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I saw this when I was cruising around on overclock.net... I thought I should post it here because this concerns the future of XIM. Which if this does happen may or may not have an impact on XIM users... OBsIV are you aware of this? - please look into it .


XIM 3 Discussions / Where are all the XIM3 users?
« on: 12:14 PM - 03/11/11 »
ive been playing with my XIM3 non stop since I got it setup and have not run in to any XIM users at all!

Well maybe played with two people only so far, do you guys get on much cause I been on this thing all day and never really run into anyone. Oh and the COD BO network henders us m/kb users ... I hate the network , PC networks are still where it's at but XBL is still fun.

XIM 3 Discussions / Life after XIM 3...
« on: 02:20 AM - 03/09/11 »
Alright so I have my whole set up good and ready to go!!

XIM3 is pretty interesting, plus I really did not have to alter many settings!  --Wootz..

Got my astro mixamp + Sennheiser PC360 hooked up as  Digital with optical cable :)

So now all I need is....

You!!! The community to help me fill up my list with XIM3 players on XBL, currently I find myself with no peeps to play with :( so hit me up!!!
 My username on here is my gamer tag on XBL

<---------------- ( € . €)b   d( '. < ) cheers...

General Discussion / 5.1 Headset, need help ASAP
« on: 03:45 PM - 03/05/11 »
About to purchase some Triton COD True 5.1 Analog Gaming Headsets
Quick!!! Will I be able to use these with 360? !? I heard about people using them please hurry!!

XIM 3 Discussions / XIM3/Gamepad Evolution
« on: 10:19 AM - 03/04/11 »
Video Game Peripherals for 2000 Alex.

Alex: People who wish to play games with KB/M but are too lazy to learn controllers.

Answer: What are XIM3 users? (owned)

In all honesty you have a point, but as I have said before ... Who is really being lazy ? Us? Or M$ and game developers.

- I copied this as a response to another thread, but I feel it has it's own weight-

Do you guys agree with the following? Does any of this make since?

Not that controllers are super hard to use at all it's just this... Controllers hav not evolved at all... All an Xbox 360 controller is is a better more comfortable feel Dreamcast controller.

Where the hell did inovation go? --- Out the window... It is 2011 and the best they could come up with is a Razer Onza ( which I think is cool) But look all those years it took and it takes OBsIV less time to create a far more superior tech.

He took something that was already there and made it better, hmm took like how long for controllers? Keyboards and mice are pretty old but it still feels like controllers have always been over looked.

Get this, if OBsIV made a gaming controller --- What do you think it would look like and be like? How advanced would it be?

Can someone confirm this please, cause I really like the Nostromo (Razer) and someone told me it's not compatable.

XIM 3 Discussions / Ok, so now you have your XIM3 but...
« on: 05:29 AM - 02/24/11 »
But, I would also like to point out those people with those freak of nature Internet connections. So, I am starting a poll and to us guys whom do not have 20Mb connections yet --What do you think?

It's open!!! Attack!!!  >:(

XIM 3 Discussions / XIM3 Clan! Who's taggin up sucka!?
« on: 11:35 AM - 02/23/11 »
I am!!! [XIM3]Seriousface2   >:(
Tag up and combine forces!!!! :)

XIM 3 Discussions / Buy and Runners...
« on: 08:58 PM - 02/21/11 »
So, what about the community?

You just gonna get your XIM3 and ditch everyone or are you going to stick around and share your stories?

- I've noticed a lot of people who wanted and got their XIM3's are barely on the XIM 3 site, hrm whats going on guys? So, did these/those people who purchased really leave the community and get on the "Crack-Pipe" that is XIM 3 or did they stick around helping the others get theirs? I would really like to know.

Shoot, just go mines today... but I am in L.A so I can't even open the box for it. Nope I didn't start a thread about getting my XIM3 or that shipping was dumb ( Shipped from Oregon to Memphis TN, then to CA ... W T F @ fedex - weird ol' shippers).

Anyways, whos sticking around for the long haul?

