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General Discussion / Playstation Pro. Is it worth a buy?
« on: 09:02 AM - 11/02/16 »
I'm really not sure if I should upgrade mainly because I'll still be playing on my [email protected] 5ms IPS monitor. I would like to have better graphics @ 1080p and also get the benefits of the HDR, that you already get in the current PS4, but I haven't noticed any major differences in games like Destiny or Rise of the Tomb Raider mainly because I think the developers need to implement HDR on their games for it to be a feature.

... And PS VR is not something that I'm interested in right now.

My potato desktop is going on 11 years now and although I do have a laptop from work I need a new desktop PC for my personal use. I'm currently playing on console but I want a PC that at least can handle something like an EL Gato HD60 Pro or similar, to capture and stream [email protected] and play some games like LoL (for now, so I can play with my "lady friend").

I think I'll be playing mostly on consoles, for at least the end of this generation and the desktop PC would be mostly for game capture and streaming, but I also want to have a proper [email protected] machine.

Should I build a "budget" PC? Should I build a #masterrace?

I'm personally more inclined to go to the budget option, because in the long run that PC could be a stream machine only and I could build later on a proper gaming rig, but I'm not even sure what socket family I should go with. I was inclined on the Intel 2011-v3, but a motherboard alone os around 400...


You can see my internet speeds on my signature and from what I've read 8 MBits/s upload would be more than enough to stream [email protected] but I'm changing my contract to a 200/100 MBits/s contract.

General Discussion / Gaming chair
« on: 07:17 AM - 03/30/15 »
So, I've been looking to buy a new chair for my desk and I've fallen in love with these. My question is "Are they really worth the money?"


I've been happy with <100 chairs but I've broken 2 in the last 4 years so I was wondering if I should invest in a chair or not. Note that I spend at least 2 hours a day sitting in it.


Feedback / A BIIG Thank You to OBsIV and the Community
« on: 12:32 PM - 12/30/14 »
I bought a second hand XIM in the end of the summer last year and pretty much changed my life... I started gaming a lot more and got into the whole console gaming scene. From there things evolved in a very positive way mostly because of the support I got when I needed help, in the span of a year and a half my friends list on PSN went from three to more than a hundred when I got my XIM4 and PS4. I also got great advice from Od1n when it came to buying a new set of headphones. I just got in the mail an AKG's K702, a Bravo Audio V3 amp to drive them and my DSS2 and I'm really happy with the results. An Orbweaver and a G502 will be next. So...

Thank you OBsIV and crew for an amazing product and support and thank you to community in general for boosting up my love of gaming. Keep up the good work and a merry 2015. I sincerely hope that the best of 2014 will be the worst of 2015 for everyone here.

Happy New Year everybody.

General Discussion / Destiny tracker stats
« on: 08:54 AM - 08/19/14 »
"Stole" this from SosoDeSamurai from the German section of the forum.

Post your game stats if you played the beta. Here are mine.


They're crap, but in my defence I hated the Moon PvP map and I played  it 90% of the time which didn't help. I mostly did PvE and grinded the 3 man instance a couple of times  to see if I got better loot and roamed around the map doing pick up missions. 

I was looking for some advice on the headsets. The main reason that I'm going with these is the fact that you can plug in a 5.1 speaker system. Overall they seem to be well built (I think sharkoon is a German company) I like the looks and reviews seem to be good.


I have a 7.1 creative speaker system (that can downgrade to 5.1) that ao would like to use on my PS4, and this seems to be one of my limited options. There are many other headsets with a "control box", but none have a 5.1/7.1 audio output. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

Recently my XIM Edge has been acting up. I plug it into the PS3 and I get the Red Green Blue colors and it won't receive any sort pf input. I've factory reseted the XIM more than once and it keeps doing the same thing over and over. Plays well for a day or two and it all of the sudden it dies.

I played today for about an hour and after dinner tried again and already acting up.


I'm using the 2013105 manager because I can't seem to find the XIM technologies hidden folder on my PC so I'm reluctant about  trying the new one. (and yes I can see all hidden folders on my WIN7 64 bits).


Also after it acts up it keeps having trouble to connect to any of my 8 usb ports on my PC. I have to remove it on Device Manager, Restart my PC just so I can run the Manager.

Support / COD Ghosts chat issues
« on: 06:44 AM - 04/19/14 »
I'm using a Dadfoil USB sound card to do all the chat with my PS3. I never managed to get it to play the I game sound so I use the HDMI output (Monitor) for audio out and the sound card for audio in. It has worked perfectly on BO2, BF3 but in Ghosts everytime I plug it in, I lose all chat audio. I seem to be able to be listened on the other end but I can't hear any of the other players.


Any ideas? Thanks.

P.S. - Anyone wanting to play some Ghosts on PS3 add me up. ;)

Support / Nostromo Disassembly
« on: 02:59 AM - 03/28/14 »
I was disassembling my old N52 a few days ago to prepare everything for the cherry key mod when I realized that it was somewhat different than the N52te. I was hoping to get some feedback to see if it's worth the trouble to change the keys. 

Keys chassi for dremelling (side up view)

Keys chassi for dremelling (side down view)

Contact circuits for future soldering

Simpler question; How will the communication be between the XIM4 and consoles (PS4 and XBONE)? Bluetooth or wired?
If it's going to be via Bluetooth, can I use a transformer (like a cell phone charger) to power the XIM and be sitting on a couch and use a wired keyboard and mouse?

General Discussion / 3D Printed Modular Gamepad
« on: 01:25 PM - 01/13/14 »

I find this very interesting, if not for the fact that it's modular and that the developer showed up at Endgadget with a prototype made in a 3D printer...

Who knows? Maybe some someday tuffrabitt, W11ce and the rest of the gang will be working with ObsiV to make a XIM keypad... ;)

Hi guys,

Could someone help me out picking an ST that is built around the unreal engine to use in the online mode of the game?


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