard is too large. Would have been better as a wireless OrbWeaver but with an analog stick.

General Discussion / Turtle Beach x42
« on: 03:17 AM - 12/03/15 »
The transmitter for my pair of x42s stopped working last night and is completely dead, no lights or anything.  Turtle Beach don't seem to have any replacements available and ebay drew a blank.

If anyone knows where I might be able to get my hands on replacement transmitter TB300-2271 new or used that would a big help. Don't really want to have to bother getting a complete new headset.

Cheers folks

Smart Translators / Xim 3 still getting new STs?
« on: 07:25 AM - 11/16/15 »
Just wondering if the Xim3 still gets new smart translators for popular 360 releases, i.e. Black Ops 3?


General Discussion / Free Insurgency
« on: 02:23 PM - 11/28/14 »
I have a spare copy left over from the Humble Bundle so first come first served:



Hardware Compatibility / Reporting Red Screen
« on: 04:48 AM - 09/13/11 »
Hi guys,

I got a red screen today updating to the latest xim manager build. The recovery process has worked fine so no big issue but it says to report all incidences of a red screen.


Edit ... it was an upgrade from: XIMFlash-20110320-BETA using XIMManager-20110815-BETA. (No I didn't run the upgrade from the zip folder  ;))

General Discussion / Just ...
« on: 05:41 PM - 08/07/11 »
Got back from the hospital after the birth of my son Zachary, and so proud I had to post it!  ;D

Configurations and Requests / Movement Cap
« on: 10:18 AM - 02/10/11 »
Figured this was better placed in here rather than in the Xim3 discussion. Just curious about the black dot visual representation that the movement 'cap' has been hit. How are people finding using that for configuring?

I can picture how it works, but I've got it in my mind that trying to keep an eye on the screen and another on the xim whilst rotating could be a bit awkward ... is it?

Shame the xim doesn't have a tiny speaker, a small audible ping that you are hitting the cap might work better, but never mind.

General Discussion / MVP Cap?
« on: 03:51 AM - 12/06/10 »
Just curious but has the MVP status been raised from 100 posts? Doesn't make too much difference really, but just noticed I was a mere member again. :'(

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