XIM 3 Discussions / XIM 3, Desperate Overseas
« on: 12:14 AM - 02/17/11 »
Hello overseas  buys, as I have realised most of you are very excited about the XIM 3- In fact so excited that it may even drive you to kill or do something stupid. This is inresponse to the jerks selling these things on E-bay for more than the actual cost of an XBOX for it to be used on.

Guys please be careful, as you may want one for 400 dollars its just as easy to wait for one for 150 dollars...  I've mentioned before that the XIM 3 can not do your taxes... BECAUSE IT CAN'T!. Just relax and hold your horses because we have been using a KB/M even before we had the ability to use it on xbox.

So, what is so special about the XIM 3 beside the fact that it allows us to do the same thing on the XBOX?

I pray that non of us are so desperate that we actually have to buy one for so much money... I pray
It really breaks my heart to see the forums being taken advantage of for a quick buck, as I see it it's like the same as stealing.  But hey, you guys are asking for it... and I hope nothing negative comes out of all this. Its getting out of had ( The selling of XIM 3s to overseas players over an UNRELIABLE Ebay seller).

Don't be stupid, be patient.

XIM 3 Discussions / Protect the XIM 3...
« on: 09:33 AM - 02/14/11 »
Please guys, LET the XIM3 remain underground until OB himself announses that he is speaking to the right people.  Seriously, you do not want to know what kind of jerks are out there that would seriously try and steal his product and recreate it as something else. DO NOT take it upon yourself to write to game devs... leave it alone please I am begging you, XIM3 is great where its at right now trust me on that one.

XIM3 is innocent right now and untouched by... 10 year olds. LEAVE IT ALONE.

Thank You   >:( <--Seriousface™®

So, here is what I think of it so Far...

I have the Razer Nostromo ( Not a HUGE fan of Razer, but it was the last and only one in the store)

Check it out here : http://store.razerzone.com/store/razerusa/en_US/pd/productID.221675100/parentCategoryID.35156900/categoryId.53491100

So yeah, its is VERY if not the same as that Belkin the other guy has, just has more color and lights... cost bout 70 dolla ( Not bad, but same price as full size keyboard i.e *COUGH Lycosa!* Cough!!*)

So far I have only tried it on PC, but I can honestly say that its not bad! ... Once you put your hand on it, everything starts to feel somewhat Familiar and it appears to be ALOT more responsive than a "Keyboard".

Drawbacks though.... It seems that the XIM3 and Xbox 360 can take more advantage of this thing than my new G73JW-A1 can ... especially with Black Ops. Now I wasn't sure if I could set my alternate keys to the D-pad but I tried cause I couldn't call in UAVs or Airstrikes cause theres no number pad... so I mapped it to the D-pad and it didn't seem to work while in game -___-.

I am assuming that they can be mapped using the XiM3 though, but so far I'm thinking of keeping this thing for some weird reason.

Suggestion to anyone, if you haven't tried it  then you should. Its definitely worth it and it was rather easy to figure out and it feels familiar :)

XIM 3 Discussions / Please everyone just relax!
« on: 02:44 PM - 02/11/11 »

So yes, people the XIM is awesome and all that Jazz and I want it blah blah blah. Yay...

Truth of the matter is, it only does what it says it does.. which is let you use the KB/M on an XBOX 360... thats it.

It can't do your taxes

It can't help you with homework

It can't make you as good as OBsIV


Its not a car

Its not Air

The point I am trying to make is, the XIM3 is not stopping you from playing your Xbox... you are stopping yourself :P . PLus you can still play it guys, so whats wrong with waiting to play it just a little bit better huh ? I noticed most of you are using a KB/M RIGHT NOW "hehe" so, just please sit back relax and be patient cause the little XIM will come and when it does you will love it :)

 >:(  <--- Seriousface™®

While you wait for the XIM3 ( I included) I'm now waiting to get this bad @#$% machine on Friday!

Please see link :) ( I love you guys)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kb4-SmDcnA , It should be coming on Friday... I'M GOING TO EXPLODE!

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