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I just got a new tablet and d/l-ed the app.
Is there a way to transfer all my configs to my new tablet without me rebuilding my library of configs from scratch???

Like the topic says, is there any ST support planned for this game?
Its desperately needed, the  game has no aim assist and the best current ST's are ok but not quite good enough.

Game Support / Outriders Demo, share your configs...
« on: 11:47 AM - 02/25/21 »
Waiting for the Demo to finish downloading now.

We have over a month to play with this gem until full game release.
Lets share our configs them we find play well until release and we get a real ST.

Whadya say??

I've said it before, but let me say it again, to the Xim devs,...thank you for this amazing product. I've been an avid customer since the Xim3 days and without the Xim, I woud have never made the transition to console from PC those years ago.

Now my inquiry...

What is "simulated analog behavior"?, what does it do specifically?

Oh and in layman's terms please...apparently I'm a tad thick headed and don't grasp things easily sometimes.

Title basically says it all.

Interested in xim link, do I still need xim manager to setup the keys/buttons or is this all done in "Xim Link"?

Basically the title says it all...the d/l link for the manager in the d/l section for the new update (20190719) still directs you to the older version (20180528) on google play.

I got the new firmware and updated on my computer but cant get the new version of manager on my phone to use it.

Game Support / Remnant: from the ashes
« on: 10:44 AM - 08/15/19 »
This game has flown under the radar, (I just found out about it a couple days ago.)
Just wondering if you guys have known about this game and will there be any Xim support for it.
Didin't see it listed on the game support page.
Releases on 8/20/19.

Game Support / Support for Hitman??
« on: 11:30 PM - 12/26/16 »
Are there any plans on support for the new Hitman game?
Its been out since March and still no ST, was there support but a problem with training the ST?

Title says it all, anyone suggest a ST for the interim till we get an official ST?


Hey all, just got done watching the Vid in the "beta instructions" thread and  if I heard correctly OBsIV mentioned you could have the 360 contr plugged in or you could use the DS3 contr for PS3.

So am I right in assuming that the Xim4E can be used with the PS3 as well as the PS4, or did I misunderstand something?

Also as far as bluetooth on pc, admittedly I am b/t ignorant, what do i need to make my pc b/t compatable, just buy a b/t adapter?
If so, what recomendations would you have for a good product?


First let me say XimEdge is an awesome product and I'm not having problems with it. Getting a PS4 next week and reserving the Edge to be ready to go when the team opens the beta to PS4 owners.

So, i pulled my Xim3 out of the desk, dusted it off and plugged it in, thats where everything went downhill....

Firstly, turned off the DS3 controller.
Plugged in the Xim3, lit up and the screen came on showing my last game and config i was using when i got the edge, BF3,..ahh the memories....no problems so far.

So i connect my Xbox controller (wired and official) to the GTMax adapter, plug it into the Xim3 and and the little icon at the top of the screen lights up as a joystick instead of a controller, stays on for a second or 2 then disappears and the 4 green lights around the silver Xbox button in the middle all blink on/off repeatedly until I unplug it form the Xim3.
Same thing happens on all ports.
So I did some troubleshooting, this happens regardless of whether i plug the controller in first or if I plug the mouse and keybord in first then controller last.
FYI, the icons for the mouse and keyboard show up properly, and i have numerous mice/keyboards that i have tested with in all different configurations,...all of which were working with the Xim3 before and currently work with the XimEdge.

Razer Tartarus
Razer Anansi
Logitech G18
Logitech K120
Logitech G110

Razer Naga Elite
Razer Naga 2013 Mechanical
Razer Naga
Logitech G600
Logitech G700

However, since this happens even without the M/KB plugged in I'm assuming it has nothing to do with those.

At first I thought it was the GTMAx adapter, but I can plug the Xbox controller/adapter into the PS3 and it works fine, AND I also tested it using it on the Edge instead of the DS3 controller, works fine there also.

So any insight into this would be much appreciated, sorry my posts are always so long, I just try to be as detailed with my problem as possible to give you guys as much relevant info as possible.


