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Coming from BFBC2 using the XIM3, I felt pretty confident that I would not only enjoy BF3 but would excel at it.

Boy was I wrong.

There are a lot of good things that could be said about this game but the few things that are bad are really, really bad.

Im not sure if its XIM3 or the game but the controls feel extremely floaty, inaccurate and I am constantly frustrated at losing firefights that in BFBC2 I would never lose.

The recent patch fixed a couple things but people still full auto fire every weapon on this game. There is no real reward for someone with exceptional aiming (where XIM3 is an advantage), rather its a match of "who shoots and can hold down the trigger first" at most distances shorter than medium-far to far. In BFBC2 firefights were won by aiming accurately and burst/pop firing - full auto was ill advised at ALL RANGES save for extreme CQ (and even then its a little tricky).

I play with another XIM3 user and he agrees with me 100%. We are so frustrated with the game that we are thinking about getting rid of it. I dont know if we XIMers need a new ST or its the games inherent flaws. 

Its like the XIM3 doesnt give you any advantage at all because you dont win firefights by aiming accurately you win by being twitchier than the next guy. And with the XIM3 at the moment the aiming feels extremely floaty and sloppy. Im sure its not Obsiv's fault but I feel like I need to rant about how much of a disappointment BF3 is.

Its simply not fun, and the XIM3 does not seem to be giving me or my other XIM buddy any advantages.

[I use a g500 mouse, with a g13 keypad and play on xbox]

I wonder what the community consensus is on whether we should make it a requirement that XIM users disclose the fact that they are using XIM3 and other similar non-standard control configurations  (entirely unenforceable obviously).

 I think a full disclosure will do three things: a) act as an advertisement for obsiv's great product b) a convenient and standardized way xim3 xbros can recognize each other c) being honest  about a device that is generally recognized as superior to the official controller

You can vote by adding XIM3 somewhere on your gamertag profile or not.


XIM 3 Discussions / Bad Company 2 - Lets Play Together!
« on: 01:14 AM - 04/06/11 »

Click link,

Fill Form,

Friend each other!

I would love to play with more BC2 ximmers and bounce ideas off each other.

A trick of mine (let me know what you think):
I use a kill dot (which is basically a piece of tape with a red dot that I stick on the tv) to designate where Im aiming. It allows me to know exactly where my gun fire center is when Im running, when Im a recon, when I use a shotgun and when I use a 4x scope. Ive noticed that the 4x scope bounces slightly when aiming down the sight, this allows me to know exactly where my aim should be. However there is a serious problem with this, while panning the actual aim lags behind the red dot taped on the center of the screen. If you try to aim with the kill dot you will miss all your shots when panning/running during ADS. So you have to train to ignore this second recticle when panning, it takes some practice to switch between two different aiming sights on the fly like this. I still dont have it down perfectly but my stationary aiming has improved tremendously when I use 4x or red dot scopes. This lagging phenomenon oddly enough does not occur when ADS with sniper scopes.

Smart Translators / BC2 ST Rant
« on: 10:57 AM - 03/21/11 »
I feel like I need to rant . There are games that have been released for a long time that still need an ST update. *cough*BC2*cough*.

Im kinda pissed that OB is working on Crysis before BC2 when the community has been asking him to redo BC2 for a long time. Its a lot of people's main (and pretty much only) game including myself and the only reason I bought the XIM3. Battlefield is an established series while Homefront for example is almost certainly going to be forgotten completely as soon as something else comes by.

OB, please stop neglecting BC2! People who play it wont stop playing it until BF3 at the earliest. I dont expect any vehicle STs but at least fix the infantry ST. I cant help but feel that the BC2 community is being pushed aside for these new flash in the pan games that bring nothing new and will end up being sold back as soon as the player realizes the game is garbage (relatively speaking).

The only reason people play COD/Homefront etc. is because they dont know the awesomeness that is BC2. Think about it just because COD is the most popular does that warrant giving it priority for STs? Thats like for example the academy awards going to the most popular selection - Twilight would win by a land slide.

Configurations and Requests / Bad Company 2 Config?
« on: 07:07 AM - 02/11/11 »
Been trying to get the right combination for the last couple days. Cant seem to strike the right balance. I have a G500 mouse with sensitivities set at 6/7.
Anyone share theirs?

Also can anyone link me to a tutorial on how to set up the g500 mouse via the set point software to optimize it for the xim3? Sorry i this question has been asked before.

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