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Support / Xim Apex bricked two of my keyboards :(
« on: 11:53 PM - 08/30/18 »
So i have two pretty much identical keyboards one is called zykon k1 and the other is wolf claw warrior, Both have are 5v and only 60ma current draw. Im using a 1m long usb extension plugged from xbox one to xim apex usb.

Randomly last night my player kept running forward, my keyboard wasn't inputting after that. It doesn't work on a pc now either, however the power light is still on.

i plugged my other in and was working fine for another hour,, i played just before and it bricked it too. i replugged and its working again but the other is still broken.

Anyone have ideas whats going on? The circuit board from bricked keyboard doesn't have any heat from passive components or cob.

Is there a way to reflash basic keyboards with generic firmware?

I've made an Auxiliary config which is activated by my R key which was otherwise unmapped. Id usually use R for grenade, seeing as fortnite has no grenade button, no use mapping it.

In the movement tab of my auxiliary config underneath Right Stick i have the furthest right bind (which would usually be walk right if the sticks were swapped as R). What this does is make my character spin in a clockwise circle.

I have fire button as R aswell, fire button is what i use to place walls.

When i hold R in after pressing build mode, my character will spin placing walls all around me much faster then what i could achieve with the mouse at my senstivity.

To make this viable and soo i dont lose my bearings ive lowered the aim sensitivity of this Aux config to one less then my hip config to prevent myself spinning out of control and forgetting where i am.

Took me about 15 mins in playground to get use to but now i can build a tower super quick.

So this is the item.


This is the only keyboard that suits  my needs, any help or advice, or any similiar keyboard leads would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Ximmers!

Xbox / L4 Au/Nz Oceania Fortnite Duo/Squad Players
« on: 01:39 AM - 07/02/18 »
Trying to get a strong team together for duos or squads,
Im avging about 7 kills a game and winning 20% of matches, could do better

Add me : akdov 4670

Been looking around for headsets lately...
Seen the sennheiser hd595s, hd555s, pc360s and the rest of the senns..
At the moment im looking at getting the audio-technica ath-a700 as they are closed back and do not leak sound unlike the ad700s... both have been rated to have an enormous and accurate soundstage, that exceeds the sennhieser 5xx range....

soo just wondering, anyone else own some Ath-a700s they use and how does it sound?
i will be using an astro mixamp along with it and the zalman clip mic...

I don't see how the red screen fix sticky belongs in hardware compatibility, and using search to search for red screen fix was almost useless....

Maybe put it in support or in xim3 discussions, but in hardware compatibility??? THAT DOESNT MAKE BLOOMIN SENCE YOOOO!!!!!

Excuse my ungentleman-like ranting.. im just pissed because i couldnt find it and i want to update firmware and play games already 0.o

Release Candidates / Assertion Failed line 1338
« on: 07:45 AM - 07/02/11 »

Sorry i couldn't post the image itself in the thread.. tinypic is being a USELESS PILE OF FRACKING CRAP

also after this happened the manager closed and i plugged my xim back into the xbox and got the RSOD..

XIM 3 Discussions / My XIM3 Experience, share yours...
« on: 12:36 PM - 06/29/11 »
I managed to get the top k/d in halo reach for my country in team swat and team slayer, i got 2nd in big team battle without even stepping inside a vehicle....

i failed pretty hard with a controller but i can actually play with the xim3


Release Candidates / Homefront Feedback.
« on: 08:09 AM - 03/24/11 »
Awesome obsiv, just awesome.

This translator feels exactly 1:1 to me...

Now they just need to update their bloody servers.

Thanks for the translator, its great.

XIM 3 Discussions / Xim3 and homefront laughs...
« on: 01:21 PM - 03/18/11 »
Just playing a bit of homefront on 1 red bar...
got my extra speed, extra battery and extra health on my drone perks on....
using a sniper to get the battle points up a bit....

But seriously, those things are ridiculously hard to use with a controller, and no one uses them...
With my xim3 i can get like 6 kills average per drone,,, its hilarious!!!!

i was really surprised how effective the xim3 is with homefront vehicles

XIM 3 Discussions / Another possible feature.
« on: 08:04 AM - 03/08/11 »
Seeing as the feature request list is full of off-topic banter and the poll is bugged, disabling the ability to revoke a vote... I will post a new thread.

I was thinking about a timer on the xim3....
Such as a weapon spawn timer or a killstreak timer,
certain events in a game are bound to a static timer, i was wondering if we could have a hotkey activated timer with the ability to choose the name of which timer and possibly have a flashing alert screen when the timer expires....

I know alot of people in game use the game time, or a clock on their desk, or something else that is far beyond a recreational gamers stand point...

The goal for this request would be the ability to bind a timer to such things as, helicopter killstreaks, soo you know exactly when you can use another heli....

Or.... for halo fans, bind a key to time the spawns of weapons soo if yuo pick up a sniper or a shotgun, sword or rockets, watever your fancy, you can put a timer for the event of  the respawn to save you remembering all the numbers in your head....

Im sure many gamers already have other devices to do this, its just another suggestion which i can see is possible using a xim3.

Throw some Aussie Gamertags in this thread for the love of the game.

Maybe get some swat or snipers going, we would completely annihilate all....

XIM 3 Discussions / Mousepads XIM3 and granular aim.
« on: 02:26 PM - 02/28/11 »
was just wondering...

When im playing reach, after reconfiguring several times, with low or high sens.... my aim seems to be very granular, sometimes snaps off to the side even if im in a game by myself....

Im using a makeshift mousepad out of a piece of cut out drysuit/wetsuit.. it has small fibres that have been lifted out of the stitching, like the tiny white fibrous stuff that is in some cushions...

My razer goliathus mouse pad is on its way and i was wondering... Does anyone else have a grainy aim on halo reach??? Even with the RC drop? or without it....

tl;dr  Has anyone got a grainy aim on halo reach and what mouse pad do you use?

Hardware Compatibility / Confirmed working x3
« on: 06:15 AM - 02/28/11 »
Mad catz black ops controller
CM sentinel storm advanced mouse
Wolfking warrior gamepad

XIM 3 Discussions / Interesting keyboard for couch gamers.
« on: 12:01 PM - 02/25/11 »

not trying to sell it to you... no idea who the seller is, and i live in australia...

just thought someone might find it interesting.

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