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how do I adjust the left stick curve? (movement NOT AIM)

I have a joystick plugged into the apex that has an extremely large gate and I would love to be able to use it.

Tutorials / Grifta solo button mod
« on: 07:58 PM - 08/18/18 »
I wanted to move the thumbstck press to a new button.

P.s. the thumbstck still works.

edit: going to remap the top 2 buttons instead...

Currently I cannot use d-input mode with the grifta as it binds the left trigger to the right stick. I believe x-input mode would work if the xim4 could recognize it as a third party xbox 360 controller, but it doesn't register at all. When connected in x-input(green) mode all I see is a blank box like nothing is connected in the xim manager.

How do I get the xim4 to detect the grifta in x-input mode or how do I remap the left trigger away from the right stick in d-input mode?

Download the XIM4Dump for Grifta in X-Input mode: http://evilteddybear.org/xim4dumped.zip

as a web developer myself I had an idea, what do you think?

how about for releasing a method so the user can collect the data needed to make a smart translator, then the ability to submit that data to xim3.com and have the server compile a smart translator out of it keeping the encryption method safe and allow users to download and vote on the best transistors per game, so you don't have to do it yourself, and users get the transistors they want when they want?

there are websites that convert true type fonts to other font formats using programs on the fly through the back end, so it would be possible using a similar system.

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