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Technical Support / Das Keyboard 4 Professional
« on: 01:29 AM - 09/10/14 »
I just got one of these http://www.daskeyboard.com/daskeyboard-4-professional/

It won't work with the XIM4, mainly because the keyboard itself is actually a USB 3.0 hub, the keyboard itself is permanently plugged into this hub.

It would be nice if you can get this keyboard working, bonus points for getting the mouse to work while attached to the hub.

If you need help, let me know, we can take this discussion private. Remember that my hardware (wink) is almost identical to your hardware and my firmware handles all USB devices using a tree structure, I am hoping you can implement the same idea.




details, more pics, file downloads:


I have a PlayStation Gold wireless headset, for chatting with people I play video games with. It usually recharges via a USB cable but I wanted a recharging stand for it, so that the USB connector does not suffer from wear-and-tear and I donít have to worry about managing yet-another-USB-cable.

The stand itself is made of 9mm thick clear acrylic plastic, laser cut and laser etched by Ponoko. I used copper foil tape to make a connection from a DC barrel jack to the headset. The headset has two patches of conductive velcro that connects with the copper foil tape. Inside the headset, I installed a simple lithium battery recharging circuit. There is a LED that will glow red during recharge, and glow green when the battery is full.

The circuit is made with spare parts soldered to a piece of protoboard. The circuit itself is protected from all sorts things. Self resetting PTC fuses prevent damage to the power supply and the circuit. A schottky diode to prevent damage from reverse polarity. A zener diode provides a crude over voltage protection. A TVS diode (not shown in circuit diagram) is used to protect against static electricity. One way that I couldíve improved the circuit is to use a full bridge rectifier.
In simple words, I canít break it by placing it on the stand backwards, or by using the wrong wall-wart, or by short circuiting anything, or by having too much static electricity from my hair.

XIM 4 Discussions / I got KB+M working on PS4
« on: 12:10 AM - 03/02/14 »


Full details:


I wanted to share this story because I am very happy that I finally managed to get this far! Anybody who is attempting who thought it was impossible to do can now breath a sigh of relief because it definitely can be done.

Don't expect me to sell this thing any time soon, I do not have enough time to polish it up for sale (and design an injection molded case, write a full fledged GUI, setup a website, community, store, distribution, etc) . Buy a XIM instead, it's basically the same thing. XIM actually uses the same microcontroller and same USB hub chip I am using. (there's a chance that I can put XIM's firmware on my circuit later too).

XIM EDGE Discussions / Internal Hardware Questions
« on: 01:13 PM - 07/15/13 »
Does anybody have a teardown of the XIM Edge?

I found a teardown of the XIM3, inside was a LPC1768 connected to a TUSB chip (a hub), is the XIM Edge basically the same thing?

Does XIM use mbed.org at all?

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