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Hardware Compatibility / Rantopad Mxx keyboard works
« on: 09:13 PM - 05/20/17 »
Specifically, this one

General Discussion / Battlefield...1
« on: 10:20 AM - 05/06/16 »
Leaked promo photos

Rumors = WW1 game, possibly via time-travel.

We'll know officially later today

UPDATE: WW1 confirmed. Time travel likely false rumor. Here's the official trailer


Hopefully the extra time allows them to eliminate any game-breaking bugs.

From this link

"For 24 hours starting Jan 12, 6.00pm PST/UTC-8, all Razer peripherals will be on 50% off, and systems at 30% off. This offer is open to all fans on Razer Insider. You will need to have a Razer ID linked to Insider"

Anyone want an Orbweaver Stealth?


Play hundreds old arcade games for free in your browser! (I don't work for them. Saw it on reddit).

Generic instructions:
" Pressing the 5 key will insert a coin, and pressing 1 or 2 will represent Player 1 Start and Player 2 Start. Generally, arrow keys are used for joystick directions or to act like a paddle, and the CTRL, ALT/OPTION, and SPACE keys are for various buttons. If you wish to see what the current key mappings are for a system, press the TAB key and go to the key mappings menu."

General Discussion / SteamOS, Steam Machines, etc.
« on: 01:27 PM - 09/23/13 »
Official announcement just a couple hours ago


Your thoughts?

Link to 9/25 announcement: Steam Machines.

Link to 9/27 announcement: Steam Controller

General Discussion / MS wired controller, $25 at newegg
« on: 11:15 AM - 07/11/13 »
If you need one/replace an old one, this looks like a good price. Use promo code EMCXNWW79 to get the $25 price. Sale lasts til 7/17.


UPDATE, 7/12: Sold out in one day!

General Discussion / XBL matchmaking probs
« on: 12:59 PM - 04/07/13 »
Been trying to take a break from Bioshock Inf. [Aside, love my new PC vid card!]

Since Friday, I thought I was console banned bec. I can't stay connected with B02 for even one match. Plus, no one on these forums was mentioning problems with XBL.

Went to the XBL website and saw that matchmaking is having problems.

Anyone else having similar troubles with XBL as me?

On sale yet again....$4 after rebate and use of promo code EMCXSXV57.


To my knowledge this is the only supported bluetooth dongle. (Cue 'dongle' jokes).

EDIT: I meant to say only supported bt dongle for the Edge

UPDATE 3/23:I'm online now for ~ 2hrs. Let's play you PS3 XIMmers!. Offline. It was....Quite an experience.
Just a heads-up.

I'll be broadcasting a PS3 stream on the teamXIM twitchtv channel this Saturday, 3/23 @ 530pm EDT.

Hope to get in about 2 hours before the kids wake up from napping.

Link to calendar of all streams.

Send me an FR if you want to play. GT to the left (note the number one in 'B1NG')

XIM EDGE Discussions / It's Beautiful!
« on: 02:06 PM - 05/24/12 »

Thanks OBsIV and 'The Betas' for putting me on the list.

In the ultimate 'that's what she said' comment, I really thought it was bigger from the pictures ;) I put a folded dollar bill next to it for comparison. (Sorry for the muted lighting).

In reality, it's VERY AWESOME looking. The pulsing glow makes it look right out of Star Wars (or insert your favorite sci-fi reference). I'm stuck at work still but can't wait to get home to try it out.

EDIT: Forgot to add that I'll do my part and provide feedback on the PS3 end. Unfortunately, I only have MW3 right now.

PlayStation / Anyone still play KZ2?
« on: 02:49 PM - 02/22/12 »
There was 'an offer I couldn't refuse' on Amazon wherehouse deals: $8 for KZ2. I reminisced abt. fun times with 1)server browser; 2)custom spawn locations via the Infiltrator; 3) Custom game types that KZ3 does NOT have....So I bought it.

Now I see that my IRL friends don't have copies.

Any XIMmers play/ want to play? Just curious before I play with complete strangers this weekend. Send me an FR at the PSN gt below (the 'i' is a number 1 in the PSN acct).

BTW, I haven't played KZ2 on this acct yet so I'll look like a noob but I'm not...But it's been awhile, lol.

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