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General Discussion / BF3 Aftermath
« on: 01:44 AM - 11/28/12 »
This is by far the BEST DLC from BF3. The maps are just perfect for that infantry based gameplay. They are not too small or too big and the art direction is impressive. On top of that the game feels smoother than ever and the XBOW kicks @#$% with the xim. And the scavenger game mode is soo fun. Overall I'm loving it so far and all my clan friends i have talked to. What do you guys think?

I don't know if this will change (again  >:() the look mechanic or not. Might need a new ST.  It already feels very good atm so anything incremental might not matter but we will see.


PlayStation / Dust 514 Mouse Support works
« on: 09:14 PM - 11/26/12 »
I tried this the other day. It works better than I though, the only problem is you can not change the bindings. Oh and if you use the Nav it also works with the mouse natively on ps3, all you have to do is change it to "controller 1". Pretty cool i though even though I suck at the game and not really getting the feel of it. It is in beta/alpha and free to play so I wasn't expecting much anyways.

General Discussion / Battlefield 3 PROMOD
« on: 05:33 AM - 11/25/12 »

someone embed the vid for me this is cool.

General Discussion / Colorado legalizes Marijuana
« on: 04:48 AM - 11/07/12 »

the Government getting desperate on acquiring new taxes? ;P

General Discussion / BF3 Armored Kill!
« on: 06:49 AM - 09/04/12 »
Almost downloaded :) Been watching some people playing it already on twitch TV. Looks epic!

"We don't provide the 'easy to program for' console that (developers) want, because 'easy to program for' means that anybody will be able to take advantage of pretty much what the hardware can do, so then the question is, what do you do for the rest of the nine-and-a-half years?"

--Kaz Hirai, CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment

Source: http://news.cnet.com/sony-ps3-is-hard-to-develop-for-on-purpose/

That is a very strange strategy o_O


Looks interesting. Would like to see more gameplay but its looking nice so far, its like a mix of BF and COD which is nice.

EDIT: New footage looks staged but can still look at it

Hardware Compatibility / Mouse with a thumbstick
« on: 05:16 AM - 08/03/12 »
Just saw this today. Don't think its out yet. It says it has a 5 directional thumb SPAD. Kinda seems like a thumbstick on the side. Don't know if its the same thing but its certainly interesting. Wouldn't it be boss if oBsiV made a mouse with a thumbstick on the side?


PlayStation / CSGO official mouse and keyboard support
« on: 07:35 AM - 07/29/12 »

Says it at just before the 3 mins mark. Was kinda getting pessimistic about it since they dropped the cross-platform idea. Also note whats interesting is how they are ranking you input device which is pretty cool imo making things more balanced

XIM EDGE Discussions / PS3 third party controllers
« on: 05:23 AM - 07/24/12 »
I've tried this controller with the edge to use it as either host or joystick but unfortunately it just doesn't work properly. It is a wireless 2.4ghz dongle based controller.

When I use it as host, the ps3 is initialized but only one button is useable on the controller and everything else doesn't work. This goes the same with the keyboards and mouse that is connected - they don't work either except for one button, i think it was the Circle button.

Is there anyway we could get these things supported? It kind of semi works, I'm sure it just needs a little loving. I know there are tonnes like these around online and maybe bargain bins in gaming stores. They are cheap as chips, got this one for under $20. And the cool thing is they are wireless.

I can provide USB I.D. descriptors if needed.

XIM EDGE Discussions / Lets talk Vehicles Please
« on: 07:35 PM - 07/16/12 »
I feel the hardest thing to transition from pc to consoles with the Xim (or any mouse adaptor) is the slower movement of vehicles. It is possible to use Ballistics to further enhance the movements but in most cases, it will only work for some vehicles and others will need different ballistics. E.g. A jet in battlefield will need constant black dotting in all different directions to be able to maneuver around effectively compared to a chopper which only needs it when turning left and right in most cases. So with this in mind, ballistics is not ideal, unless of course you want to have a few different switchers for a few configs making cycling through all configs a handful.

Apart from using the controller, there are two other ways we can utilize the edge to be able to use vehicles, it was possible with the Xim3, but atm not the edge, i also have some improvements to add. Not everyone plays run and gun COD all day remember. These are through the features of:

- Joysticks
- Right thumb-stick (mouse movement) to be bound to digital buttons (e.g. Keyboard keys or other mouse buttons)


We are able to use these as of now. The only thing I feel needs improvement in this area is the ability to map the joystick as a "Secondary mouse" for analog movement. So what are the perks of this? Well, this means you can pick up your Joystick with out any switchers involved and instantly use it for vehicles such as jets without hassle. Of course, one other thing that may need to be added because of this new feature, is the use of "Tertiary button bindings" (Primary to secondary to tertiary) . Right now we have secondary button bindings, and some of us may use all or some of the buttons already. With a joystick in the mix on the same config, other buttons may need to be bound again for the third time for the joystick to function effectively.

Right thumb stick (mouse) to digital bindings

I remember in Xim3, we could use the keyboard to fully control vehicles. WASD for the left thumb-stick and say JIKL or equivalent on the keyboard to be used as digital bindings for the right thumb-stick. This was excellent as it provided a good way to force black dotting by holding the digital buttons down. This needs to be implemented back into the Edge by allowing again (same as above) the Mouse movement to be able to have a secondary control such as keyboard buttons. This way, no switchers are needed and the transition for using vehicles is simple.

An ideal vehicle setup for some people

I also have an additional idea with this in mind. Many users use a mouse with 4 or more side buttons such as the Logitech g700. What would be an extremely ideal situation would be to be able to bind those side buttons as secondary digital mouse movements (right-thumbstick) so the user can use the mouse as normal in vehicles, whilst having the option to use digital movements by using the side buttons as well that also controls the right thumb-stick. This will enable flying jets with a mouse as all you have to do to flip is hold one of the side buttons as it will force the black dot, and for precision aiming, you just use the mouse as normal.

Oh and the other extra perk of doing this:
No need to use switchers = Saving buttons and not having to have a handful of switchers to cycle through.

XIM EDGE Discussions / It would be cool if...
« on: 05:46 AM - 07/16/12 »
It would be cool if we could still use the Sony Nav as the sole controller host but still be able to bind buttons to your own preference in Xim manager. I just see my Six Axis controller sitting there as a waster and adding to the cable mess of the xim set up.

I use the Circle and X buttons as select and start anyways for the Nav so I would still be able to change sensitivities
Might be asking for much but this would be a nice feat, and with wireless coming up it would be awesome. Wireless xim setup pretty much

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