Game Support / odd problem with ximedge and ghosts
« on: 04:52 PM - 03/09/14 »
strange problem experienced before. i play bf3 and bf4 ALOT, and have never felt this before, matter of fact never in any game except Ghosts.
Now granted Ghosts is the first CoD ive played on Console (PS3) so if this mechanic is normal for a CoD game, im sorry for taking up anyones time, but here goes.

Ill try to explain this as best i can.
First my setup is a razer naga and tartarus and do occasionally use a logi G700 or 600 also, which are connected to a usb hub and then the xim with the belkin easy trans cable.
made a new profile for Ghosts and got it mapped out fine and saved to the edge.
Mouse:5600 dpi, 1000 poling, no acceleration
Ingame sensitivity:20 (insane)
go in the game, start up a squads match vs bots to fine tune the profile.
start moving the mouse around to test the hip sens, feels ok, press rmb to test ads, alittle slow but not bad.
Test fire a weapon, just pressing lmb, NOT aiming down sight, i practically spin around,...like the sensitivity was just ramped up x10.
Press rmb to aim down sight,..still slow as before, until i press the fire button (LMB), same thing the sensitivity goes through the roof.
so I started testing, first, unplugged and went back to Ximedge manager looked at my other profiles, (only have 8 other profiles saved, 4 for bf4 and 4 for bf3) and went through each one to ensure LMB was not activating something in another profile.
Nope, LMB in all my profiles is only assigned to "fire weapon".
So i plugged back in and want back to game for more troubleshooting/testing,....
lowered ingame sensitivity,....still happened, to a lesser degree b/c of the lower sens but still....
raised game sens back up, lowered mouse dpi, same thing....
lowered both mouse dpi and game sense, still same thing....

So basically, sensitvity is fine in both hip and ads UNTiL i press the lmb to fire, as long as the lmb is pressed, sensitivity is insane far past the point of being playable, i mean we are talking a 360 in 2 inches of mouse movement.
I also noticed another wierd thing that i wouldnt have noticed if not for this problem, in Ximedge manager, the checkbox to "enable/disable" ads is checked and greyed out and cannot be changed, and it is like that on all my profiles. Dont know if that has anything to do with my other problem or not, just thought id mention it, just in-case.

So any of you Xim gurus got any idea whats giving me fits?  Any and all help is appreciated.


P.s. forgot to mention also that during my troubleshooting, i applied my bf4 profile in game and it was smooth as silk, abit slow but none of the issues mentioned above, until i start messing with the sensitivity adjustments for hip and ads ingame, then the problem starts to appear progressivily worse as the sensitivity goes up.

Game Support / Aliens: Colonial Marines
« on: 10:52 AM - 02/12/13 »
Anyone found a suitable ST to use yet till one gets released?

So i am trying to setup the Xim3 with the easy transfer cable so i can use an unsupported mouse with my Xim3.
Maybe someone can enlighten me on what im doing wrong.
The way i understand it is you plug the mouse to the comp, you plug the transfer cable into the comp and the Xim3 preferred mouse port, correct?
When i plug the transfer cable into the Xim3 all i get is a "?" icon under the port.
Am i doing it wrong?

I have tried searching here on the forums for any post having instructions on this procedure but came up empty.

Any and all help is appreciated, and Thank you in advance.


Hello everyone,
  Loving my Xim3 on the PS3 btw, but i have a question.
Right now i'm playing mostly BF3, and i want to fly some jets, cant fly worth beans with the xbox controller though.
If i plugged in an xbox joystick (say like the Aviator) to the port on the Xim3 instead of the game pad, would that work?
That way i have my m/kb for ground ops and can jump in a jet and fly with the stick when i want.

Wondering if it would work before putting out the cash for the stick, 'cause in my area I can only get it online so it would be a pain to return if it didnt work.
And yes I do know about the Ximbridge but its not an option for me, my computer crapped out beyond repair a week ago.

Thank You for any help and advise.


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